Jealousy by LaMusaCalliope
Jealousyby LaMusaCalliope
|AMBIENTATA DOPO LA 3x17| DAL TESTO: "Mentre scorreva le parole provocanti e fin troppo civettuole di quel tipo, mentre il suo dito scorreva sullo schermo, Blaine s...
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I Have Nothing by LaMusaCalliope
I Have Nothingby LaMusaCalliope
Blaine listens to Kurt singing I Have Nothing and that is what he thinks. |"Everybody clap, it's his best performance and I am so proud of him, he changed so much...
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A million pieces by JessMcCriss
A million piecesby Jess McCriss
¿Cuántos segundos son necesarios para enamorarse? ¿Cuántos pasos tiene que dar el reloj para que sea válido hablar de destino? ¿Cuántos? Creo que a mi corazón le bastó u...
  • âu
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Stays Between Us (Klaine) by carryonglee
Stays Between Us (Klaine)by Laura♥︎
Kurt is at the very bottom of the food chain at McKinley High School. He has no friends at all and gets constantly bullied by his peers, so his dad makes him join Glee c...
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We Met During Coffee by GleeToMeIsEverything
We Met During Coffeeby all_i_know_about_grantgustin
Kurt Hummel. Just a teenager who is different, and is proud of his choice. But at school is a different story, everyone hates him, so he is alone most of the time. One d...
  • romance
  • love
  • dramma
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Tiny Klaine Stories by Mahoory14341
Tiny Klaine Storiesby Mahoor
If you're a Klainer you SHOULD read this book! ;) Here you can find some short, cute, sweet & romantic stories of Blaine Anderson & Kurt Hummel! :)
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We Are Not Our Failures by colferscriss
We Are Not Our Failuresby CPC & DEC
Sunday morning, Kurt receives a red rose. these roses keep showing up at his door step every Sunday morning and he finds it odd that someone would even have interest in...
  • blaineanderson
  • kurtcoblaine
  • kurthummel
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Moulin Rouge by klaineficaddict
Moulin Rougeby klaineficaddict
  • darrencriss
  • glee
  • blaineanderson
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A Broken Reverie by thecircean
A Broken Reverieby thecircean
A klaine oneshot exploring Kurt's emotions towards finally waking up in his boyfriends arms instead of waiting hopelessly for another encounter in a dream. [[Just curio...
  • crisscolfer
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City Lights, Pale Blue Eyes by emiloser
City Lights, Pale Blue Eyesby emiloser
Kurt Hummel is one of Seattle's most famous photographers. He's very happy with his success and happy to be doing what he does. However, Kurt is awfully lonesome. So, wh...
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KISS KLISS by chromastone_96
KISS KLISSby chromastone_96
  • gleeks
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Dalton Academy by OverTheKlainebow
Dalton Academyby Sammy Warbler (Occasionally c...
Blair Jacobs, a girl, is staying at Dalton Academy, for three weeks. With Kurt and his not so secret crush on Blaine, Wes and his Gavel, Jeff's feelings and Blair's crus...
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KLAINE! :) by sabrinaluvsglee
KLAINE! :)by sabrinaluvsglee
Klaine short story, going to add more soon!!
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