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after the king eternal monarch by samantha_088
after the king eternal monarchby Khunz Sofia
This describes what I expected/emagine That would happen/happened after the king eternal monarch, it's practically a love story between a two individual artist who will...
The Night When Everyone Is Asleep by mikrokosmos713
The Night When Everyone Is Asleepby Nia
"No, this is a melodrama." Lee Gon said, clenching his jaw as he picked up Tae Eul and sat her on the table of the control room, smiling devilishly. Progressio...
Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun One Shots by miss_aoife
Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun One Shotsby miss_aoife
just a few one shots inspired by the actors of The King: Eternal Monarch.
How it all started  by samantha_088
How it all started by Khunz Sofia
this is a story between the cast of the king eternal monarch in high School, it's how they will spend the rest of there semester with adventure, sadness, loneliness, an...
TOGETHER WITH YOU by lalamemss
I made this because I cannot get over with these two to the point that I'm dreaming about them. Let take a glimpse on their married life,how will they face controversies...
I Wish I Said I Love You by Mhiel840
I Wish I Said I Love Youby Mhiel
I'm Lee Gon, a first lieutenant in the military, as I am getting older, I started worrying about planning to settle down because I haven't found the right person yet. B...
Jamanchu (ongoing) by SrikandiAsiaLove
Jamanchu (ongoing)by SrikandiAsiaLove
A mix of reality and imaginary love story. Inspired by perfect chemistry on and off screen of Lee Min-Ho & Kim Go-Eun. Every chapter has its own unique story. You might...
The Life of the Gangster Queen  by LysaMenong
The Life of the Gangster Queen by Lyzaaaaa
Story of Louisa Shenrey Sapphire Kim the adopted daughter of Kim Family. Her life is full of challenges and full of lies. She is A Gangster not only a Gangster but a Gan...
The Heirs: Paradise 천국 by fallen_goddess1702
The Heirs: Paradise 천국by Cleopatra 👑
"Choi Young-Do." I mumbled under my breath upon hearing his name called out. "How annoying." Yunna lives a luxurious life in Busan. But when her pare...
Fight Me by wonhoisart
Fight Meby wonhoisart
The smart, good looking Choi Young Do is Jeguk High's biggest fear, he get's what he wants no matter the price and then there is small, outspoken Park Su Jin who has no...
Goblin Continued by kdrama_dreamer
Goblin Continuedby kdrama_dreamer
Can't forget Goblin? Are you missing the cast of Goblin? Want more? Then hop on and welcome to Goblin Continued. 1st in #gongyoo on 10/8/2020
Goblin's Daughter by JiantheJung
Goblin's Daughterby Jung Jian Hee
The story that kept hidden from the world, the story that the deity decided to keep unknown to the Goblin, the lonely god. Here's the fate, the question god ask for one...
Hold My Hand || The King Eternal Monarch by AncestralPanda
Hold My Hand || The King Eternal AncestralPanda
Jo Yeong X OC After losing her father due to the betrayal of Lee Lim, Choi Eun Kyung befriends Lee Gon and Jo Yeong. Together with Yeong, she protects the king with her...
Set Up | Hoshi by ujibby
Set Up | Hoshiby bby gie♡
"Yeah, I want to become an idol, but not by having a fake relationship! I want it to be our talents that shine through, and make us appreciated, not the stupid fake...
Somewhere between sunset and sunrise by Secret_garden28
Somewhere between sunset and Secret garden
Jeong Tae Eul and Lee Gon finish their date in the contryside on a sweet note, but then the situation turns quite spicy. Not in the way Gon wanted. A missing moment of...
The Dollife by Tyulalan
The Dollifeby Alpha Kim Namjoon
[MISTERY SHORT STORY] ❝Jangan terlambat, maka kau tidak akan merasa kehilangan!❞
The Successor  by gellyace2x
The Successor by gellyace2x
A fan fiction and somewhat parallel universe story of Kim Tan (The Heirs) and Ji Eun Tak (Goblin) Ji Eun Tak is a transfer student at Jeguk High school. There, she meet...
My Boss [COMPLETED] by winnie_dreaming
My Boss [COMPLETED]by winnie_dreaming
The handsome & charismatic Mr. Robin and the clumsy & innocent Ms. June literally run and fall for each other instantly. June becomes Robin's personal assitant at Ilio C...
Revenge Ni Mr. Nerd by Secretjuan
Revenge Ni Mr. Nerdby befoggingstories
From an ugly nerd to a handsome prince. And now he will do everything and anything to hurt her feelings. Will he stop his revenge?