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The Selection by Kdragin
The Selectionby Kdragin
Georgia Summons is a 17 year old girl who is trying to support her family with money, even if that means entering Prince Cole's selection. She has her eye on a cute boy...
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway! by LoveLover
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway!by Kelsie
Heaven is a 16 year old teenage girl. She runs away from home because of her parents who treat her like she is nothing. But when she runs away, she gets kidnapped. There...
The Crown--Keadlyn Ending by PhoebeLRogers
The Crown--Keadlyn Endingby Phoebe Rogers
"Eadlyn, you want a distraction right now?" Kile always knew what I wanted before I seemed to know it. I nodded my head and while my head was sti...
Keadlyn (after The Heir): completed by Anonellie
Keadlyn (after The Heir): completedby Anonymous_elle
After The Heir's devastating end
Eadlyn's Selection by yessaloo
Eadlyn's Selectionby Alexa Renee
This is how Kile and Eadlyn get together, or do they? In this book you will see who eadlyn learns to love during her Selection. Will she love Kile or Henri. Or will she...
The Heir by Kdragin
The Heirby Kdragin
Princess Eadlyn has to choose her husband. Queen America had a heart attack. Ahren left. What will Eadlyn do now? Will she fall for the boy she has known forever? The bo...
Selection high by Anonellie
Selection highby Anonymous_elle
When you're the new girl at a school with famous parents, it's hard to be sure if your friends are true. And even harder to know if love is.
The Crown: Alternate Ending by Theresamm
The Crown: Alternate Endingby Theresamm
The overall reception of fifth and final book in the selection series has been less than satisfactory. Many would say this is due to it feeling rushed and I dare say the...
Eadlyn and Kile ... an Au fan fiction  by dancergurl2008
Eadlyn and Kile ... an Au fan Dancergurl08
In this version Madrid is a selected unknown to the royal family and I'm blending Eikko and Henry into one character. Also Eadlyn was always going to have a selection a...
All Our Lives: A Keadlyn (Kile and Eadlyn) Fanfic by TMI_HP_kyndall
All Our Lives: A Keadlyn (Kile Kyndall Boxell
Kile has loved Eadlyn as long as he can remember. But there are a few problems that come with being in love with a princess. The first of which being that she has desp...
Kile and Eadlyn by delilahthellama
Kile and Eadlynby delilahthellama
All rights go to Kiera Cass This is a sequel to my other fan fiction, Eadlyn's Selection. Please read that and the Heir before you read this. This is a Kile and Eadlyn...
After the heir  by megan122199
After the heir by megan
MAJOR HEIR SPOILERS AHEAD PLEASE READ THE HEIR BEFORE READING: Queen America has just fallen into a coma after hearing of her son's abrupt departure. Eadlyn is stuck be...
The Crown    Kile&Eadlyn by LivvyLolLife
The Crown Kile&Eadlynby Livvy.Lol
What would The Crown have been like if Kile and Eadlyn loved each other? If they were lovers since the beginning? if Kile was the one she wanted to marry? This is what i...
Eadlyn Selects by megamoo72
Eadlyn Selectsby Megan Gregor
It's all her fault. She was supposed to distract the country with the first ever Princess led Selection. Things could not have gone worse. She looked like an ice queen...
Eadlyn's Selection by delilahthellama
Eadlyn's Selectionby delilahthellama
All rights go to Kiera Cass © Also, please read the Heir before you read this. Eadlyn is determined to finish the selection with a ring on her finger. For her. For her m...
~Just Twelve~ by cry-grow-live-love
~Just Twelve~by cry-grow-live-love
Well this is a story of a young love... Never forgotten never will be...
My Dear Alexis by Mena_WuzHere
My Dear Alexisby Mena_WuzHere
Since birth Alexis Madeline has never acted her age, can't blame a child for having very wealthy parents who can barely make it to their only child's birthday party. Wit...
The Heir (Fanfiction) by FandomsAndFeelings
The Heir (Fanfiction)by EJ
I plan on starting this off where The Heir left off. Hope you guys like it!