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Raising Hope {Fred Weasley} by kmbell92
Raising Hope {Fred Weasley}by 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
*Warning : If you haven't read Tightly Knit and Gunpowder and Cinnamon, go do that first!* Fred and Eleanor Weasley didn't plan on becoming parents so young but they nev...
  • remuslupin
  • harrypotter
  • wattys2016
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Tangled Yarns by WhoopsHarryStyles
Tangled Yarnsby WhoopsHarryStyles
Six grandmothers who knit. Six single granddaughters. One Harry Styles who wanders into their midst. Who will he choose?
  • harrystylesfanfiction
  • photography
  • grandmother
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Needles by VividSpectrum
Needlesby Minaal
She hated needles. But she loved needles. Two different kinds, obviously. - Sometimes darkness can be so beautifully enlightening. Sometimes life can be so agonizingly d...
  • illness
  • ambiguous
  • understand
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25 Days of Promptmas 2018 by Depressinggreenie
25 Days of Promptmas 2018by Depressinggreenie
Avengers Christmas. It will be mainly stony, but... maybe other ships. Each chapter is stand alone. Summaries at the start of each chapter. 25 Marvel Avengers Christmas...
  • stony
  • captainamerica
  • capwolf
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TIGHTLY KNIT by eatsporkjew
TIGHTLY KNITby eatsporkjew
Similar in tone and style to Jonathan Tropper's This is Where I Leave You, TIGHTLY KNIT is a family drama intricately weaving the four disparate threads of the Knit Fami...
  • chicklit
  • lgbt
  • entertainment
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How To Knit by PandyFacedCockerBear
How To Knitby Pravda Song
Tutorial on knitting...
  • how-to
  • random
  • how-to-knit
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Punch! by hannabean
Punch!by Hanna
It all started with curiosity. But as Suzette Kimberly soon learns, curiosity killed the cat. When she bursts into a suspicious after school meeting between four teenage...
  • cobblestone
  • guest
  • drugs
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Bizarre wee Beasties by cdcraftee
Bizarre wee Beastiesby Christine Larsen
Hallo again, I am withdrawing this story from Wattpad for now as I enter the revised story in another competition, this time outside of this writing platform. The closin...
  • teddybear
  • clown
  • novella
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Text Message Stories by StrangerIsTalking
Text Message Storiesby Bad Bish
Me and my friend, Krissy, play this texting game where someone starts a story and you go back and forth adding lines until someone ends it. Here are the results. I trie...
  • travel
  • uptown
  • gay
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Knitted through Lives {Tightly Knit Fanfiction} by dumbledavisjr
Knitted through Lives {Tightly Arielle Caine
Go read Tightly Knit before you read this. I mean, even if you're not going to read this, I still recommend reading Tightly Knit, but hey. *Disclaimer* Characters such a...
  • secondgenhogwarts
  • knitting
  • tightlyknit
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"Okay, if you say so."  by dogslinwriter
"Okay, if you say so." by Dogslinwriter
When I was a kid, my grandmother taught me knitting. I was very curious, that how you make something out of nothing...
  • relationship
  • knitting
  • study
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The cowgirls and there knitten books by 1DLOVER2570
The cowgirls and there knitten 1DLOVER2570
My name is Big betsy but you can call me BB for short. My sister sydward and i love us some kintting on a friday night after school. While the other 18 year olds are out...
  • hobo
  • 5sos
  • lovestory
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Patterns for knit and crochet by lost_on_dark_horse
Patterns for knit and crochetby melissaei
A ton of patterns for knit and crochet.
  • howto
  • crochet
  • knitting
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♡ASK BLUEBERRY SANS♥by find me if ya can
Sans:._. Oh noes...
  • errorsans
  • corefrisk
  • knitting
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The Knitting Basket by a00825471
The Knitting Basketby Isabella Maldonado Torres
My grandmother's knitting basket.
  • knitting
Ruth by TheActiveBandGeek
Ruthby SpicyTunaRoll
Ruth was an old woman who knew a little girl named Adira that she loved dearly. She helped the little girl pick out her clothes, she held her hand when she was scared in...
  • imaginaryfriend
  • rockingchair
  • hauntings
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Velvet hands by drevabob
Velvet handsby drevabob
A frenzy of colours A blazing fire A little girl
  • childhood
  • colours
  • knitting
Woollen Life by limabu
Woollen Lifeby limabu
Come and enter the woollen life where everything is possible! Watch how a friendship evolves between two unusual characters in this heartwarming story.
  • friendship
  • knitting
  • woollen
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The Art Contest by MakaylaAkins
The Art Contestby MakaylaAkins
  • art
  • ponies
  • talent
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Maggie Maggie Pretty /  Audio Poetry by ErkanEsenolu
Maggie Maggie Pretty / Audio Erkan Esenoğlu
''Poor Maggie went out to get food, she only saw men in her neighborhood, ''Where are all the women?'' she asked with a cry, silence tried to answer but could not reply'...
  • 2013
  • louses
  • inspector
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