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Klaus, Side B by AmaranthPrincess21
Klaus, Side Bby AmaranthPrincess21
A collection of short stories revolving around Klaus. Each chapter is its own story, themed after in-game events. Some are fluff, some are horror, it depends on the even...
Wizardess Heart One Shots and Reactions by asdfgeaaa
Wizardess Heart One Shots and Reac...by acie
I take requests, just PM me or comment if you want to request something. I'll make it happen! :) All characters here and the game isn't mine. I just made a these one sho...
Life at the Academy (Klaus Goldstein) by Fanficlover1197
Life at the Academy (Klaus Goldste...by Fanfic_Trash1197
Things are going great at the academy but in time there has been some dangerous situations. Syphil Constance learns about secrets about her past like her true identity...
🎃 The Terror Of Halloween🎃  by SeandraVacas
🎃 The Terror Of Halloween🎃 by Izzy Stark
September almost ended as the month of Halloween is here!!! Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy has held up a Halloween Party for students to play and dressed in a characters...
Wizardess Heart - The Heart of An Absolute Perfection. by xXStarJamie
Wizardess Heart - The Heart of An...by Jamie Soo
Follow the Adventures of Lisanna Hart, an upcoming Prefect and the subject of her crush turn Lover, former Alumnus cum Prefect of the Prestigious Gedonelune Royal Magic...
It was always my fault [a Klaus Goldstein fanfic] by _maroon_03
It was always my fault [a Klaus Go...by izz
Belle graduates and decides to move in with Klaus, but what happens when belle shares something, and Luca becomes jealous?
Maybe I Have Feelings For You by Cinnamon4life
Maybe I Have Feelings For Youby Cinnamon4life
Katherine Espinosa gets into Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy: one of the most competitive and prestigious academies for wizards. People come to the academy from all acros...
Will you be my Valentine? ♥︎ Love Sandwich between Elias and Klaus by RoseNiji
Will you be my Valentine? ♥︎ Love...by Rose Niji
[ One Shot ] Valentine's Special~ ♥︎ Okayyy this is my first time writing an One Shot so the idea may not interesting at all but still hope you like it anyway~
Sandwiched Heart_Klaus Vs Elias by scarletmoooooon
Sandwiched Heart_Klaus Vs Eliasby Sakura Natashi
( What on earth is happening to me..? Two hotties as my buddies .. At the same time ?!...A curse and sacrifices?....A-And what's with everyone here? Unbelievable... Ta...
Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart: The Performing Festival (ON HOLD) [EDITING] by Concealment13
Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart: Th...by Zero
Requested by: GautamKundu *This story is based on the otome game, Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart. This is Klaus's spin-off. If you guys haven't played Klaus's story yet...
Bundled With A Ribbon by TheSunGoesMoon
Bundled With A Ribbonby Lets get our happiness!
Bunch of Wizardess Heart One-Shots. I update every Wednesday or Tuesday so stay tuned!
Error! (Klaus Goldstein x Reader)  by T0D0R0K1_707
Error! (Klaus Goldstein x Reader) by T0D0R0K1_707
Y/N is an average highschool student. She has been playing a game called "Wizardess Heart" for quite some time now and has been pretty addicted to it. One day...
I was there all along by VixeLan
I was there all alongby LanTheFox
Zeus is starting to really worry about his close friend, Hiro. But is there another reason he is worrying? Read about how Zeus tries to get his feelings for Hiro straigh...
Wizardess Heart - One Shots Collection  by Nitia95
Wizardess Heart - One Shots Collec...by Nitia
1) Library AU, Klaus x Liz fanfic: Liz works in a library and she is a little concerned about Klaus' health because he never stops studying. 2) Stubborn Liz against Kla...
This Marvelous World by eladed
This Marvelous Worldby eladed
It was a normal day. Wake up, go to school, came back home. congratulations!! The day has over and you have done nothing. But this casual cycle has changed with a... Cup...
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream--Aye, There's the Rub by phantomessangel
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream--Aye...by phantomessangel
Trust wasn't something Eleanor (Ellie) Way gave out easily. And for good reason. Klaus Goldstein was determined to figure out just what that reason was, and why she need...
Wizardess Heart: Destiny Quartet by Dark-Wizardess
Wizardess Heart: Destiny Quartetby Dark-Wizardess
They lost their parents in an epidemic when they were only eight, their sister went missing when they were eleven, for the three Hart sisters' life was by no means easy...
What if... Wizardess Heart by Owlofthemoon
What if... Wizardess Heartby Child of the Moon
I just had the idea to rewrite a route from the otome game "Wizardess Heart" with a different MC. I was slightly bothered by Liz in the early seasons and alway...