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Bring On The Wonder[Thorin Oakenshield] by CharlotteJackson92
Bring On The Wonder[Thorin Charlotte Oakenshield
She was a mysterious one to him when she showed up at the hobbits home. She had the beauty beyond any elf, or human and was only the height of dwarf. Forced to hide her...
Peredhel || Legolas by stillobsessed000
Peredhel || Legolasby 💫Dan💫
Peredhel means "Half-Elf" in Sindarin. People all throughout Middle-earth had heard the legend of the Half-Elf, but few believed it was actually true. Bilbo Ba...
The Desolation of Smaug by Omni-master
The Desolation of Smaugby The Princess of Wolves
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire indeed! Anwe and the Dwarves return in The Unexpected Journey to return to the Lonely Mountain but they met very hard obstacles a...
Lord Of The Rings Imagines by -ostranenie
Lord Of The Rings Imaginesby elizabeth⋆
IMAGINES FROM YOUR FAVORITE LOTR/TH CHARACTERS INCLUDING: >Kili >Fili >Legolas >Thorin >Aragon and MANY MANY MORE!! ||If you want me to put YOUR LOTR imag...
Wonderful Worlds ( The Hobbot, Kili x OC) by Jedi_dwarf_fangirl
Wonderful Worlds ( The Hobbot, Jedi_Dwarf_Fangirl
A young girl wakes up in a strange world. A world with hobbits, dwarvs, wizards, elfs , and so much more. Knowing why but not how she got there she goes on an amazing jo...
An Unexpected Friend (Thorin Oakenshield/ The Hobbit) by Tea_Flower
An Unexpected Friend (Thorin Tea_Flower
Albany is the 13 year old daughter of Thranduil and a sister of Legolas. She had an amazing life in Rivendell until the wizard, Gandalf, invites Thranduil to the Hobbit'...
Why Kíli son of Durin? by ParisxKili
Why Kíli son of Durin?by ParisxKili
Kíli son of Durin meet an she-elf, he fell in love with her directly. Paris the she-elf had traveled across Middle-Earth all the way to Erebor. Where does she end up and...
Emeralds and Arrows (A hobbit Fanfiction)EDITING by Firedrake23
Emeralds and Arrows (A hobbit Firedrake23
Follow Aria Alatáriel as she joins Thorin's company in order to reclaim their long lost home Erebor. During their journey they encounter many dangers, but the greatest d...
I Would Die For You (Kili and Fili Fanfic) by Stilescott24
I Would Die For You (Kili and Kili_Durin
After a certain tragedy on the battlefield, a mysterious young elf appears out of nowhere and says she can help... But after she does so they find out something way more...