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Chivalry ♛ King Arthur by Sierra_Laufeyson
Chivalry ♛ King Arthurby S. R.
"Let's flip a coin," he said. "Heads, I'm yours. Tails, you're mine." Londinium isn't a city that's kind to orphaned children. Though when an orphan...
  • camelot
  • fantasy
  • romance
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PRINCE AND I | Arthur Pendragon | WATTYS2017 by yannannalays
PRINCE AND I | Arthur Pendragon | ˗ˏˋ fhreya ˎˊ˗
[A Quotev Featured Story] She's in love with a prince. He's in love with his servant's sister. She's kind and funny. He's pompous and arrogant. She can't have a great...
  • wattys2017
  • arthurpendragon
  • kingarthur
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King Arthur's Queen by World-Dreamer
King Arthur's Queenby World-Dreamer
Arthur grew up in a brothel. He doesn't know his true heritage. When he discovers what's in the blood that runs through his veins, he goes on an adventure to reclaim wha...
  • legendofthesword
  • guinevere
  • arthurpendragon
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Arthur Pendragon x Reader One Shots by StarlightInHerEyes
Arthur Pendragon x Reader One Shotsby H
Arthur Pendragon - Prince, and King of Camelot - One Shots
  • return
  • king
  • james
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Merlin's Secret by Fractured_Dreamer
Merlin's Secretby Fractured_Dreamer
Merlin has a secret he won't let anyone find out, least of all King Arthur. His past was an abyss of darkness and pain, resulting in his powerful magical ability. He doe...
  • secrets
  • magic
  • brotherhood
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A Tale That May Come  [Book 3 of Selvina's Tale series] by GreatGustav
A Tale That May Come [Book 3 of GreatGustav
War, adventure, magic, legend, and challenges like no other await the heroes in the third installment of the Selvina Tales. Together once again, Selvina, Jack, Red, Capt...
  • fantasy
  • trolls
  • redridinghood
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Young Love {Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai} {Arthur Pendragon x Reader} by erin_means_peace
Young Love {Seven Deadly Sins/ Multifandom Fics
It's been ten years since you've seen your childhood friend Arthur, and now as the King of Camelot he's found you again and wants to rekindle your childhood friendship...
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • arthur
  • kingarthur
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Hadrian Pendragon by DylanDesouza
Hadrian Pendragonby TheEaglesLegion
The Potter family was near-perfect, two twin sons, wealth, fame, and a future brighter then the sun... but it hides a secret, while one son the 'older' of the two sons...
  • wbwl
  • kingarthur
  • goodmalfoys
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Scars Tell Stories by FreckledBrunette
Scars Tell Storiesby FreckledBrunette
The knights find out about Merlin's scars and intend to find out more. Merlin attempts to evade certain subjects.
  • hurt
  • sorcerer
  • ladyofthelake
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Emrys by MariaBeasley2
Emrysby Maria Beasley
Morgana is more determined than ever to find Emrys. She is certain he is the reason for Agravaine's death. She won't rest till she sees the light drain out of his eyes...
  • gaston
  • freya
  • avalon
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Was it Worth It? by all_stories_must_end
Was it Worth It?by al
"I have but one thing to say to you, Arthur Pendragon. Was it worth it?" ******* - this story has some profanities, so if that bothers you then please read wit...
  • gwen
  • knightsoftheroundtable
  • kingarthur
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The Search ➳ Merthur by merlinflowers
The Search ➳ Merthurby hi :)
"why did you never tell me?" "you'd have chopped my head off." ~•~ The Search for the great sorcerer Emrys has begun, and Arthur will stop at nothing...
  • arthurpendragon
  • fanfic
  • emrys
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Friends to Be Feared by Navilyn1209
Friends to Be Fearedby Navilyn
Merlin's magic is revealed on a hunting trip with Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Merlin is chained but a storm strikes and the King and his knights are force...
  • magic
  • merlin
  • kingarthur
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A Servant's Love/ Merthur by Tjmij01
A Servant's Love/ Merthurby Tjmij01
Ending to BBC series Merlin alteration. *contains ending spoilers* What would happen to Arthur and Merlin if Arthur didn't die that day? What if someone took his place...
  • merlin
  • camelot
  • kingarthur
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A Merthur Cinderella Story by Pendragoner
A Merthur Cinderella Storyby Pendragoner
In an AU pansexual-minded Camelot, anybody can love anybody. King Arthur throws a Ball to try and find a romantic companion among his kingdom to make his Queen or King C...
  • merthur
  • merthurcinderellastory
  • merlinxarthur
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A Tale That Dawned [Book 4 of Selvina's Tale series] by GreatGustav
A Tale That Dawned [Book 4 of GreatGustav
The war in Faeryum wages on as Selvina and her companions wait for winter to end before King Arthur's army marches on to engage Empress Rhiannon's forces. The wait is no...
  • jackandthebeanstalk
  • merlin
  • redridinghood
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Merlin's dragon by cuddleupcute
Merlin's dragonby Mytieisbackwards
When Merlin was a young boy of 14 his kingdom was betrayed by Ectaric a power hungry member of the council party. His parents the king and queen were assassinated and th...
  • fairytail
  • fanfiction
  • magic
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Manservant (Murthur FanFic) by louislover16
Manservant (Murthur FanFic)by Lari
In this story you will find no dragons to be found. nor witches for that matter. This story begins in England. It is about a rich boy named Arthur, and his manservant na...
  • love
  • kingarthur
  • merthur
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Merlin: The Return Of The Once And Future King. by STUFTS
Merlin: The Return Of The Once ~ Skye ~
This is a fanfiction that is still in the process of being written which is based on the continuation of the Merlin BBC TV Show. -------------------- The year is 2020...
  • arturusrex
  • merlin
  • colinmorgan
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DRUID | Merlin Fanfic | ABERTH • Book 1 by yellowwolf56
DRUID | Merlin Fanfic | ABERTH • Luna 'Loony' Fett
DRUID noun A priest, magician, or soothsayer in the ancient Celtic religion. ~~~~~ Cursed as a child and forced to leave home with her younger brother, Merlin, Melda fin...
  • camelot
  • merlinbbc
  • arthurxoc
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