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Died, Reincarnated, Died, Reincarnated but this time it's different by Worldbuskis
Died, Reincarnated, Died, Worldbuskis
You are the definition of an employed NEET. One day you died and reincarnated into one of your favorite games, Monster Hunter World where you thrived until you died agai...
  • mhw
  • wattys2019
  • gamer
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The Twin Mikaelson {LEGACIES} by ashley-kuwonu
The Twin Mikaelson {LEGACIES}by 🐒A.D.D.K.🐒
Hope Mikaelson's step twin sister, Melena {mel-aiye-nuh} Mikaelson. She is the daughter of Elijah and Hayley. Yet, she and Hope are twins of different fathers? How so? B...
  • werewolf
  • raphael
  • milton
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"I'll Regain Your Trust..." by TheWinterMole
"I'll Regain Your Trust..."by The Winter Mole
This story tells the tale of two people, one is named Marx with his silly jester hat and hyper personality, and the other is Magolor a cloak wearing magic user with a mu...
  • kirby
  • magolor
  • marx
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Remembering Hope (Handon fanfic) by rrtr012
Remembering Hope (Handon fanfic)by rrtr012
This takes place after the season 1 finale of Legacies. With Hope erased form memory, Josie, Alaric, Lizzie, Rafael, Landon, and the students of the Salvatore School str...
  • handon
  • rafael
  • landon
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Kirby star allies (Invite RP)  by Sky_ShadowStar
Kirby star allies (Invite RP) by Shadow of Light
When a sudden asteroid fall causes havoc in dream land it's up to Kirby to make new friends to save Dedede Meta knight, and others. and a mysterious girl named Rain is a...
  • kirby
  • starallies
Super Smash - Sudden Death by Soudalicious
Super Smash - Sudden Deathby Xtra Toasty
It is a day of celebration at the Smash Mansion! The anniversary of one's arrival to the brawl is a joyous occasion. However, when someone is murdered and twenty others...
  • kid
  • fire
  • smash
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Broken Crown by EcapsForYourKneecaps
Broken Crownby EFYK
Nightmare and his forces has begun to spread out into the galaxy, conquering every planet and life force in its way; leaving a trail of despair and destruction in its pa...
  • jecra
  • slowburn
  • metaknight
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100 magical food that's going to make your wish come true by Beecafe
100 magical food that's going to Twilightmist
I just totally realized, my name is Bee cafe. So I have to have a book that's a cafe right? (Just say yes) Well this book is going to be a rollplay full of warriors, Pok...
  • beecafe
  • pokemon
  • warriorcats
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A normal me and My not so normal life (Reader insert) by aceblaze01
A normal me and My not so normal laam zareen
Its every player dream to meet their favourites character in real life and when it came true how would they react. this is a story of a boy/girl who's life takes unexpec...
  • bendy
  • undertale
  • readerinsert
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k i r b y ' s  i n s t a g r a m  !  ! by pinkiekirb
k i r b y ' s i n s t a g r a kirby !
p o y o ! ♡ ♡ ♡
  • instagram
  • kirby
  • uwu
I don't know what this is anymore. by Sobbing_TwT
I don't know what this is Sob
Basically, a bunch-a fandoms.
  • kirby
  • myart
Pixel Art Museum (Art Book) by SuperWritingCat
Pixel Art Museum (Art Book)by SuperPartyCat
  • pokemon
  • kingdomhearts
  • art
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Ship Stories (Kirby ships) by NoisyMartian
Ship Stories (Kirby ships)by Rinoa Turner
DISCLAIMER: Kirbys that are babies like Kirby himself cannot talk; I'm just translating them. Plus, only they can understand each other because they use the same poyo l...
  • knucklejoexsirica
  • dmk
  • maryll
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Angels & Kirbys Adventure Book 1: HDN by AngelTheDragon1992
Angels & Kirbys Adventure Book AngelTheDragon
*Angel and Kirby Winken Als Begrüßung zum Reader/Leser* Angel: "Hallo Reader/Leser Mein name ist Angel und der kleine Buddy ist mein Freund Kirby" Kirby: "...
  • hdn
  • hyperdimensionneptunia
  • plutia
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It's Nothing | Marx X Magolor by PeckityNeckity
It's Nothing | Marx X Magolorby Peck Neck
Years after his battle with Kirby, Marx is sure there's nothing wrong with him. He's certain about it. But when Magolor continues to ask about Marx's strange behavior, t...
  • kirby
  • magolor
  • mightbegay
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"You're another monster aren't you?" "Excuse me? Monster?" [Legacies season One] [TBDx FEM!OC]
  • hope
  • tvd
  • rebekah
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Magolor × Reader Fanfic by PurpleTaranza
Magolor × Reader Fanficby Purple Artist
~Female Reader~ You are a kind, hard-working human girl who is a little bit shy. You live in a dome hut (like Kirby's) in Dreamland, with all of your favorite things! L...
  • kirby×reader
  • magolor
  • kirby
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Maverick Hunters(A Paw Patrol X-over Fanfic)-Misión #1: El emisario subespacial by Pennywise_MGS
Maverick Hunters(A Paw Patrol Martín Guzzi Sánchez
Durante la celebración del 14 aniversario de los Maverick Hunters, una pregunta espontánea hace que Rocky y los miembros más antiguos del equipo cuenten la grandiosa gu...
  • kirby
  • megamanx
  • pawpatrol
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Kirby: Heroes Of Popstar by DimetioDeluxe
Kirby: Heroes Of Popstarby DimentioDeluxe
WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE The Following Ships: Kirby X Ribbon And Bandana Dee X Sailor Dee (Who I Made Female In This Book) This Book Is Not For You But Unless You're...
  • sailordee
  • bandanadee
  • heroofpureheart
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Maverick Hunters(A Paw Patrol X-over Fanfic)-Presentación by Pennywise_MGS
Maverick Hunters(A Paw Patrol Martín Guzzi Sánchez
Hola Este es el comienzo de una gran saga de historias creadas por mi imaginación. Espero que tenga éxito. Aquí solo se presentarán nombres e imágenes de los 72 personaj...
  • megamanx
  • pawpatrol
  • kirby
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