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Waste it on me • Tododeku • by mult1cult1
Waste it on me • Tododeku •by DK™️
-COMPLETED- shouto thinks that love is a waste of his time. no one ever showed love to him, not even his family. so he didn't thinks that someone else would give him lov...
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Todo X deku by gachatube
Todo X dekuby Cosplays books
Todoroki and deku have a little secrect... Deku has to go threw a huge step in her life This book is 13+
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[Breathless, my dear] ||BNHA X MALE READER ONESHOTS|| by Sk_Jokling
[Breathless, my dear] ||BNHA X ♛
Keys! 🍋 LEMON! 💔 SAD ☁️FLUFF .... 🌈THERE IS GAY , IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEN LEAVE! .... Your qurik .. Hehe.. ... Seduce
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tainted flames //dabi x male reader\\ by Asagaopetals
tainted flames //dabi x male Asagaopetals
//smut & fluff\\ "y/n..." the scarred villains whispers fell like shattered glass his voice trailed off as your bloodied body was carried away by All Might He...
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MHA x Reader Scenarios by FemaleDeku421
MHA x Reader Scenariosby Izuku Midoriya
read about your favorite characters and find out they love you?!?! [ I do not own the characters in the story or the reader themselves but I do own the OC's]
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The Truth Behind The Mask ((Todoroki X Oc)) by Elektrawhitesorca
The Truth Behind The Mask (( Elektrawhitesorca
Just read the story hopfully you get to the point where you will understand it, and besides this takes to long and ,I'm very specific about things, especially when it co...
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Test Subject (An Iida x Mei Fanfic) by Ingeniium
Test Subject (An Iida x Mei Fanfic)by Tenya Iida
Iida tells himself that he would rather focus on his hero work instead relationships..but will that all change when Hatsume coms to play?..
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The lost love//Kirishima X reader by thirstyforjimin
The lost love//Kirishima X readerby Jaki❤️
Y/n left Japan for America over night leaving her loved one the guy she wanted to marry even if he didn't love her ten years later high school entrance exams began as sh...
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BNHA Ask Or Dare by Discount-Panda
BNHA Ask Or Dareby Pan-DUH
I don't really see any Bnha ask or dare so i thought why not. BTW there will be randomness, Yaoi and Yuri please leave a dare a comment and possibly vote.
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MY R | enjiro kirishma  by moonbxby_
MY R | enjiro kirishma by furyhiko is babie
" i just wanna stop the scars that grow every time that i go home. that's why i came up hear instead that's what the girl in the cardigan said &qu...
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The Rabbit Hunt (BNHA) [UP FOR ADOPTION] by bluefood3
The Rabbit Hunt (BNHA) [UP FOR bluefood3
Shota Aizawa and Yamada Hizashi are placed in charge of the disappearance of eight young children and as they go on the hunt to find them they realise that not every mis...
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BNHA SHIPS by B1tch_F0xy
BNHA SHIPSby B1tch F0xy
Gayness. Smuts. Ships.
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My Hero Academia Photos by Nonixcs
My Hero Academia Photosby Death Kazoo
Imma post a few photos of my hero academia art. None of these photos are mine. Enjoy :3
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Kimi Takizawa by InsanityDeku
Kimi Takizawaby Deku
Hi my name is Kimi Takizawa. My quirk, Telekinesis Extreme. With that I can Fly, create a force field, read minds, control minds, move objects, and send shockwaves throu...
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Masked -A Villain Deku Fanfiction- by Dragon_Fury_Girl
Masked -A Villain Deku Fanfiction-by Fury's Here <3
For the past few years the class of 1-A has grown and bonded together as one family. As Seniors, the group often goes out with their teachers or other pro-heroes and wal...
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Explosions Of The Heart {KiriBaku} by Thanatos_Daughter
Explosions Of The Heart {KiriBaku}by
Kirishma and Bakugou has been friends throughout UA but it stopped there. Bakugou left for America while leaving Kirishma behind. It's been two years now and Bakugou is...
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Baku-nerd?! (Bakushima Fanfic) by QueenFabulous087
Baku-nerd?! (Bakushima Fanfic)by Sasha linbe
Hi! This is a um bakukiri Fanfic. So, I haven't seen the show for a long time now..... So I kinda forgot a whole bunch of stuff but I Really wanted to make this so um...
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My Hero Academia//One Shots// by aleex2003
My Hero Academia//One Shots//by Monnysgirl
What the titles says🕳 Send in requests if you have any and I'll definitely make a story for you :)
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