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My first KISS show! by AnnaWoodcock6
My first KISS show!by AnnaWoodcock6
A 20 year old girl gets a special surprise and it changes her life forever Read to find out what happens to you :)
Saint And Sinner - Gene Simmons by IHaveNoKnownIdentity
Saint And Sinner - Gene Simmonsby IHaveNoKnownIdentity
Y/N Y/L/N has her life-long dream job: modeling. But when she's stuck working at a shoot with a famous band, one of the members takes a liking to her. Even though he has...
Thrills in the Night: A Y/N x Paul Stanley Story by FoxxHawk91
Thrills in the Night: A Y/N x FoxxHawk91
"I dare you to sneak backstage and kiss Paul Stanley!" Y/N doesn't really like Paul, but she's never one to back away from a dare! After her friend dares her t...
Crazy Nights: A Y/N x Gene Simmons Story by FoxxHawk91
Crazy Nights: A Y/N x Gene FoxxHawk91
One night after going to a KISS show, 24-year-old Y/N ends up called backstage because as it turns out, the bassist Gene Simmons wanted to see her. A few weeks after the...
🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ KISS And A Mermaid Tale 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ by MoonWalkerFan1998
🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ KISS And A Mermaid Nasty Spaghetti
The guys are in Malibu for a week's vacation to escape the Fall weather that was coming soon and Vinnie Vincent is sad because he hasn't found love since his first wife...
As Long as We Both Shall Live: An Eric Carr x Bruce Kulick Story by FoxxHawk91
As Long as We Both Shall Live: FoxxHawk91
Eric Carr falls hard and fast for Bruce Kulick the moment he lays eyes on him. However, Bruce hardly seems willing to talk to him, although Eric can't seem to even manag...
KISS Imagines by thebeatles1424
KISS Imaginesby thebeatles1424
This includes Paul, Ace, Gene, Peter, and possibly Eric Carr. I know who the other members are but I don't know anything about them, sorry. All of the imagines will be x...
KISS Oneshots by writer-chan20
KISS Oneshotsby writer-chan20
Kiss is one of my favourite bands and I just wanted to write about them. This book will have: -Paul Stanley -Gene Simmons -Ace Frehley -Eric Carr/Singer -Tommy Thayer -B...
Who Wants to Be Lonely: A Y/N x Eric Carr Story by FoxxHawk91
Who Wants to Be Lonely: A Y/N x FoxxHawk91
Y/N first hears of KISS through her friend Shannon Tweed, who falls hard and fast for bassist Gene Simmons. At Shannon's urging, Y/N goes to a KISS concert, quickly fall...
Bang Bang You (Paul Stanley x reader) by jessica_danielle__
Bang Bang You (Paul Stanley x jessica_danielle__
You are the daughter of a mob boss, trying to go straight and make an honest living. You are mistaken for someone else and held captive by a rival mob. Who turn out to b...
Rock My World (Part 1) by DeathFlower666
Rock My World (Part 1)by DeathFlower666
This is a Demonxoc love story. Basically this is Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock an Roll Mysery only I'm adding a new Character. No hate plz! This is my first story on here!
Love Spreads Like Fire - Demon by nightslegacy
Love Spreads Like Fire - Demonby nightslegacy
Flare is one hell of a girl. Some people call her a wildfire. Her and the rest of the Gang return to KISS World and sparks reignite. Will it be blissful or to strong to...
Just Look to the Stars - Starchild by nightslegacy
Just Look to the Stars - Starchildby nightslegacy
Starchild and Micah only met when the Scooby Gang help KISS defeat the Destroyer but that isn't the end of their journey. What ever happened to the Crimson Witch from KI...
Take A Look through A Cat's Eyes - Catman by nightslegacy
Take A Look through A Cat's nightslegacy
She never was the type to ever fall in love. Or so Jewelie thought. Once a certain Cat changes her world or just reveal her true world. *I don't own any of the pictures...
Truth Or Dare With KISS (35) by MoonWalkerFan1998
Truth Or Dare With KISS (35)by Nasty Spaghetti
The THIRTY-FIFTH edition to my truth or dares with the hottest band in the world.
Hard Luck Woman: A Y/N x Peter Criss Story by FoxxHawk91
Hard Luck Woman: A Y/N x Peter FoxxHawk91
After getting her heart broken, Y/N finds herself in a bar, desperate to drink her sorrows away. Little did she know she would bump into none other than Peter Criss, in...
UH! All Night: A Y/N x Eric Carr Story by FoxxHawk91
UH! All Night: A Y/N x Eric Carr FoxxHawk91
Y/N has been in a relationship with Eric Carr for almost two years now and has loved every minute of it. The only thing that still confuses her is the fact that Eric sai...
Easy As It Seems: A Y/N x Ace Frehley Story by FoxxHawk91
Easy As It Seems: A Y/N x Ace FoxxHawk91
A chance encounter leads to Y/N and Ace Frehley running into each other in a record store. Ace Frehley is immediately smitten with the young girl, but Y/N, the shy rock...
Caught Between Two Worlds (paul stanley x oc fic) by jessica_danielle__
Caught Between Two Worlds (paul jessica_danielle__
Ava a 500 year old immortal woman goes to a concert with her cousin to get her mind off family events. Not knowing that after the concert she will forge a bond with the...
A Trip for the Dead (Part 5) by DeathFlower666
A Trip for the Dead (Part 5)by DeathFlower666
After 6 months, the gang's invited by Fred's pen pal to celebrate The Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico. However, a simple trip turns upside down when an old Mexican fo...