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Falling For The Gorgeous Brothers by SplashKing1020
Falling For The Gorgeous Brothersby A.G. Ruiz
[AUTHOR'S DEBUT STORY] P.s. If you liked the story please vote for it, Thank you! 😘 It was summer of 2005 when I first met this stunning boy, I was 8 and he was 10 then...
  • billionaire
  • tinaxaom
  • wattys2019
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This Annoying Guy Is My First Boyfriend by sofiajelyn
This Annoying Guy Is My First sofiajelene M. Mortega
Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a gangster but she met him first not as a gangster but as an Annoying guy for her😂 *tigil na nga yan Tagalog na...
  • kimshinyeong
  • shameless
  • kimpie
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How Can I Love You by Tiaom_chu
How Can I Love Youby Jeon Jaeii
To : Mr. Jittaleela I love you, just like I love my own father. But it doesn't mean that I love your son too. I have someone in mind.
  • drama
  • kimpie
  • love
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Lets Rewrite The Stars by arkiako05
Lets Rewrite The Starsby arkiako05
Let's Rewrite the Stars is a fanfic-made novel life story of a very successful Thai actress, Aom Sushar, gets to live her lifelong dream in rich and famed world. She has...
  • love
  • actress
  • lgbtpride
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Opposite Gender by AceJorge
Opposite Genderby AceJorge
Nainlove kana ba sa isang bakla? . . . . . . . . . . . . Nainlove kana ba sa isang tibo? . . . . . . Paano kung nag-tagpo ang landas niyo? Paano kung nainlove kayo sa is...
  • iancorn
  • ashley
  • android
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the blue rose by JidwiSushar49
the blue roseby JiDwi
This is the story of how I fell and went to heaven 😊.. This is the story of how my world turn upside down by a moody beautiful girl.. Kimhan!!!!!! That's my Aom my one...
  • suppanad
  • tinaaom
  • bangkok
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Love by TianLyon
Loveby Kimuli Nelson
This is a series of poetic expressions of the inner soul...
  • kimpie
UNTOUCHABLE by schindlee
UNTOUCHABLEby schindlee
"I always thought that dying in the hands of those monsters is scary. But now I realized that nothing, NOTHING, is scarier than being alone in a room, standing in f...
  • lesbian
  • girlxgirl
  • tinaom
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-cukup jaga hati biar tambah cinta- by NelvieBookujie
-cukup jaga hati biar tambah cinta-by Nelvie_Bookujie
sayang bukan untuk melepaskan.
  • jenlisa
  • gxglesbianlgbt
  • kryber
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Reality or Fantasy? by brainywizard23
Reality or Fantasy?by Brain Wizard
"The best thing about FANTASY is its magic to turn itself into REALITY." Kim Jittaleela: Heir of Jittaleela Co.; an 18year old happy-go-lucky kid who never tak...
  • kimpie
  • aomsushar
  • tinasuppanad
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Empty Promise by ampot06
Empty Promiseby chiharu06
Pie (Aom Sushar) who is left hanging with the pledge made by her childhood sweetheart, she's been waiting for a long time already when someone came along, someone she do...
  • gxg
  • lovestory
  • girlongirl
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BRIDGES OF LOVE by TestimonyOlateju
BRIDGES OF LOVEby Testimony Olateju
a complicated love story where a girl fell in love and there laid some obstacles on there love story journey. The biggest question is can they ever meet again? U can fin...
  • kimmie
  • bella
  • kimpie
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This Time by justsingitout
This Timeby justsingitout
"I was always here, I never left. You just never gave me a chance because you were scared. I was scared too, Pie. But I want to be scared together with you, so we c...
  • aomsushar
  • yesorno
  • tinajitaleela
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"she Makes My Heart Falling In Love Again Part II"  by ahkie_hero20
"she Makes My Heart Falling In @leekyohun0830
this is the part two stories of Kim Emerald.. 4 years past when they migrate in Baltimore Maryland.. she make herself busy In this country ..just to forget Heilie.. she...
  • kimpie
  • tiaomlovestories
  • tiaomstories
A Little Drama by Tiaom_chu
A Little Dramaby Jeon Jaeii
[TIAOM ONESHOT COLLECTION] Berisi kumpulan ff oneshot Tina Aom. Beberapa fanfiction terinspirasi dari lagu. WARNING! Author gaakan ngingetin kalau ada konten dewasa. Lol
  • thaifanfic
  • kimpie
  • sorrow
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I fell in love with My Best friend (KimPie) by Kasumi020
I fell in love with My Best Kasumi020
"I'm afraid that I'm falling in love with my best friend. I'm not afraid because we are of the same gender. I'm afraid because if it does turn out to be love, I wou...
  • yesorno
  • tinaom
  • tiaom
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YINYANG by schindlee
YINYANGby schindlee
What would happen if one of the school's most promising students fell in love with a notorious delinquent?
  • gxg
  • girlxgirl
  • kimpie
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The Unexpected by midxGod
The Unexpectedby midxGod
Pie was being pestered by her parents and friend that she should get a boyfriend now. She's not yet that ready to have one or rather she's not that hurried to have one...
  • girlxgirl
  • kimpie
  • tiaom
If Tomorrow Never Comes-(GirlXgirl) by Flipqy19
If Tomorrow Never Comes-(GirlXgirl)by Cuddles18
Her Name is Pie, Pie Suchar. I feel strange by saying her name. She has something special that no one else can touch. Honestly, even though she acts like being a savage...
  • humor
  • spiritual
  • girlxgirl
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GENDER DOESN'T MATTER by carlninogallener
GENDER DOESN'T MATTERby carlninogallener
Love story
  • kimhanbin
  • kimwonshik
  • kimjongdae
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