Blue Eyes (Individual Warriors RolePlay) by Alien-Slushie
Blue Eyes (Individual Warriors Slushie
  • rp
  • warriorcats
  • individual
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Leafpool and Crowfeather's decision by Leafpool15
Leafpool and Crowfeather's decisionby Brambleclaw lover5
Do you ever imagine what would have happen if Leafpool and Crowfeather would have stayed where they were for more than a night? Well I did for awhile and wrote this stor...
  • crowfeather
  • windclan
  • squirrelflight
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Adoptables by -honeyandtea
Adoptablesby Aly • Ally • Ali
And we're back! Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and gorls, Welcome back to my adoptables book!
  • bunny
  • dog
  • adopt
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The Cat, the Cash, the Leap and the List by SueCampbellpdx
The Cat, the Cash, the Leap and Sue Campbell
Ten-year-old Martha has leadership skills. At least, that's what her parents say. Her cousins, Sanjay and Anand, say she's bossy. When Martha sneakily adopts a very preg...
  • middlegrade
  • kittens
  • chickens
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The Welcoming Committee  by FaItHFulNinJa
The Welcoming Committee by Faith George
Emiko Hart is a sixteen year old girl who goes to Osaka High School. Her parents are rich. She's popular, and she's a part of the Welcoming Committee. She has a lot of f...
  • friendship
  • lovestory
  • acceptance
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The Lost Kitten by robloxhacker987
The Lost Kittenby sky
A little kitten that was in a happy family but then they got a dog and the dog was bulling the little kitten then the kitten had enough with it he left the family at the...
  • kittens
  • sad
  • myfirsstory
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The Kitten Army by TheFrenchiestFry_1
The Kitten Armyby ֆǟʟʍօռ ʄɨռռ
If you need some not-so-ferocious felines to brighten up your day, look no further! Here is an army of kittens (and the occasional cat) to make you smile, just take a lo...
  • adorable
  • cats
  • funny
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Sealed with a Kiss by LePepsi
Sealed with a Kissby Eggsy
Sealed with a Kiss, A Mothpool story. ♡ {Cover made by Me} {Art used in Cover does not belong to me}
  • lgbtq
  • homosexual
  • bisexual
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Howl | A Warrior Cats Fan Story  by SquishyRat
Howl | A Warrior Cats Fan Story by SquishyRat
" Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl. " -Benjamin Jowett Warning: This book covers topics that aren't suitable for certain audiences...
  • struggle
  • war
  • cats
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Sαιεm τπε ςατ  by injitka
Sαιεm τπε ςατ by -KatusInjitkoPerrus-
I am the most powerful of all witches.
  • salem
  • cutepuppys
  • cats
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Your Worst Cat Nigtmares by Weaselton621
Your Worst Cat Nigtmaresby Azura Danjour
Basically just a photo album of a bunch of cats that you might see in your nightmares.
  • uglytruth
  • terrifying
  • jeffthekiller
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Warriors: The Void Book I by icecreamwizard98
Warriors: The Void Book Iby Ice cream
~~Lightningcloud walked through the forest of her dream, moonlight bathing her tuxedo pelt. She was well aware that she was in StarClan, but she was just an ordinary nur...
  • warriorcatsfanfic
  • medicinecats
  • nature
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REAL Life Advice (Cliche Free) by 55h013
REAL Life Advice (Cliche Free)by 7hr0w@w@y
Ever thought that your life could be a bestseller??? No??? Well, it can be. I guess. If you want it to be. Updates on a weekly basis, Monday nights. I chose to publi...
  • lifeingeneral
  • fantasies
  • helpme
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Warriors cats rp by Warriorcat90
Warriors cats rpby Jaketail
It's just a roleplay
  • rp
  • kitty
  • warriors
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The Adventures of Lucy Firkette - Double Trouble by Elizabeth_Madet
The Adventures of Lucy Elizabeth_Madet
Lucy is a 8 year old, one older sister and one older brother. She has a single mum, no pets either. She loves reading books and helping her mother out.
  • dention
  • ben
  • weird
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ABUSE by Sophia_cat_lover27
ABUSEby sophia tube
Lillie, a cat in an animal shelter, has only 1 day left before she is killed by fire. She is adopted by a lady named Mira, and thrown in a blank white room to be abused...
  • sun
  • cats
  • lake
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Hey, this is not a common Warrior Cat Name generator, this is where you choose numbers or words/phrases and I will generate your cat for you!!! WITHOUT FURTHER- whatev...
  • kittens
  • cats
  • erin
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The Love They Bring by AstridnHiccupalways
The Love They Bringby It’s All About Love
A girl fights through hell and back to save the kittens she saved. She refuses to let them be taken away from her.
  • love
  • standingstrong
  • kittens
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I said I'd always be there for you  by kookichu
I said I'd always be there for you by kookichu
This is a story about a girl who grew up with only one true friend, her cat, Neko. This heart touching story is told through the eyes of the young cat.
  • sadness
  • depression
  • sad
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~Mountains~ by LpsAcornStudios
~Mountains~by ~`ComiclyAnimation`~
Lassa, a wild Canadian lynx living in the mountains of North America has to carry the burden of caring for her three cubs on her own when her mate is killed and she is l...
  • canadian
  • survival
  • canada
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