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BTS x Reader: Bangtans Alexithymic Maid by Nea0680
BTS x Reader: Bangtans Nea0680
WARNING: This book may contain triggering actions such as bad thoughts, self harm, starving etc. _________________________________________ Y/n is 16 years old when she b...
My Hot Step Brother || KNJ X READER 18+ by yoongimile
My Hot Step Brother || KNJ X Jen
On the age of 16, both of Y/N's parents died and she had no other family members. Namjoon's parents are friends of Y/N's dad so they adopted Y/N. That time, Namjoon was...
unfamiliar; familiar|vkook (boyxboy) by TensFruityAdventures
unfamiliar; familiar|vkook ( TensFruityAdventures
"Tongues tangled and danced in the fiery heat. And again an unfamiliar, but not unpleasant, sensation bloomed in me." - Jungkook Aka Jungkook feeling giddy an...
BTS Oneshots by lilaclattes
BTS Oneshotsby amaranthine.
A collection of BTS oneshots I wrote. Only Namjin, Yoonmin, and Taekook. (also sometimes Vhope, Tae tops again, go ahead and judge me.) note: I think Namjoon tops, Yoong...
» Taekook texting AU by parkchimyyimin
» Taekook texting AUby Parkchimyyimin
Taehyung is a famous singer and he has the biggest fan on this planet, Jungkook. Jungkook can be ... annoying. How will Taehyung react? (ps. Jimin is Tae's best friend...
Overreaction  ||Yandere  Maknae line x Kim Jisoo || by iiTaewithKookiesii
Overreaction ||Yandere Maknae iiTaewithKookiesii
A girl named Kim Jisoo goes to a boarding school. She meets a few friends but then a tragic incidient happens.
VKook: First Love by BtsFanction
VKook: First Loveby BtsFanction
It's basically just a Gay fan fiction for bts
can you hold me?  by seulgisleeze
can you hold me? by gene 🥵
taekook! suicide au. inspired by the song 'can you hold me' by NF.
Next Top Model | BTS by hazelzoemae
Next Top Model | BTSby Hazel Zoë Mae
Seven boys enter a male version of a fierce, strict, tough and global competition; Next Top Model. ---- Started: 27th May 2018
Kim seokjin  by ShreShreJin
Kim seokjin by ShreShreJin
About Kim seokjin's point of view
Magic Shop /Love Yourself 'tear' by AdrianaRHernandez
Magic Shop /Love Yourself 'tear'by Adriana R Hernandez
"The magical time is coming. Come to the Magic Shop. Now, take off your mask and open your eyes."
BTS Imagines by NaniARMY05
BTS Imaginesby NaniARMY05
The seven member wonder from South Korea... BTS. I have been an ARMY for a little over a year. I never mean any offense to the members so... yeah I decided to create the...
  ~•Supernatural Love and Friendship//////A Jeon Jungkook Fanfic•~ by Taehyungs_Girl95
~•Supernatural Love and Taehyungs_Girl95
Jin has rainbow powers 🌈 🦄 That's all you need to know 😂
headphones <k.s.j> by g0ldenkookie
headphones by g0ldenkookie
in which a girl wears headphones everyday to escape from the harsh words of the world - a kim seokjin based story - park hanyeong
It's Real..! (BTS)  by Mantrash
It's Real..! (BTS) by Mantrash
Kristen es una chica latinoamericana que trabaja como estilista para una revista, tambien es muy fan de una banda sur coreana llamada ''Beyong The Scene'' (BTS). El sueñ...
Snapchat | YOONMIN FF by axataylor
Snapchat | YOONMIN FFby Ava Taylor ;)
"Who's that on your snapchat story?" "Why do you care?" Park Jimin finds the mint haired boy on Jungkook's Story very cute. A Fan Fiction By @mochit...