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Kirby Right Back At Ya! Season 2: Haltmann Works Company by FluffyChocolate777
Kirby Right Back At Ya! Season FluffyChocolate777
I ALSO HAVE A NO-SHIP VERSION SO CHECK THAT OUT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE KIRBYXMETAKNIGHT SHIP Kirby's new adventure in Cappy Town with new enemy, Haltmann! King Dedede signs...
  • longfanfiction
  • dreamland
  • wattys2019
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SSB One Shots {Complete} by Phantomhive_Butler
SSB One Shots {Complete}by Natsu Dragneel's Mate
SSB Characters x Reader! PLEASE REQUEST!
  • marthxreader
  • videogames
  • darkpitxreader
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Legacies Imagines by mooncity-
Legacies Imaginesby anna
- 𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐬 "Oh, she's sweet but a psycho A little bit psycho At night she's screamin' 'I'm-ma-ma-ma out my mind." Ava Max 'Sweet but Psycho'
  • josiesaltzman
  • josie
  • mikaelson
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Meta Knight x Reader x Galacta Knight (DISCONTINUED) by Justadorkyartist
Meta Knight x Reader x Galacta Justadorkyartist
Your name is (Y/N)(L/N), You are an average 18 year old girl who is caring,helpful and adventurous.You love to play games Mostly Nintendo and preferably kirby.You were a...
  • galactaknight
  • nintendo
  • kirby
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Meta Knight x Reader Oneshots (ON HOLD) by MaskedDragon533
Meta Knight x Reader Oneshots ( MaskedDragon533
Female reader! Requests open! I dunno, just.... I just feel like it. :3 He's my little squish and he needs more love. *My One-Shot collections are always relatively dor...
  • kirby
  • metaknightxreader
  • kirbymetaknight
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The pink threaded puffball (Kirby x reader) by WaltzBoy
The pink threaded puffball ( waltz.
"Uh. Uh. UUH." Y/N choked and slammed the door to their bedroom shut. He/she stared at the open box of Kirby's Epic Yarn and gulped. "Oh boy..."
  • video
  • kirby
  • epicyarn
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Better in Love..{Meta Knight x Reader} by CookieCandle
Better in Love..{Meta Knight x QueenDededede
this is just my previous meta story but improved and a completely new modified storyline (so will it still count as the same story??) IMPORTANT PLEASE JUST READ... Eve...
  • magical
  • romance
  • kingdedede
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Hope and Landon (one-shot) by TheOrginalsFanfic
Hope and Landon (one-shot)by familyfan.fics
Takes place in the hotel at 1x08. What would of have happened if Alaric never interrupted Hope and Landon's make out session.
  • kirby
  • landon
  • theoriginals
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Incorrect Kirby's quotes by Fluffy--Prince
Incorrect Kirby's quotesby Hands up for egg child
Magolor came out of my wii and called me a bitch
  • drawcia
  • yinyarn
  • galactaknight
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Origin of the Meta Knight (UNCUT) by StudioKinbla
Origin of the Meta Knight (UNCUT)by K. B. Miller
Are you a Kirby fan, or simply enjoy taking a walk on the darker side? Discover the surprising backstory behind one of Nintendo's most beloved series. 2 years was put in...
  • knight
  • kaabii
  • captain
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Sweet Perfection ~ Hope Mikealson by EgpREADS
Sweet Perfection ~ Hope Mikealsonby ~Grace~
In which Hope Mikealson finds herself falling for the sister of Landon Kirby.
  • alaricsaltzman
  • lovestory
  • rafeal
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Hosie Dusk till Dawn by Candypie003
Hosie Dusk till Dawnby Candypie003
It started off as stolen moments when nobody was looking. Soon, it became their little secret. Josie never kept something this big from Lizzie before.
  • alaric
  • tribrid
  • tvd
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Died, Reincarnated, Died, Reincarnated but this time it's different by Worldbuskis
Died, Reincarnated, Died, Mizukoidesu~
You are the definition of an employed NEET. One day you died and reincarnated into one of your favorite games, Monster Hunter World where you thrived until you died agai...
  • gamer
  • anime
  • isekai
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Meta Knight x Reader by Eclipse_twighlight
Meta Knight x Readerby Eclipse
You are a shy, but hard-working young girl (you're not exactly "human" but you aren't a Cappy either) that one day takes a vacation to Cappy Town to visit your...
  • kirbyrightbackatya
  • lovetriangle
  • metaknightxreader
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The Twin Mikaelson {LEGACIES} by avengers-kuwonu
The Twin Mikaelson {LEGACIES}by 🐒ASHLEY🐒
Hope Mikaelson's step twin sister, Melena {mel-aiye-nuh} Mikaelson. She is the daughter of Elijah and Hayley. Yet, she and Hope are twins of different fathers? How so? B...
  • werewolf
  • mikaelson
  • vampire
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Lost in a World Alone(Gijinka!Meta Knight x Reader) by NicoleKaiba3
Lost in a World Alone(Gijinka! Nini
You have never fit in on Earth an outcast a reject you name it. One day you mysteriously appear on a planet similar to Earth yet you are still least for now...
  • gijinka
  • romancefanfiction
  • kirbyrightbackatya
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If Dreamlanders had iMessage by ebearskittychan
If Dreamlanders had iMessageby 🌸ebears🌸
When a Kirby fangirl has too much time on her hands and iMessages herself to make her sibs laugh, insanity like this comes to be. Thank goodness Dreamland doesn't have I...
  • videogames
  • clerk
  • apple
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KWRBY: Right Back at Ya! (A Kirby and RWBY Crossover FanFiction) by crossoverking95
KWRBY: Right Back at Ya! (A crossoverking95
Kirby is the prodigy Star Warrior who protects Cappy Town and the rest of Dreamland from King Dedede and Nightmare Enterprises! But what happens when King Dedede sends K...
  • dedede
  • blakebelladonna
  • nintendo
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Super Smash Bros One-Shots (Discontinued) by Animereadvideogames
Super Smash Bros One-Shots ( Clara
Just some one-shots of various Super Smash Bros x reader. Requests are closed for the moment. I DON'T DO LEMONS. I am up to doing girl x girl and boy x boy now, even tho...
  • ssb
  • kirby
  • kidicarus
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The game of life (Hetalia x reader) by kirbyfan72
The game of life (Hetalia x reader)by No subtitles here
So you are in college, great huh? But then one day when your coming back from the store (great setting huh?) 12 people show up in your house! And not just any 12 people...
  • anime
  • kirby
  • hetalia
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