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The Good Hair Family Sitcom by DonTheRock
The Good Hair Family Sitcomby 🔸EJ🔸
{4 seasons and complete} Tyrus, Ambi, Muffy, and Wonah are adults now, but growing up and having families brings new kinds of challenges. Through the complications of th...
Late Night Phone Calls | Tyrus by DonTheRock
Late Night Phone Calls | Tyrusby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) Set in 1997, high schooler, Cyrus Goodman, has never known much about TJ Kippen, aside from what his friends have said. After an accidental meeting, Cyrus i...
A Tyrus Story (Completed) by Tyrus_ralvez
A Tyrus Story (Completed)by Tyrus_ralvez
Show: Andi Mack Ship: Tyrus (TJ and Cyrus) This takes place after the police officer came and talked to Cyrus. This is the first ever story that I will be sharing on Wa...
Moonbow | Tyrus by DonTheRock
Moonbow | Tyrusby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) Cyrus Goodman goes to stay at his father and step-mother's house on the other side of Shadyside for the summer. When he gets there, his father gives him one...
Dye | Tyrus/Ambi by DonTheRock
Dye | Tyrus/Ambiby 🔸EJ🔸
(Completed) The night before their first day at Grant High School, Cyrus, Andi, and Buffy make it a goal to all get boyfriends in high school. Pretty quickly, Cyrus cros...
An Ambi, Tyrus, And Muffy Fanfiction (Complete) by Tyrus_ralvez
An Ambi, Tyrus, And Muffy Tyrus_ralvez
What will happen when TJ and Buffy become a 'couple' to make Cyrus and Marty jealous?
Lights! Camera - ; Tyrus by AndPeggy_pageturners
Lights! Camera - ; Tyrusby AndPeggy_pageturners
Cyrus Goodman, fresh out of NYU and already has a deal to make his first real film. They have the budget, they have the set, all they need now is a dashing male lead to...
glitter; tyrus by tjkippens
glitter; tyrusby jaden
andi mack highschool & instagram au
What now? (A Tyrus fanfic) by Supdemonsitsmeyaboi
What now? (A Tyrus fanfic)by Sadie
A collection of short little things that happened to Tj and Cyrus after the Andi Mack finale.
I See Stars; Tyrus by AndPeggy_pageturners
I See Stars; Tyrusby AndPeggy_pageturners
(Complete) TJ Kippen is the head of his basketball crew at Grant, yeah sometimes they are the trouble makers but it seems like everything in his life is fine, that is un...
More Than Survive; Tyrus/Ambi by AndPeggy_pageturners
More Than Survive; Tyrus/Ambiby AndPeggy_pageturners
(Complete) "My whole life nobody has never really known me, I never shared secrets, now the entire world is figuring me out quicker than I am." Cyrus Goodman...
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You Just Need A Hand | Ambi & Tyrus by IRisefromRainbows
You Just Need A Hand | Ambi & Tyrusby 💜💛Phoenix💛💜
[Complete] Amber Kippen has decided she can't possibly be straight, she likes Andi, her former enemy turned close friend. Her younger brother TJ is going through somethi...
Treehouse by Tyrus_ralvez
Treehouseby Tyrus_ralvez
TJ and Amber have been best friends with Marty since childhood.
Picture Perfect ;Tyrus by AndPeggy_pageturners
Picture Perfect ;Tyrusby AndPeggy_pageturners
(Complete) Cyrus through his phone across the floor. There was no way he was reading it correctly. Slowly Cyrus picked up his phone again and looked at the picture. &quo...
A Natural Heartbeat  by tyrusxdrarry
A Natural Heartbeat by Stephanie
What happens when Cyrus the nerdy boy gets asked by TJ to be his tutor and makes a ultimatum to be his fake boyfriend. Will they stay only fake boyfriends? Or will Cyrus...
Tyrus: Never ending Story  by hamilboyfbros
Tyrus: Never ending Story by ✨Kirishima Kinnie✨
This story takes place after the last episode of season three. I think we all wanted more after this series ended, so I figured I'd add a contribution. I hope you enjoy!
fairy lights (ambi au) by sleepysunflowergirl
fairy lights (ambi au)by amber kippen
the extended good hair crew goes camping! ambi focused fic with (a lot of) background tyrus, muffy, wonah and irby. all lowercase is intentional! ps this will be very...
Love is Love, Friendship is Friendship, and I am Who I am (Irby/Kuffy) by HopefullyInvisible2
Love is Love, Friendship is •. I'm a Cricket, Apparently...
"We're going on a what?" It's the Summer before high school for Buffy, Libby, and all of their friends from Jefferson Middle School, and what does that mean...
True Colors(Andi Mack One-Shots) by Tyrusship2point0
True Colors(Andi Mack One-Shots)by Tyrusship2.0
Andi Mack one-shots based on songs. (REQUESTS OPEN)
I Dare You, Be Honest | Tyrus Short Story by IRisefromRainbows
I Dare You, Be Honest | Tyrus 💜💛Phoenix💛💜
This is just a quick Tyrus story kickstarted by a birthday party Truth or Dare game. Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoy! :) Sorry, the cover looks very pixel...