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Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back (Party Poison X Reader) by smartlettuce
Save Yourself I'll Hold Them smartlettuce
Adrenaline Revolution, also (Y/N). That's my name. This is my story, a story of love, hate, and killing dracs. So if you're bored or just want to hear a story abou...
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tales from (i)reality ・ frerard by killyourselff
tales from (i)reality ・ frerardby Kathy.
- All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. - Gerard Way tuvo un sueño. Y la noche siguiente tuvo el mismo sueño. Y la noche siguiente comenzó a descub...
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The Mafia Leader's Property by GravityGrenade
The Mafia Leader's Propertyby Ella
When Y/N's dad, John L/N, is kidnapped and taken away by the mafia group known as the killjoys, he ends up selling his daughter to save himself from his debt. #1 in Gera...
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Danger Days : Vampire Money [MCR//Kobra Kid] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days : Vampire Money [ dead
[Danger Days Series #2] "I'm a bounty hunter.I don't do favors, I make deals." I said sternly. I simply enumerated my points and how I take my code very seriou...
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DO IT NOW AND DO IT LOUD - Danger Days applyfic by acemarrow
Things are not going well in the desert. The Fab Four are dead, Better Living is on to them, and no one knows what to do next. The Killjoys are at a loss, more than usua...
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I am NOT a Killjoy (MCR Danger Days fanfic) [COMPLETE] by _garden_hoe_
I am NOT a Killjoy (MCR Danger c o u r t n e y
*This is the first installment of my MCR Danger Days series* "That girl's dead. She died a long time ago." Voltage is not a Killjoy, but she wasn't a supporte...
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Hey Youngblood, Keep Running by empty_bones
Hey Youngblood, Keep Runningby RESTINPEACE
So, Danger Days and The YBC happened in the same universe.....
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Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine [MCR//Fun Ghoul] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine [ dead
[Danger Days Series #1] Ace Hunter isn't your normal Killjoy. She's short tempered, violent and has rage issues. She has a deep grudge at Korse. The head of Better Livi...
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Danger Days : Goodnite, Enemy [MCR//Jet Star] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days : Goodnite, Enemy [ dead
[Danger Days Series #3] Ray and Toni had gone way back in medical school, before Korse's reign. Unfortunately, Ray had decided to start the resistance and ran away with...
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Keep Smiling | Frerard Killjoy AU by stoplightglow
Keep Smiling | Frerard Killjoy AUby kelso
Party Poison's task is simple: find Frank Iero and lead him out of Battery City. Under a government that's always watching, that's much easier said than done. It's a ri...
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The only hope for me is you✔️ by MinamoePicachu
The only hope for me is you✔️by The Witcher
Chaotic Venom has always been a lone killjoy facing the cruel world on her own until she ran into the leader of the fabulous four (Party Poison x Killjoy Reader)
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Look Alive Sunshine -MCR killjoy fanfic by xxblackxnebulaxx
Look Alive Sunshine -MCR killjoy -KILLJOY-
Book 1 of the Killjoy Series An infamous yet spunky pair of twins, set out for the imbiguous adventure of their lives. They join the Killjoy rebellion, fighting against...
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zero percent by AndryaWest
zero percentby Andrya
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Foolish Heart //Danger Days// by hometownromance
Foolish Heart //Danger Days//by Tuva
(Book #1 of the Danger Trilogy) ::COMPLETED:: "Racing shadows in the moonlight, through the desert on a hot night, and for a second there we'd won, yeah, we w...
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Identity [Gerard Way] *Completed* by IndigoBang
Identity [Gerard Way] *Completed*by divinity
"You're exactly the same as me, Lynx. You look down on yourself, just like I do." Gerard's voice raises, but it's not meant to be threatening. "And I don'...
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Detonation (Party Poison x reader) by d3dacc0unt12345
Detonation (Party Poison x reader)by d3dacc0unt12345
Everyone left... Since Better Living industries has taken over Battery City, I am the only one left. I'm running out of supplies, maybe the suffering will finally end...
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I hate you (right?) {party poison x reader} by pretty_in_punkk
I hate you (right?) {party Party dad
You're a lone killjoy, just trying to live your life. You meet up with the Fab Four and you and Party Poison immediately clash. You don't get along. You hate him with yo...
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They Ruined our Lives // Party Poison & MCR Killjoy fanfic by jem1ma_
They Ruined our Lives // Party ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mass Illusion, Cruel Babe. Two of the most fierce female Killjoys around. After escaping an orphanage in Battery City, they ended up saving a member of the Fabulous Four...
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The Lone Killjoy (Party Poison/Gerard Way fanfic) by Headfirst_for_Helena
The Lone Killjoy (Party Poison/ Harriet
Meet Spark killer. A killjoy who walks alone. She refuses to get close to anyone or anything, knowing that getting attached to anyone will just hurt her. She learned tha...
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Kids From Yesterday  -MCR killjoy fanfic by xxblackxnebulaxx
Kids From Yesterday -MCR -KILLJOY-
Book 3 of the Killjoy Series Within the lives of the rebellious yet strong willed Killjoy's, they continue their fight for one another, in hopes to return to their somew...
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