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The Tragedy of Us by disaster_ace
The Tragedy of Usby --
Heron was just a boy when a group of Norsemen traveling from the Mediterranean back to their home in Iceland attacked his small home village. He was just a boy when he w...
Love and War | Teen Wolf & The Originals by thehalediaries
Love and War | Teen Wolf & The Ori...by E.
In which, Hope Mikaelson, was raised in Beacon Hills by her mother and the sheriff. Only for the Mikaelson family return to the home where their precious Hope was raised...
Back To You (Klaus and Hayley) by JustineSacco2
Back To You (Klaus and Hayley)by Justine Sacco
The story starts with Hayley still looking for the cure so she can save the Original Family. It has been 5 years since Klaus had done his sacrifice for his siblings. Whe...
The orignals imagines and preferences by Aaliyah_mikaelson21
The orignals imagines and preferen...by Aaliyah_mikaelson
Imagines about: Marcel Klaus Kol Elijah Lucien Tristan Mostly about the main three boys:Kol,klaus,and Elijah💭 ------------------------ I TAKE REQUEST/I TRY/THANKS FOR...
Blood ( Hosie ) by inlovewitthemoney
Blood ( Hosie )by PrettyLittlePsycho
What if Klaus never died? What if Hayley had never died? What if Elijah never died? What if Hope never went to the Saltzman Boarding School ? What if Hope and Josie...
Different Type of Monster (Klaus Mikaleson) by FanGirlingSoHardxx
Different Type of Monster (Klaus M...by unknown.....
Eden Kylen was never a normal girl . Never. Always was loud, sweet, and out going. However, she hides a dark secret. But, can one hybrid find that secret out? Klaus X Oc...
Sister Salvatore by HollyCrutchley_xx
Sister Salvatoreby HollyCrutchley_xx
Ada Salvatore was presumed dead in 1864. She was aware her brothers were turned as well as her, but she didn't want to see the Salvatores ever again, not since they aba...
It Was All For You  ( Hosie ) Klaroline Version by Klarodiaries
It Was All For You ( Hosie ) Klar...by Klarodiaries
Hope and Josie As Klaus and Caroline. Hope Mikaleson A ruthless unforgiving person falls for a 18 year old vampire girl named josie forbes.
Hope Mikaelson by Beautiful2NIkki
Hope Mikaelsonby NIkki
Hope is now back in time when she was only 9 years old what will she change
Sister Vs Sister ⇻ D. Salvatore by MultiPersonalityLife
Sister Vs Sister ⇻ D. Salvatoreby Christie Ray
Lillian Pierce just wanted to forget the last 151 years of her life, but it's a little hard when she's being dragged right back into it. When the opportunity to get reve...
Wrong Gilbert Twin➳TVD by queentvd
Wrong Gilbert Twin➳TVDby Sαrαн
Rosalia Gilbert mostly know as Rose is the twin sister to Elena Gilbert and the big sister to Jeremy Gilbert Rose and her twin Elena there personalities are almost exact...
Me and you it's never happening ( Hosie ) by delenasworld17
Me and you it's never happening (...by delenasworld17
Klaus and Caroline Are Married With Children Who they had with different people lizzie and josie are caroline and their father stefan's kids while hope is klaus and hayl...
Runaway Vamp➳TVD by queentvd
Runaway Vamp➳TVDby Sαrαн
Isabella Arkwright was born to two happy parents in 1877, London England. She lived a perfect and happy life. Until the age of 19, Until she was told about the family...
I want it all  by jahddghasja
I want it all by jahddghasja
Hayley Gilbert and Elena Gilbert are sisters, after their parents passed away
His beloved muse by anjaaaj
His beloved museby anjaaaj
Love,an immense feeling which live in all of us.What would you say if I tell you a story about a man who thought that he isn't capable for loving someone.All of you woul...
True Royalty by William_Gray369
True Royaltyby William Gray
The Queen and King of the supernatural world, fall in love with the most Feared vampires in the world, Kamryn Denver queen of witches, Olivia Denver Queen of vampire and...
Attack on the Gilbert (Klaus Mikaelson by LillyPayne8
Attack on the Gilbert (Klaus Mikae...by Lillypop
Oceana Gilbert is Elena's fraternal twin. Elena is only older by 4 and a half second but she won't let Oceana forget it. When Oceana comes back from a 2 year trip with h...
kai parker • villains of circumstance ✔️ by -inslaytiable
kai parker • villains of circumsta...by jane
"ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦ ᵈᶦᵈ ᵃˡˡ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᵒ ᵖʳᵒᵗᵉᶜᵗ ʸᵒᵘ." © -ɪɴsʟᴀʏᴛɪᴀʙʟᴇ ²⁰²⁰