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Cupcake Kisser by _Echo_8
Cupcake Kisserby Ember
Lawson has always loved baking sweet treats. Specifically, cupcakes. He loves them so much... that he talks to them? Demetrie's parents just so happens to own the bakery...
  • cupcake
  • boyxboy
  • couple
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The Debutante by PsychoTiger
The Debutanteby Captain Sparrow
  • marriage
  • debutante
  • blood
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The Rightful Kisser by gucci_menn
The Rightful Kisserby Taehyung's Gucci
Sabi ng Lola ko "When you kiss someone, you know He's the one when your lips fit perfectly" At naniwala ako dun. Marami na akong gusting halikan, para mapatuna...
  • playboy
  • kisser
  • love
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Never Without You Will I Be by PaisleyRhoden
Never Without You Will I Beby PaisleyRhoden
A story of two 15 year olds finding love in this hopeless place we call Earth
  • kissing
  • kisser
  • kiss
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Molly's World by Buzz_Luvs
Molly's Worldby Hannah
When Molly Dorazil moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina with her five brothers, she didn't expect much. I mean, who would with a town named Orangeburg? But Molly isn't ju...
  • brothers
  • happy
  • humor
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The Invisible Me by purplerainbow
The Invisible Meby purplerainbow
Genell has no friends to talk to or hang out with in school. The word invisible is most probably the correct word to describe her relationship with her schoolmates. Rhys...
  • kiss
  • first
  • hide
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The Boyfriend Kisser by spunkyskittles7
The Boyfriend Kisserby spunkyskittles7
Charlotte Davis has a big secret. She was Marilyn, the infamous boyfriend kisser. She was the girl that desperate girls call when they were worried that their boyfriend...
  • fiction
  • teen
  • boyfriend
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something about you by talitha700
something about youby talitha700
about you
  • apsweetzbbsweetz
  • sexkiss
  • kisser
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His Mystery Kisser  by BlackManiacx
His Mystery Kisser by Krishi
Shivaay is subconsciously aware of the woman he wants to marry. Unfortunately, it isn't the one he is marrying. Complicated yet? It is Shivaay Singh Oberoi's life whic...
  • ishqbaaaz
  • sso
  • shivaay
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The Monster, The Stoler (Chou Tzuyu) by ElishaScarlet
The Monster, The Stoler (Chou Tzuy...by * ELI *
Yung mga babaeng 'di mapakali at saka bungangera, kaya sila nanakawan ng mga lalaki ng mga first kiss nila. Achuchu~ P.S. Makakarelate dito ang mga babaeng hindi mapaka...
  • mercedez
  • casupang
  • dimapakali
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My Boyfriend Is A Jerk. (On Going )  by XiaLaena
My Boyfriend Is A Jerk. (On Going...by Keziah Yelaena Aspiras
From nerd to nerd bitch😂♥️ From Badboy to Good Cassanova😂♥️ Pano kung yung isa pala sa pinakamatalik na kaibigan ng Kaaway mo ay magiging Step Brother mo? At magiging...
  • kisser
  • highschool
  • love
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FHADGK 2: Fan Fic by HisEpicGirl
FHADGK 2: Fan Ficby Nix
  • damn
  • good
  • kisser
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KISSES OF DEATH. [SHERLOCK] by selcouthsoul
KISSES OF DEATH. [SHERLOCK]by ˗ˏˋ ally ˊˎ˗
❝the girl you knew died, sherlock, and from the ashes I've risen like a Phoenix.❞ | PLOT BY @-PATRONUS | SHERLOCK AU | ALAINA © 2017
  • kissesofdeath
  • mystery
  • phsycotic
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ADGK Fanfic: Dana-Cyriel <3 by HisEpicGirl
ADGK Fanfic: Dana-Cyriel <3by Nix
  • gone
  • damn
  • kisser
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Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Twizzies18
Confessions of a Serial Kisserby Twizzies18
  • serial
  • perfect
  • confession
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