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Awake by jeongiess
Awakeby jeongies
Twice disbanded one year ago and Chaeyoung died right after. The rest of them live their lives as normal citizens but they didn't keep in contact after the disbandment...
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Twice Incorrect Quotes by Ash_FailurexImFine
Twice Incorrect Quotesby Ash_FailurexImFine
Incorrect twice quotes
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Ms.Pakipot (Suplada) And Mr.Torpe (Suplado) by ziah_dine
Ms.Pakipot (Suplada) And iahdettex
Imagine "The Ultimate Mr. Torpe " ay inlove naman kay " Ms. Pakipot" Torpe sya , pakipot naman yung isa . Ano ? Wala na lang bang imika...
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Photography  by chaey_
Photography by mm
"YAHH!! Are you crazy!?!? Are you trying to make me injured?!" Chaeyoung said as she got up from the basketball court and look at her bruises leg. "Listen...
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I Trust You (Twice couple ver.) by chaey_
I Trust You (Twice couple ver.)by mm
"Brokenheart doesnt mean a broken soul. Its still can be fixed by someone who is truly love me and I still can love and be loved"
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My Possessive Gangster (Michaeng) by RoaroftheBabyCub
My Possessive Gangster (Michaeng)by Thea 🥀
When an artist meets a gangster. Chaos begins! Hatred arises! Danger chases! Confusion appears! Disorder rumbles! Havock rolls! Friendship extends! Attraction perplexes...
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Twice One Shots by yebaonce
Twice One Shotsby Yeba Once
^^The title says it all☺️✌❤️ Twice x Twice Twice x Readers Mostly angst but all genres are accepted I take requests so you can request if you want. Just to let you know...
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Royalty (SaTzu) by SapphireChou
Royalty (SaTzu)by 🐶
They say that opposites attract. So, do they? (A SaTzu Adaptation) Ctto. @WhileATeen
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love is a joke (michaeng) by minasfalsetto
love is a joke (michaeng)by mari
Son Chaeyoung is in her first year at the Seoul Multi Arts Academy and has already made a name for herself as the resident prankster, making her popular with most studen...
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[COMPLETED] MS. CHOU ✔by mxxzy
Was their love real? Or was just full of lust? A SATZU FANFIC
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Her Magic | TWICE (FF) by --Bexuty
Her Magic | TWICE (FF)by hi ho
"Her Magic" I have no intention of reaching the top student of the school, my intention is to find my brother and I'll be attending the Novaxia Academy, the ac...
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Superpower Mania (Twicepink/Blacktwice) by ftnnurartkh
Superpower Mania (Twicepink/ song jihye
The story revolves among a group of friends who worked together as police officers. One day, a freak accident happens and they finds out that they have superpowers. What...
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gotTWICE chatroom by bgtost731
gotTWICE chatroomby sophie
a chaotic tour of got7 and TWICE's chatroom (predebut-now) (keep in mind this is my first fanfic so it might now be that good or funny so bear with me)
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SHY | DAHMO by kimwig
SHY | DAHMOby taehyun
"After all these years, you still look extremely cute when you're shy" A story in which Kim Dahyun falls in love with her brother's girlfriend and old classmat...
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Michaeng 미챙 - Mafia Boss by Aigoo_Once
Michaeng 미챙 - Mafia Bossby JokerV
Characters: Myoi Mina - is the daughter of BlackSwan Mafia Clan in Japan Son Chaeyoung- is the daughter of Tiger Mafia Clan in Korea Minatozaki Sana- Schoolmate of MiCha...
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One PUNCH [ Knock Out ]  by Dubungie
One PUNCH [ Knock Out ] by れえ
A sequel. -- This is a second book, so if ya haven't seen the first one, then you won't understand anything ? I say, check the first (cringy) book.... Dahyun×Fem!Reader ...
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TWICE Oneshots by atachibana01
TWICE Oneshotsby Ashie Tachibana
TWICE x Reader Oneshots
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One Last Time✔ [TwiceSeries 2] || Completed || by DubuVeda
One Last Time✔ [TwiceSeries 2] || DubuVeda
Kim Dahyun x Hirai Momo A letter and memory stories about the two of them in the past Will she can get over to what's going to happend in the future? Completed✔ ®DubuVed...
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(√)Let My Heart Speaks | MiChaeng by twxgf02
(√)Let My Heart Speaks | MiChaengby what...?
Highest Ranking : #35 in short story Started : July 06 2017 Ended : February 02 2018 10% romance 90% tragedy __________ "What do you mean?" "Err.. i mean...
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seen. || i.ny x reader by KidChae
seen. || i.ny x readerby hiatus dude
" When.. When will you notice me? " A tear escaped my eye. "Y/N.." --- In which Nayeon, is a stalker of her sunbaenim, what will happen after...
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