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Sobriety Is Super Overrated by heartawake
Sobriety Is Super Overratedby heartawake
"Love is like a war, easy to start but hard to end and you never know where it might take you." -Oscar Wilde ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ・ 。゚ Klaus...
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Struggles. An Umbrella Academy & Stranger Things Crossover by one_special_nerd
Struggles. An Umbrella Academy & S...by The Protection of The Paper B...
The Umbrella Academy is sixteen years old. They are still going on missions, along with rigorous training. The Umbrella Academy, on top of all of that, are going through...
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Don't Be Scared, It's Only Love (Klaus Hargreeves x reader) by Just_A_Dedicated_Fan
Don't Be Scared, It's Only Love (K...by Challenge Accepted
With the threat of the apocalypse dealt with and the pain of losing Dave still fresh, Klaus Hargreeves has resorted back to a life of drugs and alcohol. When his old fr...
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"Welcome to Vietnam" | klave soulmate au by mafel0
"Welcome to Vietnam" | klave soulm...by mafel0
Since the day he turned 13 the words "welcome to Vietnam" had been tattooed on Klaus Hargreeves' wrist. These are the first words his soulmate will ever say to...
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vietnam | klave [DISC.] by lovewithoutsleeping
vietnam | klave [DISC.]by Em
what a fool I was to think that he had anything to say about death it just took you __________________ In which Klaus is a soldier in the Vietnam war and falls in love w...
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My Oneshots by orangesandclements
My Oneshotsby Evie
A bunch of oneshots of my fave ships. Some of them are very well known and some of them are my own ships. These characters do not belong to me.
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The Umbrella Academy Sh!t by walnutarson
The Umbrella Academy Sh!tby Father
Little funnies I write with the TUA characters Honestly idk what this is I hate it Cover drawn by me
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The Inferno by heartawake
The Infernoby heartawake
SEQUEL TO SOBRIETY IS SUPER OVERRATED Klaus has officially just been sent straight to hell. And it turns out the land of fire and eternal torment isn't exactly all that...
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Adored By Him [Klaus Hargreeves fanfiction] by Just_ghosting
Adored By Him [Klaus Hargreeves fa...by I’m beantastic 💅🏻
This story will be telling the before untold stories between the young boy Klaus and his soulmate Dave. (These stories will not be too accurate to the original storyline...
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Dreams of Us (Klaus X Dave) by Areyouaturtle
Dreams of Us (Klaus X Dave)by Grace:-)
status: finished . genre: unsure?? I'll make it up as I go . Klaus has a troubled past. Five never disappeared, but infact stayed with his siblings. They all moved out a...
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Klaus x Dave oneshots  by New_ferard_solangelo
Klaus x Dave oneshots by Frerard_solangelo
Umbrella academy. Smut. Requests open
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So long farewell  by YettoMcCheese
So long farewell by cheesy mc puff
What did Klaus Hargreeves really have to go though in that year in Vietnam.
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💕✨Klave💛🔥 by skullcrusher_demon
💕✨Klave💛🔥by ILoveMySallyFaceBois
They deserve more love- I adore them- Their soft- Klaus needs his boyfriend-
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Ghost Of You // Klaus X Dave by shxrlxcktypical
Ghost Of You // Klaus X Daveby J
So I drown it out like I always do Dancing through our house With the ghost of you And I chase it down With a shot of truth That my feet don't dance Like they did wit...
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ghost | klave by lovewithoutsleeping
ghost | klaveby Em
we have not seen eachother in awhile could you kiss my lips? _______________________ Klaus and Dave break up when they're 17, and reunite when they're 20. A lot can cha...
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D O G T A G by SamuelJanssens
D O G T A Gby Dave
David Joseph Watkins was born the only son of the singular, influential, and well-known priest of the small town of Zionsville, Indiana. All his life he hid a secret fr...
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The only person I've ever truely loved more than myself // klaus x dave  by satturdayyy
The only person I've ever truely l...by satturdayyy
"His name was Dave" A scrawny junkie from 50 years in the future meets a man in the middle of a war that was complete and utter hell that he could only descri...
Klave // I lost someone.  by bethansfandoms
Klave // I lost someone. by Bethan
Klaus was in Vietnam for ten months. That's a lot of scenes we were robbed of.
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The Way Home by mythical_potato_04
The Way Homeby mythical_potato_04
Ever since Dave can remember, he's never felt like he belongs anywhere. He always feel alone, he's never had a place that felt like home. This all changes one fateful ni...
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Reminiscing (TUA) by jasnfiugsafauds
Reminiscing (TUA)by jasnfiugsafauds
Klaus and Dave bonding over shitty pasts in the club scene pls spare me I've never written a fic before