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The One (3) by varchiesrvdl
The One (3)by ♥️Varchie♥️
Four months ago, thirty-five girls came to the Palace to compete for Prince Archie's heart... or his crown. One month in, he narrowed it down to the Elite. Now only six...
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LIGHT YEARS • [MɪCʜᴀᴇɴɢ] by 2129one
LIGHT YEARS • [MɪCʜᴀᴇɴɢ]by One
The battle between 4 Realms which are Onux, Nharian, Criphix, and Eros. Who will be the last Realm to stand in order to Marry the last Princess in the main Kingdom of Ca...
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Once Personality Wins (Seventeen Jihan) by anri212
Once Personality Wins (Seventeen ♔Anri ♔
Beauty, money, and power, in this world that is all you need to live a breezy life. I want to chance that though. I am the royal tutor, Joshua Hong and my mission is to...
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Lady Ezmerad by UmiAlGifari
Lady Ezmeradby Umi Rohmatin
cerita karangan pribadi. tidak mengandung unsur kerajaan atau sejarah manapun. cerita yang menggambarkan perjuangan kehidupan seorang gadis keturunan bangsawan. Reinkarn...
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The Willow Witch by LovablePanda_
The Willow Witchby LovablePanda_
The Ancient Tree of Life: Yggdrasil, was gifted a baby with the ability to wield magic. A child who was named Willow. At the young age of 15, Willow would venture out o...
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Hayden Mackay and The Pride of Haima-Endira by jyothi89
Hayden Mackay and The Pride of Jyothi
"I am really sorry," I whispered, "I always knew that it was terrible, but I could never have guessed, not even in my dreams, that people of this country...
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A Royal Adventure ✓ by wake-pray-slay
A Royal Adventure ✓by 𝓚. 𝓐. 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓭𝓸𝓾𝓼
In the midst of her daily mischief, Amelia hears something she wasn't meant to. Something that has the potential to destroy the two kingdoms of Arzaman and Zamnabad. It...
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It Started With a Kiss by Love_and_Kalopsia
It Started With a Kissby L E I L A N I
THE SELECTION BALL is the biggest event of the year. Every eligible maiden in the Four Kingdoms is required to attend in hopes one will rule by the side of one of the fo...
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I'll Serve You by dxxdyAj
I'll Serve Youby Aj
Adialina is about to turn 18. As a descendant of royalty she has high standards to meet. Meaning she has a lot of decisions to make. Will she make the right ones or the...
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Running from religion by xbeautifulphrasesx
Running from religionby Kɑყɭɑ Mɑɾıɑ❤♡
"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and...
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Ironstrange- the other kingdom by Wateeb
Ironstrange- the other kingdomby Wateeb
Tony the all rounder Alpha prince discovers a wounded Omega near the end borders of his kingdom. The Omega is soft spoken, beautiful, sweet and sensitive. Tony vows and...
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defying the odds by fvckinwrite
defying the oddsby -shrug-
Eleanor Pendragon is the youngest daughter of King Uther. She is expected to be a proper lady and marry to become a queen to a kingdom. Her father's plans, however, slow...
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Back Again [Reverse Harem! Various X Reader] by CrazyFangirl222
Back Again [Reverse Harem! Princess Mhirlanie
Reverse harem x reader It all started when she was a little girl She was born a beauty, the most beautiful lady in the empire, but her outside beauty never matched her i...
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Lifeblood by leave-her-a-tome
Lifebloodby Eris Wright
It closed the distance between them with slow, deliberate steps. Mary let out an involuntary whimper. She wished she hadn't fled. Mary squeezed her eyes shut, desperatel...
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The Tyrant's Captive Prince by xNaviTheFairyx
The Tyrant's Captive Princeby xNaviTheFairyx
Roselia has held the royal lineage for centuries, until a tyrant, Windsor of the North Winds, takes it for her own - right from sleeping Prince Kove's hands. With him a...
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My Mysterious Mate (H.S) by khadejaashrafi
My Mysterious Mate (H.S)by khadejaashrafi
Arecina Jane Wood is 17 years old beautiful, intelligent and clumsy girl with surely a happy family and no siblings, and no siblings mean most loved child by both paren...
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Riku's Savior by KrystalsWorld
Riku's Saviorby Krystal's World
Riku and Selena have always been close ever since Selena has arrived on the island. Making friends with everyone, Selena has spent the most time with him. She always tho...
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Fantasy Roleplay! by Fabulous_Roleplayer
Fantasy Roleplay!by Fabulous_Roleplayer
Come Roleplay in the kingdom of Medeis!
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The kingdom by Sxl_77_7
The kingdomby Sara Malfoy
This story is talking about Sara and her Viking father and her mother past. Would Sara survive all of this or she'll end.would she know Cedric's dark deeds
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A Pirates Tale [EDITING] by thedisorderedhuman
A Pirates Tale [EDITING]by L C
The Empires were peacefully running their own lands when the Fidalgo's were attacked by the unknown. It came from the sea, some were distraught, some don't give a shit...
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