The Court Of Lies by i_am_cutely_bonkers
The Court Of Liesby sassy butterfly
"Oh my goodness, you are serious?" I question in disbelief. My father flashes me a fake smile and turns his back to me. I an expert in spotting genuine and...
  • fairy
  • queen
  • parallel
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Love you, Goodbye| Harry Styles by _Teryishappy_
Love you, Goodbye| Harry Stylesby 樣√Tery√年
Carla a Harry jsou jako princezna a princ. Žijí spolu krásně a nic jim nechybí. Jenže jednou nastane ten den, kdy princ se stane králem a princezna královnou. Život jim...
  • harrystyles
  • quen
  • carla
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The Gold Weaver by 0reoluwaWrites
The Gold Weaverby 0reoluwaWrites
Never make a deal with the supernatural. Even when it's your last resort. * * * "Get out." She seethed at the golden Irises that watched her from the corner. H...
  • action
  • arranged
  • king
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Run Wild by elloimasha
Run Wildby elloimasha
Arabell is a 16 year old girl. She was abandoned in the forest at a very young age and left to die. This was very possible until a lady( known as Lois) rescued her from...
  • fictional
  • king
  • wild
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The King's Arrival {Book 6} by evidentlyawriter
The King's Arrival {Book 6}by evidentlyawriter
{Sixth book in the INTERWOVEN series} {This book is ongoing and is updated weekly (usually Wednesdays)} Kivuli has returned to Catala but now he must find a way to prov...
  • princess
  • adventure
  • ball
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When Fire Meets Fire  by mentallllllll
When Fire Meets Fire by _alterego_
"Cyrus, LET ME GO !" Aurora shouted as Cyrus pinned her to the wall. "Never" said Cyrus. That must have been the cheesiest reply for him to use. She...
  • youngadult
  • king
  • cyrus
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IN ANOTHER LIFE // Harry Styles by alliewritesfiction
IN ANOTHER LIFE // Harry Stylesby Allie
Two lost souls had been searching for each other from one life to the next. Maybe in this lifetime, they would finally get it right. (I do not own the artwork on the cov...
  • king
  • prince
  • witch
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Echo Of My Thoughts by tashachimz677
Echo Of My Thoughtsby Natasha CHIMPHONDAH
In my mind there's a war and a sanctuary Take a peek This is my own attempt at Poetry Catch a glimpse
  • romance
  • deathandlife
  • tragic
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Her King, His Queen by Ace6014
Her King, His Queenby A c e H u n t e r
Kim Taehyung Fanfiction The King longed for a partner. Someone who could give him warmth, and love. Someone who he could share all his problems with. Someone who would l...
  • kimtaehyung
  • love
  • king
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I look up to you by TropicalHill
I look up to youby TropicalHill
"Women are cast aside in the shadow I intend to shed light for us all." ------------------------------------------------ Most siblings have that one that is ju...
  • independent
  • quest
  • rebellion
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.Darling. /king dice x female reader/ by TarpitEyes
.Darling. /king dice x female I want a hug
Uh. So basically your some chick from inkwell isle. Your destination being the casino you meet the cube man himselfffff.. yep. Basically just like any other KD x reader...
  • kingdicexreader
  • devil
  • dice
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Transmigrated 21st Genius:His Cute and Beloved Wife by Crystalite2472
Transmigrated 21st Genius:His Andrea Diez
Yuna was known as the most genius young girl on Country X. In the age of 5,she finish her college degree. In the age of 7,she started her own company. In the age of 10,s...
  • transmigration
  • ancient
  • fantasy
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Efímero by Elizabetmai1980
Efímeroby Elizabetmai1980
Historia de un amor que no fue
  • fox
  • tri
  • dow
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Till The End Of Time by ilikescrabble
Till The End Of Timeby ilikescrabble
When the King demands a boy from each family to join the army as a soldier. Lexi disguises herself as a boy to escape the requirements of being a poor woman.
  • brother
  • disguise
  • romance
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The Red Selection by Anoniempie2000
The Red Selectionby Anoniempie2000
A long time ago, there was a country with people who had special power. There was earth, fire, air and water. But also electricity, music, metal and healing. People with...
  • olivia
  • redqueen
  • rebel
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A Secret by queenie_ellj
A Secretby De Ocampo_10
Ano nga ba pag sinabing secret? Lihim?! Hanggang kailan nga ba balak itago ang isang lihim? Hanggang kailan nga ba ito malilibing sa isang kasinungalingan? May pag-asa...
  • family
  • love
  • ayumi
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Zodiac Signs About Games by kKeOrQ
Zodiac Signs About Gamesby kKeOrQ
a lil something a made for fun...i worked on it for a while and this is as accurate as possible!
  • papyrus
  • taurus
  • libra
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Vampire Princess by tartarvw
Vampire Princessby tartarvw
Being a princess was hard work with classes every morning and evening but what happens when it all stops and you are removed from the world you are used to and placed in...
  • botherhunter
  • vampireprincess
  • leader
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The Stolen Queen by _grimm
The Stolen Queenby Dee Atkins
Alainth Gamwich the V, eldest daughter of King Frinarv the II, blessed by Celuthel, Goddess of War and Dragons. Born with the breath of the great dragon Dallik, she will...
  • queen
  • kingdoms
  • king
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