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Dreams - Sequel To Only You by SuggyFranta55
Dreams - Sequel To Only Youby ev(s)a(m)ka
When Ellie realises that it was all a dream. When she found out that she is alive. Nobody died. Except her family. When she goes to live with her grandparents and things...
unknown  by myownmadness
unknown by H .
ya know how love is. & how distance is.
Thoughts & Fantasies of my Teen Mind  by kittykatkitters
Thoughts & Fantasies of my Teen Kitters
Poems, fantasies, and thoughts I have.
Catfish by TuMadre_
Catfishby Zhanè
Falling In love can lead you into many lies and obsession. Here's my story. #catfish
The Story Of A Girl by TinaOsman
The Story Of A Girlby Tina Osman
A story about a girl. Well, read to find out. PS ignore the typO's
Built to be Abused  by justabrokengirls
Built to be Abused by justabrokengirls
She grew up in a house where toxic ness is all she knows. Where abuse is love, where wondering if getting left behind was some sick way of them saying I love you. Of co...
The Kidnapping by AnnaJayne236
The Kidnappingby Anna Jayne (A.J.)
So this is a kind of true story... what happens in the beginning is true up until the part where the people get into the car. It is about three kids who get into two str...
Anything But Ordinary by natalieapril15
Anything But Ordinaryby natalieapril15
Alison and Jackson have been friends since the beginning of Sophomore year and instantly clicked. She thinks she loves him and she thinks he loves another. This is a sto...
A Girl Who Lost Her Home by Satori_Keys
A Girl Who Lost Her Homeby Satori_Keys
This Book Is About A Girl Who Has Been Doing For Herself Since She Was 14 But That Doesn't Mean Nothing Can Go Wrong Her Name Is Emily And She Just Turned 22 A Month Ago...
By The Water Fountain by VictoriA1240
By The Water Fountainby Indifferent
Two star-crossed lovers come together, led by fate, and begin an epic journey that will change their lives forever.
Friends  by n164tmar30fb1tch3s
Friends by n164tmar30fb1tch3s
I never thought of how much my middle school years would change me. I'm definitely not the same I was in elementary school. Going to high school without my closest frien...
My Happily Ever After... Or Not? by KylieShevchenko
My Happily Ever After... Or Not?by Kylie Shevchenko
Brianna just wants her life to be ok. A move to a new state gives her that chance. Will she get her Happily Ever After? Or will she Not?
Seven by angelinamattii
Sevenby angelinamattii
Sabrina, Katie, Mina, Joelle, Mathew, Christian, and Elijah are seven best friends who are enjoying senior year at the International Academy Of Chanting. They are defini...
Things We Love About Him (Harry) [Series Discontinued] by namjayy
Things We Love About Him (Harry) [ Tam 💕
A fun list on why we love Harry Edward Styles not Harry Styles from One Direction.
The Sweet Boy That She Loved by Kimbop1130
The Sweet Boy That She Lovedby Unrealistic_Goals
What happens when a sixth grade girl falls head over heels for a boy who has never made her feel this way before? If you like reality, sadly, that doesn't really exist h...
Uncle Daddy and Aunt Mommy by thnks_fr_th_pt
Uncle Daddy and Aunt Mommyby thnks_fr_th_pt
Incest? More like inYES *I do NOT condone incest in any way, shape, or form. I don't care if "it's not blood related," if you two (or three...four...etc, whate...
Love is False by JeonRhia14
Love is Falseby JeonRhia14
There's a girl that doesn't believe in love I mean naniniwala naman sya sa love pero yung love na pinaniniwalaan niya explained by science at yung pag mamahal nya sa mga...