The Deal with the Billionaire by HalcyonLover
The Deal with the Billionaireby halcyonlover
Nathaniel Ventura needs to prove to his grandfather that he deserves his family's multibillion dollar company before his grandfather's retirement. Or else everything his...
  • ceo
  • arrangedmarriage
  • wattpride
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UNFINISHED LOVE by sugarlips2525
Nash black comes from a very big and happy family. what he doesn't know that there are deep and dark secrets and along that sad path he meets the girl that is going to...
  • singledad
  • laughter
  • tomboy
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My First FRIEND by CousinPuff
My First FRIENDby CousinPuff
This story is just about two kids whos gonna fall for each other. It's pretty cliche but I like these kind of books for some reason. I don't think it's too cliche but pl...
  • girlfriend
  • school
  • aider
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The Innocent Beauty Next Door (ON HOLD) by ShadoRocke
The Innocent Beauty Next Door ( Briseida Roque
Jaxon Sage. Infamous bad boy, manwhore, and not to mention, gangster. That's who I am. I was known to be coldhearted, fearless, until she arrived. The grey-eyed beauty. ...
  • badboynextdoor
  • thug
  • darkromance
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Loved you first  by britishboysVee
Loved you first by Vanessa Essien
This book is currently undergoing major editing. Slow, fairly nonexistent updates. Note: Summer's name has been changed to Sara and Serena, her sister to Paige. Meet Sar...
  • queenbee
  • death
  • populargirl
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Parfum and Postcards by _SunflowerSeeds_
Parfum and Postcardsby A Whole Snacc
//bad language warning// (English is not my first language, please point out any spelling errors and/or grammatical errors) "He's got that smile, but he's a bit of...
  • lgbt
  • lovestory
  • slightcomedy
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Daddy | justin bieber by despacitobieber
Daddy | justin bieberby ❤️babygirl❤️
When Alexia, Clarissa, and Kate all join for a sleepover at Alexia's house on the last day as seniors in high school, the girls play truth or dare. Little do they know...
  • sorry
  • texting
  • concert
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Mistake by shittalk
Mistakeby ➰
[YoonSeok] In which Jung Hoseok slowly understands his mistake of breaking Min Yoongi's heart. •Bottom Yoongi• •Top Hoseok•
  • tophoseok
  • kindacliche
  • bottomyoongi
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Incognito by Lailapayton
Incognitoby Laila
A Jemi Story. (some writing might be hard to read and for mature audiences)
  • jemi
  • nickjonas
  • kindacliche
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Covered In Crazy by axvholland
Covered In Crazyby —sugar girl
Blue eyes, blonde hair, and perfect smile. Name? Lucas Everdeen. One more thing dream boy to 16-year-old, Aubrey Rose. Aubrey prefers the attention of only friends and f...
  • love
  • innocent
  • kindofcliche
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Blood Gang by nightmare0104
Blood Gangby nightmare0104
Wassup people! My name is Ida Ho. Yea yea, my parents thought it would be a good Idea to make my name sound like a state, laugh all you want. Anyways. Im 18 years old at...
  • humor
  • william
  • bloodsvscrips
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Being Me by dauntless_heart_23
Being Meby poorna kuttappa
Rebecca Dawson is your average seventeen year-old girl, trying to live a normal happy life. That is until she boards a flight to L.A. After the death of her parents fou...
  • football
  • cliche
  • love
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I'm The Vampire King's Mate!? by smallauthor54
I'm The Vampire King's Mate!?by •~small author~•
7/28/18 #73 in humanmate 7/29/18 #63 in humanmate Vampires have taken over the world, the year is 2025. All humans have been killed or sold into slavery. People sold or...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • suicideattempt
  • vampireromance
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The Leftovers by shootlove
The Leftoversby shootlove
After going through a lot of ups and downs, encountering a lot of complications, and the general sucky-ness of life, the Nerd and the Bad Boy finally got together. And n...
  • interracial
  • whoknows
  • fluff
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Average by Life_Is_A_Whoop
Averageby Nope It’s Not Sammmm
"You were never average," He whispered. "You were always...exceptional." *** 17 year old Addilyn is about to leave high school. Before, she had no id...
  • teenlove
  • teenfiction
  • lovelife
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Walk Away by abafful004
Walk Awayby abafful004
She walked away. She still loves him. She doesn't want to lose him. She watches him from a distance. She's breaking. He's wondering why his freedom feels this wrong.
  • love
  • kindacliche
  • teenage
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It Started With A Little Tickle (P.J.M × READER) by katastrophobic
It Started With A Little Tickle ( I’m not nice.
(A/N Some supernatural shiz ahead....a bit.) You were always considered tall for your age. Not that you minded but DAMN, was it hard to find a guy taller than you? Hell...
  • tickle
  • kimtaehyung
  • fiction
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