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gate when the helgast fight there by bloodedge_alter_god
gate when the helgast fight thereby 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖆𝖟𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉�...
after the failed invasion of the isa to Helghan and victory of the helghast as they recorver they trough no one would mess with then.....but then fate change an series o...
Aldnoah.ZERO: The road to truth  by RadityaFajriRamadhan
Aldnoah.ZERO: The road to truth by Raditya Fajri Ramadhan
Crossover between Aldnoah.ZERO × Killzone What happens when the Helghasts escape from their universe and go to another universe with an alternate history to escape their...
Jaune Radec  by Darkdecade97
Jaune Radec by Ross Pabalate
After Jaune's transcripts were revealed by Weiss. He was beaten, bullied everyday. The only people that stuck by him were his team, the staff, CFVY, surprisingly CRDL an...
The maze runner x reader {ON HOLD} by hobgoblinne
The maze runner x reader {ON HOLD}by 𝕲
*You probably just stumbled over this but please give it a try* You wake up in the box with no memories, settling in isn't going to be easy especially when you and Teres...
Start // Will Poulter by h-pper
Start // Will Poulterby Brooke
They met the wrong way. Completed Will Pointer x OC
Cross Isekai! : A Beginning Of A Isekai Adventure by Miyazaki_Octo
Cross Isekai! : A Beginning Of A Hikigaya
A fanfiction story about a group of teenagers stuck in different world and dimension. There purpose are to regroup and return to their world. However, their quest to...
Long Live Helghan by JamesHall196
Long Live Helghanby James Hall
A teen who's forced into the helghan army becomes a capture trooper and put on the front lines. Through the chaos the war wages on as he questions his loyalty to his nat...
jaune arc: Intersolar Strategic Coalition(Cancel) by Commander_Darkwraith
jaune arc: Intersolar Strategic Commander_Darkwraith
cardin reveal to everyone about jaune transcript and everyone hate him but his friends still support him but jaune was expelled from beacon. He teleport into a new world...
Banished (The Maze Runner) {ON HOLD} by hobgoblinne
Banished (The Maze Runner) {ON 𝕲
Lira is banished into the world of the Grievers for a murder she didn't commit. Enraged and betrayed, she isn't done with the Gladers yet, even the Grievers won't stop h...
the rise of helgen volume 2 by odinhill
the rise of helgen volume 2by odinhill
everything is not mine except for the story
Confederation's Tales: Summoning to a New World by Singapore_Boy
Confederation's Tales: Summoning Singapore_Boy
The United Confederation of Nations is a united human state, with a totalitarian and dictatorial regime and government. Built on hatred and dislike for everything alien...
Gamer vs furries: Never back down by 221September
Gamer vs furries: Never back downby bucketman
Nations.... are dead No one prediction this.... war... war never change... we leaved in the world when the gamers gets 50% PlayStation Republican when anime weebs decide...
Attracting ( Actors One Shots!) Renamed! by 1313LoveGirl1313
Attracting ( Actors One Shots!) Angel
This Is now a one shot book for the actors I will have listed in the first chapter! You may request a one shot of any of them, you can also request that I add to the lis...
The Memories Left Behind by DragonConquerer5000
The Memories Left Behindby Ralphael Luke Orion
This story is about a planet called Byzaa and it's people. The humans origin from Byzaa but soon came to Earth because of an invasion happening in Byzaa. The Helghast (K...
Why I Hate Arzaylea  by ---ILoveMyLukey16---
Why I Hate Arzaylea by I ❤ Jacob Sartorius
Well, in this book I'm going to tell you why I hate whatever the fuck her name is..... oh right Arzaylea the bitch
KILLZone  by deathwish908
KILLZone by KillZone
This is a small story of how two ordinary girls go on an extraordinary adventure. I own some characters such as KILLZone (Leanna Ava Mason) and Repress (Zelena Mason). I...
PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 4 by PiiXieDustMagazine
PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 4by PiiXIE Dust Magazine
Happy Halloween!!! In this issue and only in this issue is all Halloween themed articles, we cover everything from witches, to spooky trends, and much more. Are you one...