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KND x Reader Operation: T.E.E.N.A.G.E.R  L.O.V.E by SmileYouLoser
KND x Reader Operation: SmileYouLoser
Hello! When I was a small child, I was huge into KND! I had the biggest crush on Nigel Uno when I was kid, and I thought maybe doing a teenage love thru this book(Don't...
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teen titans x child male reader  by ryuki0923
teen titans x child male reader by ryuki0923
abomination by your parnets you were alone on the streets with no way that's is until a certain former sidekick found you takes place after the the events of the final e...
  • teentitans
  • adventure
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Abigail lincoln x male reader  by ryuki0923
Abigail lincoln x male reader by ryuki0923
And before you ask yes you're the same age as her and I mit do a lemon chapter likes there's not enough number 5 lemon storys there's a story that a young...
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Operation: B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D. || Chad Dickson (Numbuh 274) by xsaranghanseoul
Operation: B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D. || Pyoh Ire
B est O peratives Y earn F or R elationship I n E ach other's N ever ending D emand *** CREDITS to the owner of Codename: Kids Next Door franchise(series, characters, pl...
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Codename Kids Next Door RP book  by KNDfatherVillian2019
Codename Kids Next Door RP book by BenedictUno
In the title
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Codename: T.E.E.N.A.G.E Desire (knd x reader) slow updates by _Smile_of_Death_
Codename: T.E.E.N.A.G.E Desire ( →Weirdo←
welcome to another kids next door x reader but this time the kids will be turning to teens and you just got into a new high school as a freshman. You'll see what will ha...
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Codename: Knd Oneshots by LuckyNumbuh7
Codename: Knd Oneshotsby Lucky Numbuh 7
I don't own the kids next door or any of the characters. The characters and the show all belong to Mr.Warburton This is a oneshot book for only KND. I take requests...
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Just Another Cruddy Love Story.~ (a Wally x Kuki Fanfiction. <3) by JadaManiscalco
Just Another Cruddy Love Story.~ ( Jada Maniscalco
Wally and Kuki have had secret crushes on eachother for a while, now. As an accidental Treehouse lockdown leaves the two operatives alone, will Numbuh 4 finally reveal h...
  • knd
  • sectorv
  • numbuh3
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Cartoon Network: The Subspace Emissary  by SonicKev101
Cartoon Network: The Subspace SonicKev101
The World of Cartoons, a place where all kinds of beings of different backgrounds and different faces live and thrive. Just when the annual fighting tournament comes to...
  • ben10
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  • johnnytest
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Kids Next Door x reader by _Death_Smile_
Kids Next Door x readerby _Death_Smile_
so this is an old but awesome cartoon that I will make a x reader of if since I loved it when I was a kid. Anyway there's gonna be changes around here I'm not gonna put...
  • adventure
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  • knd
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Kids Next Door Code Module: SECTOR V by Numbuh32
Kids Next Door Code Module: Numbuh 32
COMPLETE A story about the transition of sector V from Numbuhs 8a,8b,9&11 to the team we know and love. A five-part story Op BRIDGE (I know its taken) Op DELIGHT (the...
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When Good Girl Go Bad (Kids Next Door x Reader) by _Smile_of_Death_
When Good Girl Go Bad (Kids Next →Weirdo←
yet another Kids Next Door x Reader *sigh* this is my third one anyway this story is about you you're a spy for Father's evil adult doings and your cousins (The delightf...
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  • cartoonnetwork
  • abbylinkon
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Operation Sector V by Numbuh32
Operation Sector Vby Numbuh 32
Some Emotionally Challenging Time Over. Reunites: V-IV-lll-ll-l Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Fiction
  • codename
  • sectorv
  • galactic
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Codename: Kids Next Door.2 by Numbuh32
Codename: Kids Next Door.2by Numbuh 32
Next Generation story to KND (show of Mr Warburton) One-shots and some Continuous Following Numbuhs 1.2 (Ollie), 2.2 (Hoagey III), 3.2 (Ronnie), 4.2 (Connie) and 5.2 (Ge...
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FusionFall 2: War of Worlds by Elven_Lord
FusionFall 2: War of Worldsby Elven_Lord (Asriel Dreemurr)
One day, a mysterious planet appeared in the... Oh wait, no. You should know all that by now. Yeah, deadly green, poisonous aliens taking on the shapes, memories, etc. o...
  • fusionfall
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  • powerpuff
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The youngest family in the KND by SoulSonic
The youngest family in the KNDby Carl Allen
Nigel and Rachel's last mission left them more than a sweet victory, but a family as well. The duo's relationship will be put to the test now that Rachel is nine months...
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Toons In Revolt: A Cartoon Analysis on Poverty, Crime, and Revolution by nicoville20
Toons In Revolt: A Cartoon nicoville20
A Prussian writer, an Austrian driver, and an English philosopher travels to the poverty-stricken kingdom of Toontopia, after years famine, economic downturn, corruption...
  • education
  • naofumi
  • cartoons
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Stop the G:KND by Numbuh32
Stop the G:KNDby Numbuh 32
Attention Kids Next Door Operatives. Go to top secret website "" and enter password "Galactic". Return here for mission files. That...
  • numbuh4
  • stopthegknd
  • numbuh1
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KND: Love in numbers. by Peridot1551
KND: Love in Nerdz
Numbuh 7 is a KND operative. She is recently moved to sector V where she makes some new friends and gets a crush on a certain Australian boy. Does he like her back? She...
  • numbuh2
  • numbuh86
  • wattys2018
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The Graduates by laurennrachael
The Graduatesby laurennrachael
The former members of Sector V, who have remained best friends after decommissioning, are about to graduate high school and set off in different directions. Meanwhile, H...
  • hoagiexabby
  • wallyxkuki
  • wattys2019
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