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The Scarlet Bride | Book #1 by triciajxo
The Scarlet Bride | Book #1by tricia
Wrath - Book #1 of "The Wicked Sins" series. "You know I could kill you, right?" I hissed at him with narrowed eyes, making sure to put a great dista...
I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? (Billdip fanfic) by loverboi_lance
I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? ( loverboi_lance
TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains BAD GRAMMAR (depressing and suicidal thoughts) so please don't read if you can't handle. If you can then good, if you can't but stil...
bouquet ↠ changki by stuck-on-wonho
bouquet ↠ changkiby ↠ tokki ↠
❝ how many flowers do i have to send before you realise i'm the one whose fallen so helplessly for you? ❞ cover by : @ceoseungri © stuck-on-wonho · 2017
Making You Mine by CleosKink
Making You Mineby CLEO
Simon gets the shock of his life when he finds out that his girlfriend, Clary cheated on him with Jace. they break up and Jace seeks out Simon to apologize. Jace tells h...
Safe Soul by Detective4Death
Safe Soulby Mayy
It started with an attempted poisoning and worry. It became love. It ended with a daring escape. (written on here bc there might be smutty themes)
Let The River Run by slutfie
Let The River Runby ur mom
River Zarr's life had always been wild. Her parents disappeared when she was two years old, so she went to live with her lovable 'Aunt' Rose. After graduating college, R...
What Do You Know About Love? by chemiaristocrats
What Do You Know About Love?by ѕмσℓ ¢нємι
Sayaka Maizono x Kyoko Kirigiri coz I ship weird shit. Also this is an AU- CW: homophobia, sexism/misogyny, LGBTQ+ stuffs (if you don't like that leave my profile), & bu...
The Southern Gentleman and the Scottish Belle, Season 1 by The_Lupine_Sojourner
The Southern Gentleman and the The Lupine Sojourner
I FINALLY did it! Since I got into Star Trek: the Original Series, I've been thinking; I've done Reboot!Leonard/Rowena, but how would it be different in TOS? And this ca...
A Million and a Half Reasons Not to Fuck Your Roommate [Todobaku] by Min_ShadowLord
A Million and a Half Reasons Not Min Shadow Lord
Katsuki Bakugou would deny a lot of things. He always had and he always would, even to his closest friends. One- that he preferred bottoming during sex- though he was pr...
Devil's Diary  by LittleSatanJr
Devil's Diary by Satan Jr.
This is for me to practice writing but its evolved to an actual story. Read the life of everyone's favorite Satan spawn, Lucien Morningstar a.k.a Satan Jr. (AN: The...
Steps To Redemption { Ninjago } by KTheReaper
Steps To Redemption { Ninjago }by Toft☆
Did you know that everyone has a purpose in life? Whether it simply being your neighborhood's friendly person, or the guy who finds the cure for every disease. Me? I'm...
Free me(Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction) by Attackdemteatansboi
Free me(Dear Evan Hansen Attackdetitansboi
All Connor wanted was to disappear, to leave this plain of dreaded existence. People wouldn't care enough to remember him anyway, would they? The universe decided to scr...
Metamorphosis  by toxicvera
Metamorphosis by doyle
Franky Doyle confronts Vera Bennett after Maxine is caught from her escape attempt. Vera is done being kind. Doyle is .. solely herself .
The setting sun by AK_Slytherin
The setting sunby 💚 Aquila 💚
Sirius sleeps around with most of the girls at hogwarts to hide a secret that he wants no one to know, one of the girls tells their father and it results in an arranged...
Even A Nerd Need Love by scibbleKibble
Even A Nerd Need Loveby scibbleKibble
I'm bad at this kind of shit XD You get a new job as an FBI agent and meet a rather, peculiarly cute Doctor.
Vorfreude by Detective4Life
Vorfreudeby May
Norman Jayden, the once world famous FBI agent reduced to advising the police and doing other private investigator work. The worst part of it all was dealing with Lieute...