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Baby Gon~ [Completed] by Gonishere
Baby Gon~ [Completed]by Gonishere
♣A magic spell performed by Hisoka went horribly wrong and turns Gon into a tiny infant. Hisoka now has to find a way to turn him back while figuring out how to take car...
Need You Most // Killugon by JennahJAGz
Need You Most // Killugonby Garcy Bear
It's been a little while since the group separated, but all that changes when Kurapika needs help with the Phantom Troupe once again. The original four are reunited alon...
Accidental Infatuation by GloomyFaun
Accidental Infatuationby Julia
Killua Zoldyck is a prince; his mother's favorite, his sibling's least. Leaving the castle grounds was prohibited, but Killua deeply wishes to experience the outside wor...
Killua at an Odd Hour by FallinglntoPieces
Killua at an Odd Hourby FallinglntoPieces
Killua wakes up at an odd hour and thinks about random things. [Ficlet Complete]
Kirugon by kuroyumetsuki
Kirugonby KuroYume
KURO IS BACK BUT THIS TIME WITH A KIRUGON YAOIIIIIII Warning : Yaoi, shota love No R18 tho X'D There's something that has been bothering Killua for quite a long while no...
Let The Pieces Fall by Gonishere
Let The Pieces Fallby Gonishere
♣ A dark and mysterious figure approaches Gon who was fatally injured on the hospital bed from his battle with Pitou. It offers to heal him, but at a cost. Gon quickly a...
30 Days by Clarinova
30 Daysby treble ☆
Gon Freecss only has thirty days left to live. He has contracted a rare disease known as Pharadoxia, and there is no cure. Even Leorio, the doctor, doesn't know how to h...
Danganronpa One shots ( Yaoi ) by Locopaprika
Danganronpa One shots ( Yaoi )by Patpat
Btw this is written by me Patricia not videl . This is not a SMUT OR LEMON ❌❌( sorry for the smut or lemons lover and btw i like lemons to but if i write lemons i feel m...
Love Drama! by Gonishere
Love Drama!by Gonishere
♣High school Au♣ Socially awkward and possessive teenage boy Killua always had feelings for his childhood friend Gon when he first met; those feeling only grew stronger...
You Are the Moon by jxlenebean
You Are the Moonby Jojo
Believing that he is holding Gon back, Killua goes off on his own. Five years later, they see each other again. A Kirugon fanfic. Please note: I stopped watching hxh dur...
Bruises and Scrapes by Deaddreamself
Bruises and Scrapesby Deaddreamself
Gon and Killua high school au Killua has all his walls up but Gon's honest smile is irresistible, Killua cant sleep at night because all these bruises, He tries to hide...
The Things We Thought, But Never Said (Killugon Oneshots) by eprofit73
The Things We Thought, But Never 73 Minutes to Live
I'm working on another story so updates on this will be pretty slow. But I hope you'll still read it. Fluffy Smutty(Kind of) Joyous Sorrowful Exciting And a bunch of Kil...
You'll never know dear... by DerpyLovesSkylox78
You'll never know Ava
Gon X Killua. Nothing more to it.
Don't touch (A Killugon fic) by infiniteamor
Don't touch (A Killugon fic)by infiniteamor
Gon sometimes touches Killua at just casual moments, in which he is almost always startled by. He likes those small moments, but shall never admit that to anybody, ESPE...
Don't X Look X Back by eprofit73
Don't X Look X Backby 73 Minutes to Live
A hxh one shot. Actually its a rewritten version of one of the most heartbreaking scenes in this beloved show. A personal rendition of episode 147. I really hope you enj...
A Dying Confession (Hunter X hunter Fanfiction) by HunterxHunterTrash
A Dying Confession (Hunter X Hunter-x-Hunter-Trash
Killua's slowly dying in Gon's arms after a battle they had. As Gon holds his best friend close Killua tells Gon how he really feels. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Will you go to the dance with me? (KiruGon fanfiction.) by GonFreecss861
Will you go to the dance with OtterLover
Killua sat alone at lunch everyday until Gon came and sat beside him and they started talking, Only to find small feelings growing for each other with every time they sa...
Long Hair by -Panda--
Long Hairby Panda
Over the years that Killua and Gon have reunited, Gon grows his hair out and often sits with Killua in the empty fields of Whale Island, enjoying the other boy's company...
Princess of the Tower by FallinglntoPieces
Princess of the Towerby FallinglntoPieces
A KilluGon fairy tale story starring my Shiro Killua and Kuro Gon pairing and their relationship. Written in rhyming poetry, imagine a children's picture book. {UPDATE:...
I Love You Too by hiimnotamuggle
I Love You Tooby Valentina
"I'm all right." Gon said. Killua looked at him, speechless, scared, on the edge of tears. "It doesn't hurt. I'm not just bluffing." he continued. &q...