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The Gangsters Are InLove by MsMysteriousSerious
The Gangsters Are InLoveby bird🐦
This is about a Gangster that have been in love back then and have been in love again. She changed because of him. He bring out the best in him because of her. Someone f...
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I'm a strong person. But every now and then I would like someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright -queen Started,December 3,2019
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THE FOUR BAD BOYS AND ME by PenelopeSuzaineRoseS
Ang storya po na ito ay tungkol sa isang babae na magugulo ang buhay ng biglang dumating ang hindi lang isa kundi apat na lalaki sa buhay nya o mas kilala bilang TBB (TH...
Sunsets and Heartbreak by Musheco
Sunsets and Heartbreakby xxx
Victoria Blayr Alcantara doesn't want to come back home. Kontento na siya sa buhay niya abroad. She's now a famous international model. She is a busy person and she does...
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Lustful Desire by aljeanjuanillo
Lustful Desireby cHikliTerAnG MeSHErep
Starina had everything...And the only one who lacks her everything is being pleasured.... As she was 16 she had already several boyfriends, but she was never moved...Unt...
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His Child (EDITING) by AngelEnrile7
His Child (EDITING)by Angel Enrile
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Mr gangster fall in love to a mafia princess by HEARTZ568
Mr gangster fall in love to a HEARTZ568
Paano nalang kong ang gangster ay ma inlove sa isang mafia princess hindi lang mafia pinaka mayaman pa sa buong mundo malakas maganda mabait mapagmahal sabihin nalang na...
His Secret Wife (Married To A Possessive Popular Idol) by ryrykim95
His Secret Wife (Married To A Ryzza Kim
HIS secret wife. Samantha Jane Vilenio-Smith. Which is married to Jake Zyper Smith. Kung saan patago at set-up ang marriage nila. Hanggang saan at kailan ba maitatago a...
One Last Time (My Everything Series) (BoyxBoy) by Moon___Star
One Last Time (My Everything GothicBeam
Naranasan niyo na bang sumakay sa Ferris wheel? 'Diba kapag sumakay ka dito ay medyo walang sigla ka pa dahil nasa ibaba ka pa lang? Ngunit kapag nagsimula na ang pag-an...
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Love At First Sight(Park Jimin FF) by ChimmyHamgom
Love At First Sight(Park Jimin FF)by 유기현
(Park Jimin's Tagalog Fanfiction) New student new crush? Love at first sight ba? O talagang gwapo lang? Magiging sila ba? O friends lang?
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She's the One and Only by pauLYN_hEcoMO
She's the One and Onlyby AkosiPau
i hate her but soon i think im falling for her,and I know shes my one and only. here's the story how we met. -Syd Gavin Alber...
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I Fall InLove With My BestFriend by GoddessOfDarknesss
I Fall InLove With My BestFriendby GoddessOfDarknesss
Pano nalang kong my bestfriend ka na ubod ng pasaway. Mahilig mambababe, uminom, basag ulo,at napaka kulit nito. Ano nalang gagawin mo kong sa bawat pakikipag away nya a...
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She's My Dubu Jagiya♡(Dahmin) by kpop_dahmin
She's My Dubu Jagiya♡(Dahmin)by dahmin spit♡
*Finished* Ditching your wedding? Dahyun knows how to. Disguising yourself to hide from your uncle? Dahyun also knows how to. Stopping yourself from falling in love wit...
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MY BOSS SON by user55551601
Hindi ikaw ang daddy na baby ko!
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Babae na coma magging isang robot???paano???bakit???at parasaan isang lalake ang mabibighani sa kagandahan at angking talino ng babae pero ang hindi niya isa lang pala t...
Countryhumans~X~Reader-ØneShots by Rin_Yinze7w7
Countryhumans~X~Reader-ØneShotsby BitcHiLooKFabUloUs
Cover Photo Aint Mine- Credits to the rightful owner of the pictures i might use in this story Warning!! Slow Updates Maybe Lemon? (~°^°)~
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Chasing Love(inComplete) by yesha_pedelino
Chasing Love(inComplete)by Yetheres♡
WHY DO YOU CHASE LOVE IF LOVE CHASE YOU BoOom Chasing Love by.Yesha_Pedelino why chasing love is the name of the story basically the story of a girl who thought love...
Unexpected Souls by MsKimButterfly
Unexpected Soulsby Denise Althea Jungco
It is all about finding your love and can Sam find her soulmate?but when? how? and where? she's going to find it? and the story all begins here. note: this is a true st...
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My Sweetest Revenge [Completed] by zelawesome_09
My Sweetest Revenge [Completed]by Heyzel Delos Reyes Cadauan
MY SWEETEST REVENGE by zelawesome_09 Revenge and Sweetness contradicts each other. But, if you put them together on fixing a broken relationship...nah, too much spoiling...
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Hi Sir, Send Nudes by Extra_Rice1999
Hi Sir, Send Nudesby Marialicious
Hi Sir, Send nudes Description: Think twice before you click. But for a girl name Curdapya Sofia Bahogdagway she been thinking this crazy thing for so many times. At fir...
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