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The Jewel of the Sea (In the Heart of the Sea Fanfiction) by AmelieHiddlestan
The Jewel of the Sea (In the Amelie
T O M H O L L A N D Elizabeth Pollard, daughter of Captain George Pollard, is an unusually talented girl who lives for adventure and excitement. After being asked to j...
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A Whale of a Land Lover by luvmeeh
A Whale of a Land Loverby luvmeeh
Let me first say before I get further that I LOVE Taco Bell. I have an illness with this obsession for Taco Bell, especially their grande burritos...*drool*... If I coul...
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Jesse's Bestfriend (Free Willy) by AlexisPlotkin
Jesse's Bestfriend (Free Willy)by Alexis Plotkin
Jesse and I have always been closely bonded in our friendship. We have always looked out for one another, join us as we manage to somehow befriend an orca and save his l...
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The Great Killer Whale War by jimthewhale
The Great Killer Whale Warby Jimthewhale
The year is 4027, and the Killer Whales are at war. They have taken over the ocean, and the human race is thought to be extinct. Three million Orcas are dead. The battle...
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The 3 AM CHainmail😈 by ayannazaileya
The 3 AM CHainmail😈by ayazaileya
Welcome to my new story ARE YOU READY? Madalas ka bang nakaka tanggap ng chainmail sa text or sa email mo? Karamihan sa mga tao ay ang hindi naniniwala. Sinasabing ito a...
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The Orca Chronicles: By Adventuregirl5 by AdventureGirl5
The Orca Chronicles: By AdventureGirl5
These are just some of the many stories of captive orcas through their point of view. Based on true events of captive killer whales (although not everything in here is t...
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Blackfish: The Guidebook by MoyaWalsh
Blackfish: The Guidebookby Moya Walsh
This is a helpful guide to the terms used in Blackfish. From the meanings of the characters' names to the Orca types and meanings of the whistle signals and trainer gest...
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A different kind of Love by xXOrkidXx
A different kind of Loveby xXOrkidXx
Kayla wasn't your average teenager, she wasn't like the others. She loved Killer whales. She dreamed of standing in the front of a crowd, she dreamed of inspiring millio...
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Orca Harbor by KeikosFreckles
Orca Harborby Natty
Everything started when Luana was 9 years old. A strange event happened that changed her life forever. She got a new family, going through daring quests, making new disc...
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Language Of The Dolphins {ΟN HOLD} by MyrtoMerenda
Language Of The Dolphins {ΟN HOLD}by Myrto An.
~Why did you choose me for the job? ~ Because you are different. You are willing to wake up at 4am. to clean 200kg of fish and be under the sun or the rain for the whol...
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Band quotes by cookielikebookie
Band quotesby Kyle •~•
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The Secret Life of Orcas by SailorRose19
The Secret Life of Orcasby Miss Rosey Rose
Many people have visited marine parks/facilities like SeaWorld in Florida, California and Texas and Loro Parque in Spain but let's take a dive into the lives of the resi...
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Operation: Save Mushi by ocean_arties
Operation: Save Mushiby ocean_arties
Mushi is a captive killer whale but wants to know his past but his mother is protective and doesn't want to say. This story is based on a true story...
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Seaworld (of hurt) by Dragonluver1
Seaworld (of hurt)by Nevaeh Sky Turvold
Sibling orcas Makoa and Padu live in a pod of ten but ten soon becomes five as they are captured and sent to Seaworld 'Hell For Marine Mammals' will the spunky twins mak...
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Orca's Ocean by LifeOfSecrets
Orca's Oceanby LifeOfSecrets
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My F'ing Day! by Annastasia_C
My F'ing Day!by Annastasia_C
All Right's reserved, Who the hell need's them? bad day gone to the paper...
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Freeing Keet by Staywithmenow
Freeing Keetby Staywithmenow
When Zoey finds a killer whale in the cove by her house she is determined to help it out. When tragedy strikes will Zoey be able to keep up helping out her new found fri...
whales and fat girls by PollyConnor
whales and fat girlsby Polly Connor
Just another regular bodyswap comedy. Except it's a teenage girl bodyswapping with a killer whale. Image -
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How to talk to the wind by DeformedStrange
How to talk to the windby DeformedStrange
Vampires, shape shifters, mermaids, far, dragons, nymphs, telepathy, magic, all stuff of fantasy right? Well actually yes, there all glamorized and stereotyped, but thes...
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The blackfish  by efielding32
The blackfish by Elizabeth Ruth fielding
The life of an orca named tilikum