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Candy Hearts by literaryobsession
Candy Heartsby callmeA
To protect Ga-eul from his life, So Yi-jung decides to let her go. Yi-jung goes back to his former ways in Sweden and gives up to the fact that his grandfather wanted fo...
OBLIVION ;kim bum fanfic by insyirahnrl
OBLIVION ;kim bum fanficby insyirahnrl
[ONGOING] "awak ni menempah maut ke?!". "saya tidak sedar". >>oblivion//the state of being unaware of what is happening around<< By ; Nur...
Fate Rings // 2min ff by Mru_sk
Fate Rings // 2min ffby Mru_sk
"Are you kidding me? Do you really think him and I will end up together just because of those rings". - MH Or will they?? Taemin bu...
Falling ||Tale of the Nine Tailed ||  by allyisart
Falling ||Tale of the Nine Ally
Lee Rang. A nine tailed fox, popularly known as the Gumiho, is half human but far away from it. His life has been miles from light. Abandoned by the people his heart onc...
Revenge Ni Mr. Nerd by Secretjuan
Revenge Ni Mr. Nerdby befoggingstories
From an ugly nerd to a handsome prince. And now he will do everything and anything to hurt her feelings. Will he stop his revenge?
선배-님 ( Sunbaenim ) by SpeakerOfLove
선배-님 ( Sunbaenim )by SpeakerOfLove
Fanfic story about Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. It's just for fun. Again it's a Fanfic.
Just Like A Roller Coaster [ON GOING] by Redemoiselle
Just Like A Roller Coaster [ON Redemoiselle
Here's a ticket on a rollercoaster ride in love. Enjoy! PS. If you want a little appetizer, read my one-shot story Because of Every Why's. ❤
Scarlett Marble by demigodextraordinare
Scarlett Marbleby Slytherin_Army
The existence of supernatural creatures have been denied for centuries. They are only myths, they say but Chae-yeon knew better. Her parents couldn't have just disappear...
This Love Is Our Destiny by IVORAC_MAGE
This Love Is Our Destinyby IVORAC 91-1
Ini bukan hanya sebuah kesetian, tapi ini masalah takdir. Takdir dalam cinta kita, jika kau memang untukku. -Kim Bum Aku tahu jika kau memang takdirku, terbuktikan dari...
Lowkey (SeoWon AU) by ifangirlalways
Lowkey (SeoWon AU)by Olivia Dajana
Kim Ji Won has always dreamt of being a star, she knows she is going to make it big someday. She started auditioning for tv commercials and tried getting small roles in...
Dear Hurt [BumSso✔] by xixiyaya
Dear Hurt [BumSso✔]by Yayaaa
Jika pada akhirnya hatimu tetap beku untukku, mengapa kau beri aku harapan seolah-olah hatimu bisa luluh karena ku ? - Kim So Eun Fanfiction BumSso Alur ceritanya susah...
집착 Jibchag by DamoreSaranghae
집착 Jibchagby D'amore
Bumsso . . . Selamat menikmati cerita baru ~ ⛔ Dilarang mencopy cerita
Perfection by wakenup
Perfectionby wakenup
"Và chẳng ai có thể biết, rằng anh đang muốn kéo cô vào lòng và hít thật sâu mùi hương của cô vào trong lồng ngực tới mức nào, kể cả anh. Cũng như việc nhiều năm tr...
The Girl Who Never Acts Like One by elmspell10337
The Girl Who Never Acts Like Oneby Elmspell10337
Rhainne Vergara is a girl who never acts like one. She doesn't wear dresses and always tends to act boyishly. She even have a boy's voice (but that obviously still didn'...
Roommate [complete] by Airyn_Choi
Roommate [complete]by Khairini
Ayah Kim So Eun di tugaskan ke Amerika. Karena So Eun tidak mau pindah dan bersosialisasi dengan orang asing, maka ayahnya menitipkan So Eun di rumah kost milik temannya...
Soulmates by tutieubang
Soulmatesby Từ Tiểu Băng
Đây là một câu chuyện dài của So Yi Jeong và Chu Gaeul. Câu chuyện dài này bao gồm rất nhiều mẫu chuyện ngẫu nhiên trong cuộc sống của họ. Hãy giả sử rằng So Yi Jeong ở...
The Secret Fangirl // Shinee ff by Mru_sk
The Secret Fangirl // Shinee ffby Mru_sk
What if you can stay with your fav boy band 24/7, just like a dream right? But with just one condition... that you cannot not disclose yourself as their fan This is gonn...
Forbidden Love by okabroccolio
Forbidden Loveby okabroccolio
Yi Jung is a very cold-hearted man. He is the heir to the Shinhwa Group, but doesn't want to be. For this reason, he shuts people out and takes his anger out on them, ev...
Taeyang Group adalah konglomerat terbesar di Korea Selatan. Keluarga Kim yang menjalankan Taeyang Group telah lama diduga mendapatkan kutukan yang telah berlangsung sela...
Maybe shes the one by Jiistories
Maybe shes the oneby Jiistories
Nobody Can Take Away Your Pain , So Don't Let Anyone Take Away Your Happiness