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Just a favor {Klaine} by darrencwriss
Just a favor {Klaine}by «Klaine»
Era tan solo un favor. Un favor que cambiaría por completo la vida de Kurt Hummel sin siquiera darse cuenta. Un favor que le traería varios problemas a su vida, al igual...
  • fanfiction
  • darren
  • homosexual
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Tiny Klaine Stories by Mahoory14341
Tiny Klaine Storiesby Mahoor
If you're a Klainer you SHOULD read this book! ;) Here you can find some short, cute, sweet & romantic stories of Blaine Anderson & Kurt Hummel! :)
  • love
  • romantic
  • lovestory
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SWITCHED {klaine x crisscolfer} - a body-swap fan fiction  by PrettyLittleGleek01
SWITCHED {klaine x crisscolfer}...by PrettyLittleGleek01
Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are madly in love. They love watching movies together, baking, playing out in the rain, singing duets, and shopping! Chris Colfer and Dar...
  • kurthummel
  • blaineanderson
  • glee
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american boy [klaine one shots] by sherlocksglee
american boy [klaine one shots]by nerdgirl
(COMPLETED) ❛❛ take me on a trip i'd like to go someday ❜❜ some one shots about kurt and blaine (klaine) from glee.
  • blurt
  • blaineanderson
  • anderhummel
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Pretty/Unpretty by Klaine8888
Pretty/Unprettyby Klaine8888
Blaine Anderson is the most handsome guy at their school. Every girl wants him. But he is unavailable because he is gay. Kurt Hummel is lonely all the time. No one wants...
  • hummel
  • mckinley
  • pretty
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Against All Odds by walruskisses
Against All Oddsby walruskisses
Everyone has their soulmate's names on their wrists, Kurt and Blaine bump into each other in The Lima Bean.
  • gleek
  • klaine
  • klainer
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Memory Discs by walruskisses
Memory Discsby walruskisses
Blaine finds out what had happened while he was in Dalton and Kurt was in McKinley.
  • klaine
  • gleek
  • klainebow
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Klaine roleplay plots  by klainercriss
Klaine roleplay plots by Chris.colfer
Just like my previous story thing I'm here to give out plots to the klaine roleplayers ! You can also make this into any role play tbh 😂
  • klaine
  • klainer
  • darrencriss
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The Man Who Can't Be Moved - A Klaine One Shot by Hippie_Mikey
The Man Who Can't Be Moved - A Kla...by Myrthe
When Kurt and Blaine broke up, Blaine stayed in lima, miserable, heartbroken. There is one thing left he can do...
  • moved
  • cant
  • klainer
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A Broken Reverie by thecircean
A Broken Reverieby thecircean
A klaine oneshot exploring Kurt's emotions towards finally waking up in his boyfriends arms instead of waiting hopelessly for another encounter in a dream. [[Just curio...
  • chriscolfer
  • klaine
  • darrencriss
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Klisses in the Rain (Klaine) by MissWarblerette
Klisses in the Rain (Klaine)by Sam
Kurt and Blaine have graduated. Together they set out on the adventure that is life. The ups and the down. Adoption, Marriage, Break-Up, Make ups, Klisses and even death...
  • santana
  • brittana
  • humor
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Dance gone wrong!!Klaine by EllaKlaine
Dance gone wrong!!Klaineby EllaKlaine
  • glee
  • klaine
  • funny
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Vogue e Raffreddori by LaMusaCalliope
Vogue e Raffreddoriby LaMusaCalliope
|AMBIENTATA DOPO LA 2X18| Kurt ha il raffreddore e Blaine va a trovarlo. Insieme passano un adorabile pomeriggio. DAL TESTO: "Kurt stava ancora guardando con devozi...
  • gleek
  • crisscolfer
  • cheescake
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We Are Not Our Failures by colferscriss
We Are Not Our Failuresby CPC & DEC
Sunday morning, Kurt receives a red rose. these roses keep showing up at his door step every Sunday morning and he finds it odd that someone would even have interest in...
  • glee
  • klainer
  • blaine
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My Biggest Fan by benderson7
My Biggest Fanby Benjamin Anderson
  • anderson
  • gleek
  • criss
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Afire love by ontheline19
Afire loveby ontheline19
  • blaine
  • otp
  • klainer
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Somewhere Only We Know~Klaine  by xxkellyp
Somewhere Only We Know~Klaine by xxkellyp
Kurt and Blaine are two gay teens. Will the bullying and teasing get to them, or will they get stronger?
  • glee
  • fanfic
  • klainer
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I Have Nothing by LaMusaCalliope
I Have Nothingby LaMusaCalliope
Blaine listens to Kurt singing I Have Nothing and that is what he thinks. |"Everybody clap, it's his best performance and I am so proud of him, he changed so much...
  • klaine
  • klainers
  • school
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A Klaine Fic I Found Myself Writing by walruskisses
A Klaine Fic I Found Myself Writingby walruskisses
Some random Klaine fanfic!
  • klaine
  • klainer
  • glee
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