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Blooming Kalos(DISCONTINUED) by Flareon_Blue
Blooming Kalos(DISCONTINUED)by Flareon_Blue
After loosing in Hoenn's Grand Festival, Cayla heads off to Kalos. But with love, rivals, enemies, show cases, and a mysterious Pokemon following her around, she's going...
Journey Through Johto |Discontinued| by Ziafana
Journey Through Johto | Ziafana
This book is discontinued, I apologize. I wanted to finish it, but I just can't. At least not for a long long while, so I wouldn't wait around for it. You thought Zia Ra...
Eevee Randomnessss... or is it? by Fukuro_Kaeru
Eevee Randomnessss... or is it?by Fukuro_Kaeru_Tsuma
beautiful randomness book, also. YES, you can ask or dare these fools! ... ... ... Also we swear a lot... so... yes... enjoy, BAI DISCLAIMER: we do not own the art we d...
Pokemorphed by Fontyful
Pokemorphedby Fontyful
Pokémon belongs to Pokémon, some of the places might also belong to Pokémon, and a lot belongs to Pokémon. The characters are mine. Well, all the main characters anyway...
It's Okay to Cry (Incineroar x Decidueye) by FlamingArrowShipper
It's Okay to Cry (Incineroar x FlamingArrowShipper
Three close friends live together in a strong, beautiful, and large home where they moved together when they evolved to their final stages. Incineroar, Primarina, and De...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Abnormals (Flipped Perspectives) by The_LuigiSonic
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - LuiSon Hedgethorn
When you read a story, you tend to think of just the perspective of the narrator or the perspective of one simple character. In this fan-made version of ThatGeekKid02's...
Stranger Than You by CresSSG
Stranger Than Youby Tapu Cresi and SSG
Sometimes the ones who understand us are the ones who are just as strange.
The Random RP Files by Red_Gallade_Duelist
The Random RP Filesby SSGSSJ2
Read at your own risk. A collection of random scenarios involving my characters. Have fun!
Steenee and Hattrem by Amagconcon
Steenee and Hattremby Amaya Meleah Concon
An extrovert Steenee name Roxy and an introvert Hattrem name Lila were best friends since they were pre-evolved forms (Bounsweet and Hatenna age). And then now, they're...
The Journey of the Pokemon Master [Discontinued] by TheHopeOfDusk
The Journey of the Pokemon Hope
In a world faraway from ours, children strive to become pokemon trainers. Pokemons, living in the air, land and sea with humans in harmony are a sight to behold. Caugh...
Characters x Reader One-Shots/Scenarios by Curseblood17
Characters x Reader One-Shots/ Curseblood17
I love writing scenario books, but I decided to give one-shots a try. That being said, I'm WAY better at scenarios than one-shots but I thought some of you might enjoy t...
Ralts: The Pokémon Trainer by TheTiredMilk
Ralts: The Pokémon Trainerby Tired Milk
A ralts living in an isolated clan in route 102, decides to visit the human city going against the decision of the elders. Discovering the danger that these people pose...
Miru Adventure (English version lol) by Darkhero475
Miru Adventure (English version DarkHero475
In the Pokemon world. There is an Oshawott named Miru who will live many adventures together with his 2 best friends, Scarlet the Fennekin, and Leaf the Chespin. What wi...
Pokemon Adventures In Unova: Ingo x Female Reader x Emmet(On Hold) by RACHELSSECONDFIRE210
Pokemon Adventures In Unova: 😈 Rachel 😈 And 😇 Lehcar 😇
In the Kanto region, after getting a letter from the Pokemon professor from the Unova region, Y/n finds out about her mother's passing, so she decides to travel to the U...
Pokémon - Bonds of Eternity - Book 5 by KaylaKeath
Pokémon - Bonds of Eternity - Kayla Keath
Having finally recovered and gotten over some unreasonable jealousy, Kiada can finally follow a new path. Things should run more smoothly now, or at least that would be...
I'm A Performer! Ash x Reader by AlolanVulpixLover2
I'm A Performer! Ash x Readerby 💙A.V.L.2💙
Newer, better version of I'm A Performer! On my other account. Okay so I may be modifying your team but not by a lot. Description: Y/N, a young girl striving to become...
An Aura of Hope by frenchvanella
An Aura of Hopeby ann
Aurora and Shadow are raised like siblings, and, despite their unusual circumstances, are finely attuned to each other. When they forge a Rescue Team together, their adv...
Thea and John, a Gardevoir and her Trainer by BragelBite
Thea and John, a Gardevoir and BragelBite
The story of John and his shiny Kirlia on their adventure to conquer Hoenn's Pokemon league, as well as the relationship that blossoms between them. Can they overcome th...
Corruption by TheFieryCharmeleon
Corruptionby The Fiery Charmeleon
With a group of teens trying to find what carriers they want. Team Rocket has taken their opportunity in life and instead, turned them into some strange creatures called...