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And They Were Roomates. (KiriTodoBaku) by ATakenUsername1
And They Were Roomates. ( ATakenUsername1
Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki move in together after leaving UA. Bakugou and Kirishima walk in on Todoroki naked. Everything falls apart from there. (Or maybe pulls to...
Bleeding For Him (BNHA) (TODOSHIMA) ( COMPLETED) by IcySpicyBakubro
Bleeding For Him (BNHA) ( IcySpicyAspen
*WARNING* COVER IS NOT MINE I JUST MADE THE EDITS I use the First Names CURSING Hanahaki is a disease people get when their love is unreturne...
Betrayed lovers (Todokiri) by Miyahden
Betrayed lovers (Todokiri)by Miyahden
This story is about how Todoroki and Kirishima find out they were meant to be in love by getting heart broken. The story does include Todokiri (kirishima x Todoroki) Ki...
Bottom Todoroki Oneshots by KuudereSimp
Bottom Todoroki Oneshotsby KuudereSimp
This is a oneshot book of Shoto Todoroki since there are many rare ships with bottom Todorki that are underrated. This is my first time writing so be nice but I'll excep...
Bottom Todoroki Oneshots by YOAI_CLUB
Bottom Todoroki Oneshotsby
🍓::𝘼𝘨𝙚𝘳𝙚 𝘒𝙞𝘳𝙞𝘴𝙝𝘪𝙢𝘢  by eyeless_clown50067
🍓::𝘼𝘨𝙚𝘳𝙚 𝘒𝙞𝘳𝙞𝘴𝙝𝘪𝙢𝘢 by 𝐃'𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐲 🍜
-> 𝐊𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀 𝐗 𝐀𝐋𝐋 | " 𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗱𝗶𝗱 𝘀𝗼 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗯𝗮𝗯𝘆 𝗯𝗼𝘆 " ___________________________ ♫︎ᴛʜɪs ɪs sғᴡシ︎ ____________...
And They Were Roommates 2 by ATakenUsername1
And They Were Roommates 2by ATakenUsername1
Todoroki's not entirely sure how he managed to score Bakugou and Kirishima as boyfriends - but he's certainly not going to let them go. Especially now. [Smut Included]
nobody needs to know, not even  my alpha's - discontinued by kokichiouma--
nobody needs to know, not even king of chicken noodle soup
!!!DONT LIKE THE SHIP, DONT READ!!! !!!NONE OF THE PICTURES IS MINE!!! This is my first story so like don't mind the crappy rwiting after finding out about being pregna...
Kirishima smutshot by yamaguchis_bitch10
Kirishima smutshotby yamaguchis_bitch10
Kirishimaxall Gay nothing straight 😚
Three "best friends".. (Discontinued) by sleepypotato111
Three "best friends".. ( Spicyshiz111
None of the 3 talk all together, mostly Bakugo and kirishima would talk to each other, but Todoroki wouldn't talk to them. What happens when the they start hanging out w...
birds born in a cage think flying is an illness by teentitansfolife
birds born in a cage think JizzyJ
Shoto visits his friends and boyfriend in the hospital after their battle with overhaul, but when shoto went to leave one day after visiting one of his two boyfriends, h...
My Muse by UnknowBrat
My Museby UnknowBrat
People call katsuki bakugou a monster well that's not new but things will change just in one holiday it has always been the bully/villain-aka katsuki and the nerd/cutie...
Star Light Heros by Puddingforgames
Star Light Herosby Harukiii
" It's all your fault Izuku Midoriya you couldn't save him in time" CW: DKBK/BKDK ( You can do it Platonic or Romantic) This story was inspired by the game Pro...
snowboarding Todoroki by Koala_cuddles
snowboarding Todorokiby Koala_cuddles
Todoroki has always loved the snow, it reminded him of his mother's cool hand cooling down his bruises that burned from his father's heated fists, so when his mother lef...
my masochist stripper~~ (bakugo x stripper deku by whoreforbakudeku
my masochist stripper~~ (bakugo kenmasslut
hey guys this my first story so I'm sorry if it makes no sense so hope you enjoy☺️
Fem Izuku x Bakugo. (Being Re-Written) by -Bubbly_Bisexual-
Fem Izuku x Bakugo. (Being -Bubbly_Bisexual-
This is a fem Izuku x Bakugo And a fem Shoto x Kirishima Izuku and Shoto were walking back to the dorms from getting more ice cream when they were sneaked up on and at...
teg flogh ៹ e.k x s.t oneshots by kynyav
teg flogh ៹ e.k x s.t oneshotsby ʀɪɴ
[ TEG FLOGH - ; BEAUTIFUL BOY || CORN. TO ENG. ] i'm way too obsessed with this ship and i need more ~content~ of it. :)
Dekuverse | Seeing The World Through A Kaleidoscope by ariexchx
Dekuverse | Seeing The World lycheesel
kaleidoscope ; an instrument containing loose bits of colored material (such as glass or plastic) between two flat plates and two plane mirrors so placed that changes of...
MHA fluff and little space by gravity_falls50
MHA fluff and little spaceby Kai
get ready for an overload of cuteness, most of these I do ship
Dekubowl onshots by Winterelement13
Dekubowl onshotsby Winterelement13
We all know deku is adorable and many of y'all love to ship him with people so I will make a dekubowl one shot requests are welcome their will also be other ships like g...