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Finding Love - A Kate & Leo Fanfiction by winsletism
Finding Love - A Kate & Leo Fanfic...by winsletism
Three cheaters, three divorces. Kate is an emotional wreck after her third marriage didn't work out. But her best friend Leo is there for her to help her get through th...
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If Rose Had Jumped. by lailah_hale
If Rose Had Jumped.by Lailah
We all know the scene where Jack stopped Rose from jumping off the back of the ship in Titanic, but what would've happened if she'd jumped...?
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Titanic by nostaleo
Titanicby °¯°·.¸.--.¸.·°¯°
A novelization of the James Cameron film, "Titanic." Mostly taken from the screenplay. *** "You jump, I jump, remember?" *** Coming April 2019. *** ...
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Caught Up In This Love by WritingKleo
Caught Up In This Loveby 💗• kleo •💗
Kate just found out her husband Ned has been cheating on her while he was away. Leo came to visit Kate for the entire summer, they confess their feelings for each other...
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Kate & Leo Oneshots by WritingWinslet
Kate & Leo Oneshotsby 「 kate & leo 」
[ON HOLD, for now] ⠀ - collection of Kleo oneshots
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A book cover and photo editing shop by @TheDawsonGirl All covers and edits are my property and mine alone unless it is explicitly stated that the cover or edit is for so...
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100 Leo pics that are to die for by elizabethisdaboom
100 Leo pics that are to die forby Elizabeth J Hurley
These are 100 Leo pic that are to absolutely to die for peeps
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100 Kleo pics  by elizabethisdaboom
100 Kleo pics by Elizabeth J Hurley
Just 100 pics of my ship
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Falling For You by IamSoCuteGirl
Falling For Youby sweetener
Kate and Leo were best friends for a half of their lifes.They were very close,through Leo's short relationships with young model until Kate two divorces.Their friendship...
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The Heart Wants What It Wants  by anonymous757501
The Heart Wants What It Wants by
This is my first time attempting to write a fanfic and I'm not good at it :) Anyways.. I decided to write a kleo fanfic because I adore these two and was inspired by th...
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Rewrite The Stars (Titanic) by kate_1892
Rewrite The Stars (Titanic)by 🦄
: Where to miss? ; To the stars! *** Leo and Kate's life is nothing but normal. But something changed when they met each other in 1996 for the movie 'Titanic'. They star...
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Let Me Help by Leo_Dickaprio
Let Me Helpby Smutty_Leo
Kate walks in on Leo to see him taking care of a raging boner while he is, coincidentally, reading fan fiction about them. Kate decides to go for it and they have an unf...
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The First Meeting by PBHoulden
The First Meetingby Paula Houlden
Flash back to 1996, when fresh-faced young rising movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet first meet at the Cannes Film Festival to discuss a little movie about a...
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Always- a Kleo fanfiction  by kateandleo
Always- a Kleo fanfiction by kateandleo
Follow Kate and Leo through their many years together, from the titanic set all the way to present day! These are going to chronological one shots ( for the most part)
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You jump I jump  by phexdicaprio
You jump I jump by phexdicaprio
Do you ever wonder what would happen if jack lived? If him and rose grew old together? Had children? Rode like a man down Santa Monica beach? In this story jack survived...
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Kleo One-Shots by Kleo_DiCapWinsletor
Kleo One-Shotsby Kleo_DiCapWinsletor
One-shots of everyone's favourite ship, Kleo!
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Secrets  by madchensmith
Secrets by xoxo
Diana seems like an ordinary teenage girl, apart from the fact she's hiding a huge secret from everyone, and the world and people around her seem to be hiding many from...
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Leonardo DiCaprio imagines by sighsarcasm
Leonardo DiCaprio imaginesby sighsarcasm
An upcoming series of Leonardo DiCaprio imagines. They will range from romance to casual fan-meetings, as well as other topics.
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Top 100 Kate Winslet pics by elizabethisdaboom
Top 100 Kate Winslet picsby Elizabeth J Hurley
Just my top 100 Kate Winslet pics 1 photos a day
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