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| I.O.I's ChatRoom |  by KanoAshura
| I.O.I's ChatRoom | by òwó
It's been about a year since I.O.I disbanded in 2017, but their friendships still last. What do they talk about when they have spare time in between their respective gro...
Home / Jeon Wonwoo {COMPLETED} by moonawwirah
Home / Jeon Wonwoo {COMPLETED}by proud_pisces
Waking up from a comma and doesn't remember anything surely is not an easy thing. But Sohye only remembers one name. Just his name. Jeon Wonwoo. Everything els...
awkward °mark by babynorenmin
awkward °markby ɴᴀ ʀᴇɴᴊᴜɴ
when awkward meets awkward, whole bunch of cuteness happens.
The Foreign Student 📚                                   >Lai Guanlin< by Baekyy_V
The Foreign Student 📚 Dream✨
"I heard he was a foreign exchange student." ************************************************ Bae Na-Ri, a very smart sophomore who skipped a grade in Pyeojung...
hotline♡park jihoon by whaehh
hotline♡park jihoonby lets get it
hotline♡; an app which lets you chat with people nearby. f i n i s h e d (lower case intended! warning:contains swearing) 1/3 off app series
We Broke Up | Kim SH. & Kim MG. by chronicoles
We Broke Up | Kim SH. & Kim Hopeless
"Isn't that how love works? You cry, because it hurts. It hurts 'cause it matters." Published: 2016.11.21 Ended: 2017.02.24 ...
SCHOOL 101 by kpopdust
SCHOOL 101by
"Life sucks. School made it worse. And this kid with a ridiculous pink hair keeps getting in the way. What is it with him? Why do I always end up with him?" -K...
regret. ║ wonhye by priestessa_x
regret. ║ wonhyeby sorry no aesthetic name
"Isn't it funny? We had that same conversation a year ago. Back when I thought for sure you were the one for me and believed I was for you. Back when everything was...
1999 Lovers by Heejinnovate
1999 Loversby Jeon Heejin 🖤
It all started out in freshman college year
Making The Most of One Year (I.O.I. One Shots) by AlemracEsioul
Making The Most of One Year ( AlemracEsioul
How would their life be as rookies of the idol world? Would anything change between the girl's friendships? ~ Hey everyone! So yeah. These are one-shot fanfics of I.O.I...
Downpour [COMPLETE] by whiteprodhite
Downpour [COMPLETE]by Aya
Tentang seorang Sohye melihat hujan.
(•𝓱 𝓮 𝓪 𝓻 𝓽 𝓼 𝓱 𝓪 𝓴 𝓮 𝓻•) | Peter Parker x Reader by Those_Fandoms_I_Love
(•𝓱 𝓮 𝓪 𝓻 𝓽 𝓼 𝓱 𝓪 𝓴 𝓮 𝓻 ❃✮▹𝓢 𝓞 𝓗 𝓨 𝓔◃✮❃
Living as the daughter of the famous Iron Man should be a dream coming true.. right? Not if you have to hide your identity. And definitely not until a awkward and shy bo...
PLAYGIRL • dodaeng ff• by jennililisa
PLAYGIRL • dodaeng ff•by Yoodaengg
Kim Doyeon the nation's playgirl wherein she flirts with everyone in WMU also known as Weki Meki University. She's hot, talented, beautiful at the same time handsome and...
Her Boyfriend is My Husband by asdfjk-
Her Boyfriend is My Husbandby ❛ otaku ❜
❝ It is ridiculous to you but this is unexpected feeling I never had. ❞ ❝ Myself own to you. No one can get it so free. ❞ ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ What did you feel when you nee...
INNOCENT BOY by Shritagohil
INNOCENT BOYby Shritagohil
Jeon Jungkook who has been betrayed by the love of his life, Lee Je-iun. Years after the incident, Jeon Jungkook begins to live a life of self-indulgence. He sacrificed...
Journey || Woojin x Sohye by aubreeze_
Journey || Woojin x Sohyeby Na✨
An AU-College story between Park Woojin and Kim Sohye :) -Bahasa ©autumnbreeze_
Never in the Same Place || Woojin x Sohye by aubreeze_
Never in the Same Place || Na✨
It's not easy to get over you -Bahasa /song-based fiction/
WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Kim Jisoo, gadis cantik dengan kepribadian yang terkenal aneh. Memendam perasaan pada sahabatnya yang terkenal memiliki banyak penggemar di sekolah. L...
♂♀♂Colorful Heart Strings♂♀♂ by jhayne06
♂♀♂Colorful Heart Strings♂♀♂by ❧❦❧Jen-Jen❧❦❧
... Paano kung sa 'typical' day routines mo, may madagdag na: ♂♀ Meeting a Stranger na possible to interfere, change, and be part of your daily life. Ano ang gagawin mo...
Text --&gt; wanna one + i.o.i ---&gt; Crush by Berry_Team
Text --&gt; wanna one + Berry_Team
Written by Pầu #Please don't re-up without my agreement