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Mi soldado favorito by YeKyuWook
Mi soldado favoritoby YeKyRy
Habían cosas que no se podían prever y una de ellas fue, el robarle. Con la intensidad que iba en aquella noche, intento robarle, pero aquel hombre era mas audaz y pudo...
  • kimryeowook
  • yemin
  • chokyuhyun
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Ryeowook fic - KHÔNG AI THAY THẾ ĐƯỢC EM ( NO OTHER LIKE YOU) by Haomoon96
Ryeowook fic - KHÔNG AI THAY THẾ Đ...by Hảo Moon
Tác giả: Mirromirrora Người dịch: Kim Nguyen + Hảo Moon Truyện chủ yếu xoay quanh cuộc sống của một ban nhạc nổi tiếng Super junior và một thành viên bị cho là "mờ...
  • hảomoon
  • kimryeowook
  • ryeowook
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[yewook-fic] LIỆU PHÁP LÀM TÌNH by Haomoon96
[yewook-fic] LIỆU PHÁP LÀM TÌNHby Hảo Moon
Tác giả: Mintykyu Người dịch: Kim Nguyen + Hảo Moon Thể loại: Lãng mạn, hài hước Pairing(s): Yewook (main), Kyumin, Kangteuk, Eunhae/Haehyuk Rating: M fic gốc: h...
  • yewook
  • hảomoon
  • ryeowook
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Estoy enamorado...de ti [Titulo por definir] by YeKyuWook
Estoy enamorado...de ti [Titulo po...by YeKyRy
Sinopsis: -Un nuevo integrante se une a Super Junior -¿Otro màs?-menciono -¿Que dices?-pregunto molesto-¡esto no puede pasar! Eran dos desconocidos cuando se vieron por...
  • eunhae
  • elf
  • kyuwook
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Nuevas experiencias. • Yehyun • by NoemyRodriguez166
Nuevas experiencias. • Yehyun •by Amy Yekyu♥
Puede todo cambiar de un momento a otro?? Se puede encontrar la felicidad después de un tiempo con deseos suicidas?? Esto u mucho más lo tuvo que experimentar por primer...
  • parkjungsoo
  • chokyuhyun
  • hangeng
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My Fake GirlFriend by KPOP_ELF_READER
My Fake GirlFriendby ♚2ND ACCOUNT♚
Now this is My Second Fanfic If you want to see the first please Click my Name thanks..ok back This is a Story of a Girl Whom we shall call Park Taeyang..Park Taeyang I...
  • leedonghae
  • zhoumi
  • leeteuk
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HYUNGGG,I MISS YOU~ by wookie06
HYUNGGG,I MISS YOU~by kimheena99
when wookie miss his fav hyung and nothing he can do to meet him.. he got some good idea how to contact his hyung even though he cannot meet him.. give his hyung a warm...
  • kangin
  • kpopfanfic
  • brotherhood
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It's Destiny (Kim Ryeowook FanFiction) by Ryeozu
It's Destiny (Kim Ryeowook FanFict...by Ryeozu
They doesn't know that actually they're meant to be. They doesn't know each other until something happened to one of them. And they coincidentally meet. Is that their de...
  • yesung
  • fanfiction
  • sweet
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Into A Whole New Magical World With You by SuperElfJunior
Into A Whole New Magical World Wit...by 이해슬
Before anything else happens in a magical world of Majica, it is already foretold that a flower will soon bloom and will bring the biggest changes between nations. Hence...
  • leedonghae
  • chokyuhyun
  • kimheechul
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New Bias?? (Kim Ryeowook) - Short Story by natsuyo
New Bias?? (Kim Ryeowook) - Short...by Nina
  • kimryeowook
  • kpop
  • shortstory
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...IT HURT... by Fallen_Star_AT
...IT HURT...by Velvet
Characters Im Yoona: 19 Years Old,rich,Nerd,Very smart, No friend,Always get bullied by a group called 2NE1,In Arranged Married With Lee Dong Hae Lee Dong Hae: 20 Yea...
  • arrangemarried
  • sad
  • superjunior
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MY J ~ EXO▪SJ▪INFINITE | مكتملة by halo0okayed
العنوان بالعربي "جاي خاصتي" العنوان بالانجليزي "My J" نوع الون شوت "كوميدي ، رومانسي" سنة التأليف "2015" عدد البارتات "1&quo...
  • myungsoo
  • ميونغسوو
  • كيونغسوو
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Lee Seowoo • Super Junior Additional Female Member AU • by daisiesofexo
Lee Seowoo • Super Junior Addition...by Maddy ♡
This is an AU book in which there is a fictional, additional Super Junior member that's female: Lee Seowoo. This book will contain scenarios, fan posts, facts, and more...
  • kpopidol
  • shindong
  • kangin
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Maybe Tomorrow by diamondelf193
Maybe Tomorrowby Min SunYe
Spontaneous Kim Sungah meets the shy Kim Ryeowook. Helping him overcome all of his insecurities, Sungah shows him what a true first love fantasy is all about. But that's...
  • superjunior
  • kpop
  • ryeowook
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Dear Kim Ryeowook, by Keewook0121
Dear Kim Ryeowook,by ☛hiatus☚
Letters of Love, Anger, Hate, Happiness and Sadness for Kim Ryeowook
  • ryeowook
  • suju
  • oppa
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Super Junior: Memorias De Un Geisha. (KyuWook) by ZaraLaKul
Super Junior: Memorias De Un Geish...by KyuWook ♥
Les explicaré rápidamente esta versión. Si alguna vez leyeron o vieron la película Memorias De Una Geisha, sabrán a lo que me refiero. Pero sino espero que disfruten es...
  • lgbt
  • suju
  • hombrexhombre
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Veintes Noches [Versión Kyuhyun] by YeKyuWook
Veintes Noches [Versión Kyuhyun]by YeKyRy
Sinopsis Son conocidos por formar parte del grupo Super Junior, sobre todo por ser nombrados como el couple KyuWook. El destino les tenia preparado algo nuevo...una habi...
  • addon
  • superjunior
  • chokyuhyun
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[Trans] ανίκητος (Anikitos)- healingsigma by mooncactus95
[Trans] ανίκητος (Anikitos)- heali...by Moon Cactus
Tên: ανίκητος (Anikitos) Author: healingsigma Translator: Moon Nguồn: https://archiveofourown.org/works/14695595/chapters/33957962 Bản dịch đã có sự cho phép của tác giả...
  • kimwoobin
  • junghoseok
  • kimnamjoon
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