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Sangwoo x Yoonbum: If Things Were Different by LadyTodoroki17
Sangwoo x Yoonbum: If Things LadyTodoroki17
A less messed up version of the story of Sangwoo and Yoonbum. Their backstories are mostly the same, with a few exceptions. It is unclear in the manhwa whether or not Sa...
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sangwoo x male reader by killing_bb
sangwoo x male readerby Xspad.e
ok so in this, ima have yoon bum realize he doesnt love sangwoo just so our reader can have sangwoo and not have to share (i dont own any of the characters or killing st...
I wish I never found you~ Sangwoo X Reader killing stalking story  by WebheadArii
I wish I never found you~ SUAZO
Your bestfriend Yoonbum is missing, you go out your way to go find him. Good news, you found him, but... - TW: Rape/Abuse - Bruh so I accidentally made y/n love Yoonbum...
Yoonbum x Sangwoo  by person2o2
Yoonbum x Sangwoo by person2o2
sangwoo comes home to find yoonbum trying to escape as yoonbum begs for mercy sangwoo says not to kill him but a instresting form of punishment
S I M U L A R I T I E S (Sangwoo X Reader) by Yourfavouritelunatic
S I M U L A R I T I E S (Sangwoo haru
Sangwoo is a cold hearted killer, we all know that. but what happens when he comes face to face with one of his own kind?
Killer~ Sangwoo x reader by ImSuperUglyDude
Killer~ Sangwoo x readerby Oya.Oya.Oya
You were having a normal day at home when you get kidnapped. When you wake up you feel your hands tied to something. You open your eyes and see sangwoo there. How are yo...
broken souls (sangwoo x reader) by storymaker154
broken souls (sangwoo x reader)by error602
you were born broken but of course, you acted normal. a dark-minded girl with a fake heart. you were special to sangwoo for some reason, but he protected you and cared f...
Forgive Me by rosesinjars
Forgive Meby Ari
Yoonbum x Sangwoo from killing stalking. This was gonna be smut but it turned out nice.
parenting Sangwoo x child reader by izu__Bunny
parenting Sangwoo x child readerby Dream’s mushroom
NOT PEDO One of sangwoo's victims shows a photo of there sister. For some strange reason he felt attracted to the child. He asked questions and got the information he ne...
A Piece Of My Mind [Killing Stalking x Male Reader] by heartnipnops
A Piece Of My Mind [Killing Alexander
//art by me, the plot by me and TakeAMurderer and the characters belong to the lovely maker of Killing Stalking I took this book over after a friend of mine @TakeAMurder...
ill-fated || Killing Stalking Fanfic [On-hold] by himithehomo
ill-fated || Killing Stalking himi
whats worse then stubbing your toe against furniture or stepping on a lego? ah yes, getting reincarnated into the popular psychological thriller, Killing Stalking. ...
Killing Stalking X Reader! MALE! Shy! BXB! by Saixhuu
Killing Stalking X Reader! MALE! Saii
This is a story about Killing stalking, if ya don't know then idk what to tell you cuz if you read it you'll be mortified as a normal hooman, but if you do then i pray f...
Escape [Yoonbum X reader ] by Hideki2001
Escape [Yoonbum X reader ]by Hidekane
[mature] [lemon] [strong language] [gore] There's not a lot of Yoonbum X readers out there and I just adore him so why not write one of my own?? (Y/n) is a shy girl wh...
Oh Akito by KyDraco07
Oh Akitoby Kylee Neslen
Oh Sangwoo and Yoon Bum's child. his point of view. In this story Sangwoo doesn't die. Dad and Daddy are play fighting but won't play with me. I wish that dad wouldn't...
Stay With Me Forever  by Darkiplier_Fischbach
Stay With Me Forever by Miles
Killing Stalking fanfiction.
Mr. "Nice Guy" (Sangwoo x Reader) by HopeBagels_
Mr. "Nice Guy" (Sangwoo x Reader)by Melon
Sangwoo x Fem Reader: Y/n was a regular girl, she wasn't particularly smart or popular, but that didn't stop Sangwoo from desiring her. Sangwoo and y/n were both in the...
is it really love? by erenyeagershotsexygf
is it really love?by kaylee
"bum..bum wake up. we need to go. you open your eyes to see a tall man standing above your hospital bed. your heart instantly dropped. so many emotions flooded in...
Sangbum (one shots) by HanakosToiilet
Sangbum (one shots)by Maddy
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! :) OH SANGWOO X YOON BUM Thank you to my friend @wonbiss for editing the cover for me! <3 1# SangwooxYoonbum
Killing stalking smut! Yoonbumxsangwoo by daddywantschicken
Killing stalking smut! Kris
I just finished killing stalking and I JUST HAD TO write smut for sangwoo and yoonbum!! But I'm not gonna fully follow the original plot...! I don't want to make their r...