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Old Countryhumans x Reader (Discontinued)  by ChimeraOblivion
Old Countryhumans x Reader ( ⚘Chimera Oblivion⚘
Land of the Lustrous crossover Ranks: #1 place on tag #countryhuman because I can't spell 10th December 2020
Third Reich(Nazi) x Japanese Empire (Is Officially Adopted) by ThisDangOriginalDude
Third Reich(Nazi) x Japanese Return from Munich
(P.s cover not mine and this is my first Countryhumans thing and this will also be an alternate universe for the Axis wich they are still alive until noe and so as USSR)...
old Countryhuman x Reader [Complete] by JuniorOppai
old Countryhuman x Reader [ •●What?●•
*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°*:°* it is (y/n)'s 8th year on high school and soon she is going to be a historiography she's been a pretty good student ins...
"War doesn't fix everything" by YourWorstFears
"War doesn't fix everything"by YourWorstFears
CountryHumans x Reader ««~•|××|•~»» Y/N is the General of C/N also known as 'General of War'.She fought with many wars that almost killed millions of innocents,well she...