The Hoodie Girl can Rap by VadlifulUnknown
The Hoodie Girl can Rapby arabella
The Hoodie Girl. Same gray hoodie everyday. She catches 5 boys' attention through out the day. By accident of course, she would never interact with the new bad boys unle...
  • humor
  • kindacliche
The Deal with the Billionaire by HalcyonLover
The Deal with the Billionaireby halcyonlover
Nathaniel Ventura needs to prove to his grandfather that he deserves his family's multibillion dollar company before his grandfather's retirement. Or else everything his...
  • contract
  • ceo
  • kindacliche
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Not So Good Girl by princess_trinity04
Not So Good Girlby ‼️Trinity‼️
Aubrey is new at school and soon makes friends with a group of bad boys they see her as good girl with who packs a punch. Just because of her good grades, great reputati...
  • wattys2018
  • kindacliche
  • independentwomen
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Loving the Deaf Girl//Completed by lovekennedy100
Loving the Deaf Girl//Completedby Kennedy Baxter
#717 in Teen Fiction 8/26/17 People say that love is blind... But it's also deaf. When Holland meets Aaliyah he's blown away by her talent and beauty. When he finds out...
  • adoption
  • deaf
  • holland
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Perfect Facades by strawberrylove3
Perfect Facadesby Cynthia Gao
Alison Delory only has one year of college left and all she wants is to finish the year with the spotless academic record she's maintained her entire life, she knows wha...
  • lgbtq
  • originalcharacter
  • lgbt
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Daddy | justin bieber by despacitobieber
Daddy | justin bieberby ❤️babygirl❤️
When Alexia, Clarissa, and Kate all join for a sleepover at Alexia's house on the last day as seniors in high school, the girls play truth or dare. Little do they know...
  • textmessages
  • justin
  • whatdoyoumean
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Incognito by Lailapayton
Incognitoby lovatoast
A Jemi Story. (some writing might be hard to read and for mature audiences)
  • joejonas
  • demi
  • nickjonas
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Walk Away by abafful004
Walk Awayby abafful004
She walked away. She still loves him. She doesn't want to lose him. She watches him from a distance. She's breaking. He's wondering why his freedom feels this wrong.
  • heartbreak
  • teenage
  • kindacliche
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Loving the (Not So) Deaf Girl  by lovekennedy100
Loving the (Not So) Deaf Girl by Kennedy Baxter
This is the second book to Loving the Deaf Girl. I highly recommend to START WITH LTDG, but if you so desire to go forth and read this book I can not stop you..
  • sequel
  • holland
  • love
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I'm The Vampire King's Mate!? by smallauthor54
I'm The Vampire King's Mate!?by •~small author~•
7/28/18 #73 in humanmate 7/29/18 #63 in humanmate Vampires have taken over the world, the year is 2025. All humans have been killed or sold into slavery. People sold or...
  • humanmate
  • suicidalthoughts
  • mates
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Covered In Crazy by axvholland
Covered In Crazyby —sugar girl
Blue eyes, blonde hair, and perfect smile. Name? Lucas Everdeen. One more thing dream boy to 16-year-old, Aubrey Rose. Aubrey prefers the attention of only friends and f...
  • mature
  • senior
  • romance
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Ninety Minutes || JUNG HOSEOK by Noisy_Rabbit101
Ninety Minutes || JUNG HOSEOKby Noisy Rabbit
Of how she, in the most hopeless of times a.k.a during a breakup found hope. Happy Reading~
  • shortchapters
  • kindofcliche
  • breakup
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If I Told You I Loved You by Just_testing_gravity
If I Told You I Loved Youby Layla Marie
Charlie Mitchel has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. When he receives an invitation to be the best man in her wedding he is certain he c...
  • blackcharactersmatter
  • boyxboy
  • diversity
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Undercover: Double Life by smileycase
Undercover: Double Lifeby pillowcase
Abigail Adams is a seventeen year old boxer who goes by the name Lioness because she is never defeated, she is a senior at high school but is undercover as a nerd, altho...
  • badboy
  • kindacliche
  • gangleader
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The Bad Boys Little Girl by kaiyastyles
The Bad Boys Little Girlby kaiya
She had a bet he just couldn't deny.
  • littlegirl
  • thebadboyslittlegirl
  • romance
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The Baker and The Writer by Undertale114
The Baker and The Writerby Jessie
Daniel and Jonathan have been best friends for over 12 years. When Jonathan moves back into town after 8 years, he stumbles in on a small cafè and bakery. ...
  • writing
  • bakery
  • gay
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The One He Had 'Forgot' by joey8421
The One He Had 'Forgot'by Joey
Charli and Jaspar had practically been friends since before they were born - that was until one summer when Charli came back from Greece to find Jaspar completely ignori...
  • hockey
  • jock
  • toomanyhashtags
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