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Ready, Set, Box! by mimiqk6
Ready, Set, Box!by Mimi
At first glance, Katherine seems like your ordinary high school girl. She gets decent grades, she's never kissed anyone, and she wants more then anything to just blend i...
Fighter |✓ by xCandyyx_
Fighter |✓by C a n d y
❝ "Thanks, cupcake," he smirks. "Don't call me that," I say and pay attention to the teacher, now reading a new chapter. "Don't act like you don...
Togetherness by writerscrafts
Togethernessby author
EDITING [I marched up to him, "Where the hell were you? I thought something happened to you. Did you not care enough to..." My rambling was cut short when a pa...
The Vile. by chakrabortypuja94
The Puja Chakraborty
If black defined darkness he was darker than that. He chose to be like that. Darkness attracted him. He loved the cold unless it was the warmth of blood. He drew his str...
Beast Beauty..  by _heyarcane_
Beast Beauty.. by 🌻
Looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds. It's about Ruhana, who doesn't believe in love due to past trauma, and Arnav, a sweet person who unexpectedly agrees to...
Champions Overdrive by AlexavierArt
Champions Overdriveby AlexavierArt
Anlon Kazaya is a human living in a world of super powered martial artists known as Champions, as he fights to become the best fighter alive he comes across Old and New...
The Tough Road by Artimis110
The Tough Roadby Artimis110
The story of a girl who met Coach David Smith, and that changed her life. Ashley Johnson a 14 year old girl, that got interested in marshal arts by an accident. Will she...
The Newcomer (Girls of The Wild's Fanfic.) by Lunar-demon
The Newcomer (Girls of The Wild' Lunar_demon
"There is no such thing as an easy life. When life hits you, you keep moving forward. The reasons for fighting are limitless. I fought for one thing, and one thing...
Luz Noceda, The Fighter by Jss2141
Luz Noceda, The Fighterby Jss2141
What if Luz was put in a combat sport at a younger age in hopes of making friends by her mother? Owl House AU inspired by Fighting Falls(Gravity Falls AU) I do not own...
Perfect Ruin by claudiaoverhere
Perfect Ruinby ♛ Claudia ♛
Perfect Ruin is now published as a Paperback, and E-book with W by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access the Wattpad Original Edition here Perfect Ruin is t...
Her Fighter by xCandyyx_
Her Fighterby C a n d y
❝I meet his eyes again, the same beautiful eyes I fell in love with. He soflty smiles at me whilst I remain emotionless. Fuck, his smile never changed. It still warms...
Kissing Hayes #1  by linastefanova
Kissing Hayes #1 by Lina Stefanova
Highest Ranking in Romance #12 |Previously known as "Beautiful Disaster"| *** He threw me on the bed and I held my...
pro boxing hero midoria.(MHA Punch out crossover) by AaronHansell
pro boxing hero midoria.(MHA professor fox
when izuku's been told that he's had no quirk and could never become a professional hero like his idol almight he goes to the arcade and comes across a game where he rea...
Baby please | Liskook by Jungkookset
Baby please | Liskookby Jungkookset
"What the hell, your rooting for him?" Jungkook shouts as he grabbs my hand. "Your my fucking wife.." "Oh Im your wife now?"
male reader x lookism by kharoufe
male reader x lookismby Hussein HOTEIT
A big fan of the webtoon lookism is killed by his family out of greed, ROB finds him and grants him a couple of wishes for his good deeds, find out what will happen to h...
To Love & Be Loved [Slow updates] by shakthi
To Love & Be Loved [Slow updates]by shakthi
Have you ever regretted a decision you made in the past? It's been four years and Jay is still not over what happened in the past. He knows that he messed up and as a re...
She's Gonna Fuck You Up by cupidshotmehard
She's Gonna Fuck You Upby cupidshotmehard
where, newtuber y/n l/n gets the attention of the infamous fem Reader x viral hit males (not all characters)
Don't Mess With Her by pajpfhl
Don't Mess With Herby pajpfhl
In Veronica Burke's high school she is the smartest person that ever laid foot their but thats a bad thing to be when your in Westlen High in small town West Virginia. V...
ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ Gin Tonic [Road House] by Little7Seven
ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ Gin Tonic [Road House]by Jess
We spend our whole lives worrying about the future. We plan the future. As if that will protect us from the power of the future....
Serenity by miracle-06
Serenityby Deepali Rajawat
ONC 2021 LONGLIST Serenity Lewinski, who happened to go through something traumatic, faced her fears by learning kickboxing. Not wanting to be seen as a naive girl anymo...