BOOK OF IMAGINES ㅡ iKON  by yourlilsya
Get Ready? Showtime! 🔥 Feat ; Kim Hanbin ㅡ B.I Kim Jiwon ㅡ Bobby Kim Jinhwan Kim Donghyuk Koo Junhoe Song Yunhyeong Jung Chanwoo Reminder ; I am not taking any request...
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bobhwan 《 instagram 》  by gnanixxindaeyo
bobhwan 《 instagram 》 by jeju, mỹ và seoul
kim bobby lướt instagram thì chợt thấy tài khoản của một anh đẹp trai tên là gnani_____. fic có rất nhiều teencode và chửi tục, ai không thích hoặc cảm thấy khó chịu có...
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The Kims by sohyunieLover
The Kimsby sohyunieLover
The story is about the seven orphaned siblings who were forced to grow up away from each other after the death of their grandfather, the only living relative they had wh...
  • ygfamily
  • kimjinwoo
  • winner
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Secret Admirer? Ini bukan hanya sebuah cerita tentang menyukai orang secara diam-diam. Jinhwan, orang yang sudah menyukai 'dia' dari semester awal Sekolah Menengah Akhi...
  • kimjinhwan
  • straykids
  • binhwan
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Yah, Kim Jinhwan! || kjh x lisa by RoanneSiel
Yah, Kim Jinhwan! || kjh x lisaby zeref
an attraction that started with a "Yah, Kim Jinhwan!"
  • hwanlisa
  • lisa
  • junrose
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ikon imagines | ikon by kwonhyuq
ikon imagines | ikonby ☽
warning this boy group is extremely hot
  • koojunhoe
  • kimjinhwan
  • hanbin
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rainbow | junhwan by vmdlopqrs
rainbow | junhwanby hsh0705
what if our hair changes its color based on how we feel? Started: 6/11/17 Ended: 11/6/17 (wow look at the date. that is not scripted guys. HAHAHAHA. that is really awes...
  • comedy
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  • boyxboy
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Liar? Kim Jinhwan ikon (COMPLETE) by ikon_swag
Liar? Kim Jinhwan ikon (COMPLETE)by Adek syomel
"It's too hurt when I know he's cheating on me" -kim (y/n) "It was okay when I have to wait for him to text me back but it's not okay when he can ignored...
  • songyunhyeong
  • fanfiction
  • ikonff
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See you [IKON Jinhwan x Reader] by alpa1993
See you [IKON Jinhwan x Reader]by alpa1993
"This isn't right. He's my bestfriend. This won't do." you muttered. He's more than just a bestfriend to you. But will he be able to feel the same way to you...
  • ikonfanfic
  • jinhwan
  • ikon
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iKON One Shots by ikwonicc
iKON One Shotsby m
Have you ever thought of these boys as a boyfriend material? Have you ever wanted to imagine yourself as their girlfriend? Then this book is what you might need! Welco...
  • kimjiwon
  • jungchanwoo
  • koojunhoe
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••DESSERT•• by heyahe_lw
••DESSERT••by ynjk23
Хүслээ хяна!
  • vampireromance
  • taeyong
  • kai
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Blue Sapphire by _bymjup
Blue Sapphireby _bymjup
"Wh-What the hell is going on? Who the hell are you and what are you doing inside my room!" The man stares at me, looking as confused as I am. "Who are yo...
  • jongup
  • jinhwan
  • ikon
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i do, regret | b.i ikon by onebin
i do, regret | b.i ikonby HIATUS
Nichole and Hanbin were forced into an arranged marriage for business purposes. Both persons has a messed family, leaving their mothers behind. Will they regret marrying...
  • koojunhoe
  • jungchanwoo
  • hanbin
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Going Crazy (Jinhwan) Book 2 by CuteChimChim
Going Crazy (Jinhwan) Book 2by CuteChimChim
After Jinhwan and Hye Na get married,lots of things will change.But,will they love each other until the end?
  • kimjinhwan
  • marriage
  • jinhwan
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Famous - Junhwan by ikonhiraeth
Famous - Junhwanby whoop whoop
Jinhwan was a famous icon who both cared yet really didn't about his image, and was more extra and flirty than you could ever imagine. Or definitely, more than a certai...
  • bobby
  • hanbin
  • jinhwan
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iKON FF - At the beggining ( Kim Jinhwan ff ) < COMPLETE > by JaeJae625
iKON FF - At the beggining ( Kim JaeJae625
My name is Y/n, Min Y/n. Me & Jinhwan was best friends since chlid. We would play everytime. I always have the best times with him. I wish that friendship never breaks...
  • kpop
  • jinhwan
  • ikonic
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t e x t t o c r e a m by peterchan_
t e x t t o c r e a mby wowie
yunie hyung takes a lot of pics of ice cream just to tease me dammit. ©peterchan_ copyright 2018
  • goojunhoe
  • zuri
  • bobby
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What Am I Feeling (Yunbin) by dauntlittlepill
What Am I Feeling (Yunbin)by dauntlittlepill
Story of Yunyeong and Hanbin "Did your heart flutter?" "A little."
  • kimjinhwan
  • koojunhoe
  • yunbin
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The YG Prosecutors Department || an iKON fanfic by SlytherinSociopath
The YG Prosecutors Department || amaranthine
•credits to @AppaSeungcheol for the cover 😍 feel free to check out her JiHanCheol fic 'Heaven'• •pic in the cover is not mine• •ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• ___________________...
  • kimhanbin
  • bigbang
  • bobby
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iKON Imagines [BAHASA] by gyusweat
iKON Imagines [BAHASA]by valnty
iKON Imagines Nggak khusus buat iKONics doang kok, semuanya boleh baca. Ini buku imagine pertama gue btw. Di imagine ini gue bakal pake bahasa sehari-hari gue, bia...
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