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A God's Angel by stopshippingthings
A God's Angelby Emi
""You can't love someone unless you love yourself first" Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating mys...
  • stopshippingthings
  • kishou
  • arima
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ephemeral | arima kishou by andromedae-
ephemeral | arima kishouby ☾˖°
| ongoing + editing | the tragedy is not that love doesn't last. the tragedy is the love that lasts.
  • manga
  • kishou
  • arima
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Tokyo Ghoul X Reader {Oneshots} by swegtrash
Tokyo Ghoul X Reader {Oneshots}by Swegizzle
Just a bunch of Tokyo Ghoul Oneshots... Written a long time ago, so excuse my positivity in some of these. Requests currently closed due to Author being M.I.A. DISCLAIME...
  • oneshots
  • kanekiken
  • ayato
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After the War [Tokyo Ghoul's Kishou Arima x Reader] by EburneanLilac
After the War [Tokyo Ghoul's Ȇð
In a world where a war is in need for surviving. A battlefield in which your only choices are to kill or to be killed. In both sides, recognizes one man, hard as a stone...
  • ghoul
  • manga
  • anime
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Identity Disorder {A Juuzou Suzuya Story}  by brevitempore
Identity Disorder {A Juuzou dead roses
I was never going to fix him. How could a broken shard of glass fix another even more jagged sharp shard? They took disturbed to cure insanity and unhinged. Did they not...
  • anime
  • caring
  • seperation
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The Reaper and the Angel of death  (arima kishou fanfic) by Yorikokosaka
The Reaper and the Angel of Yoriko kosaka
this is a story about Arima Kishou growing up in the sunlit garden... And the girl he loved. (I will write a full description after i finish writing the whole story) S...
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
  • orginalcharacter
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ears « KISHOU ARIMA • TOKYO GHOUL » by breadstick-otaku
ears « KISHOU ARIMA • TOKYO GHOUL »by tori
"do i have to save you every time you go out?" unbeknownst to him, she was much stronger than anyone would've thought. maybe not physically, but she knew what...
  • arimakishou
  • arima
  • love
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Tokyo Ghoul: The Truth King by AyatoLucifuge
Tokyo Ghoul: The Truth Kingby Ayato Lucifuge
Ghoul seres parecidos a los humanos solo que ellos no pueden comer comida Humana ellos comen a los Humanos. Los Washu una familia prestigiosa de Japón conocida por ser l...
  • touka
  • kishou
  • ghoul
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Opposites attract by TheJuuzou
Opposites attractby Juuzou
Just another love story with the White Reaper. I do not own any Tokyo Ghoul character or fan arts, only my character Rose
  • arimakishou
  • arima
  • tokyoghoulre
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Scandalous || Arima/Takizawa by Skeleton_Juu
Scandalous || Arima/Takizawaby local takizawa stan
Back at it again with the rare pair smut
  • kishou
  • takizawaxarima
  • tokyoghoul
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The Big Book Of Anime Lemons!!!  by BloodSkiesFall
The Big Book Of Anime Lemons!!! by Hinami Kawahara
This book is full of anime lemons and male dominance, but some female dominance in here too
  • tatara
  • koutarou
  • kishou
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Tokyo Ghoul One shots by Havenesa
Tokyo Ghoul One shotsby Havenesa
A collection of Tokyo Ghoul one shots. Request one shots, the more detailed the request the more detailed the one shot. -Request Open
  • aogiri
  • ghoul
  • tokyoghoul
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