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blueberry pie tastes better with you by dollbrain
blueberry pie tastes better with poison me
lance had told his mom that he was bringing home his boyfriend for christmas break. the only problem was that he did not have a boyfriend, but a fake one with a messy m...
  • boyxboy
  • laith
  • keithkogane
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~Voltron crackhead shorts~ by blueferret222fuckyou
~Voltron crackhead shorts~by gwenisawesome
These are just crackhead ships. I think they are really funny, so I wrote these. Have fun reading them.
  • lol
  • plance
  • sheith
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All We Could Have Been by madisueb
All We Could Have Beenby ✨Madi✨
"What are you talking about?!" "I... I was in love with you! And you didn't love me back! And it's like I'm ready to move on, but your doing to build me...
  • curtis
  • shiroxcurtis
  • klance
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Mushroom Kingdom Anew - Book 1 by spasmaticalter
Mushroom Kingdom Anew - Book 1by Spasmatic Alter
When Xavier, a young teen with a fighters spirit, accidentally trips down a strange warp pipe, he finds himself in a whole new world, familiar to him only from the games...
  • mushroom
  • iceflower
  • mario
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I never wanna leave this sunset town  (Klance HS au) by Trashynovelist
I never wanna leave this sunset Sarah
"I never wanna leave this town, but one day the time will come" All Time Low When Keith moves for the 6th time, to his 6th school, And is tired of his label a...
  • singerlance
  • gaykeith
  • fluffiness
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Love This Dead Girl Walking\\A Heathers Fan Fic\\ by BallBustSMUT
Love This Dead Girl Walking\\A Gavin
How did the Dead Girl Walking Scene really go? We now get to hear J.D's POV in this retelling of DGW where Veronica is into domination and ballbusting.
  • squeeze
  • dirtystory
  • musicaltheatre
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Klance One-Shots by joosnica
Klance One-Shotsby jess
get your quality (coughnotcough) klance oneshots that you didn't really ask for but your getting anyway. we've got some crossovers, au's, and original stuff from me! s...
  • vld
  • klanceoneshot
  • klanceau
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Unclassified(Ongoing) by AlexandriaPhoenix03
Unclassified(Ongoing)by Alexandria Phoenix
What is the best part about being human? Ability to think without anybody's help. If humans are special, then why can't they be open-minded. A little after the pride m...
  • trust
  • disguise
  • action
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Kids Toys by Techhark
Kids Toysby Techhark
Toys for baby boys, girls : Shop gifts for kids online at best prices in India. Choose from a wide range of dolls, remote control toys, musical instruments at Techhark. ...
  • gym
  • kidstoys
  • set
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Welcome to Gang Life by Fishbish101
Welcome to Gang Lifeby Ivory101
I've been telling myself for years that I wasn't good enough and the minute I'm finally ready to commit the won't fucking let me. That's because lif...
  • fighter
  • overprotective
  • anger
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klance: don't kill yourself. by mohperish
klance: don't kill tired
klance/voltron au where they're in high school and Keith has depression. even though keith has an idea that doesn't plan to leave, lance does everything to make him feel...
  • klance
  • kick
  • gay
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Love hurts but damn it feels good by elskrrt
Love hurts but damn it feels goodby Day
-NSFW, just a heads up- Keith goes on a long term mission to another planet and comes back to his boyfriend, Lance who became closer to Allura during the time he was awa...
  • vld
  • lance
  • mcclain
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Afraid of Clowns (Kickin It Story) by xVulpesVulpesx
Afraid of Clowns (Kickin It Story)by xVulpesVulpesx
Kim was never afraid of clowns. She always thought they were hilarious and fun. Clowns were Jack's secret fear; his kryptonite. But what happens when Kim goes mysteri...
  • anticipation
  • kickingass
  • mystery
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my voltron trash place  by Squirrelgirl19
my voltron trash place by bi bi bi bitch
I l o v e t h e m
  • vld
  • klance
  • season8
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Hanahaki - Klance by Iship4lif
Hanahaki - Klanceby Iship4lif
Keith has caught Hanahaki after falling for Lance and as always, it doesnt end perfectly
  • fanfiction
  • klance
  • âu
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roslyn |. original horror  by javperhale
roslyn |. original horror by ‧₊ ❁ཻུ۪۪𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙠𝙚𝙣
  • kick
  • fiction
  • gore
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Camp Wasabi {kim and jack} by fiveoclock
Camp Wasabi {kim and jack}by gwen
Kim Crawford has had enough of small town Seaford. She's off too Camp Wasabi for the summer, and she couldn't be happier. But, when a certain camper shows up at her cabi...
  • camp
  • disney
  • notascoolaskickinitwithyou
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The Galtean Cup-Voltron High School AU  (DISCONTINUED) by anonymous____--
The Galtean Cup-Voltron High anonymous____--
The characters from voltron are all modern high school students and teachers two Rivaling schools Galra High and Altea Academy go against eachother in a week long once i...
  • spacedad
  • green
  • orange
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Incorrect Voltron Quotes by CaptainCactusThe3rd
Incorrect Voltron Quotesby Cactus
  • season8
  • voltron
  • lancemcclain
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Flames Of Wickedness #Wattys2019 by linastefanova
Flames Of Wickedness #Wattys2019by Lina Stefanova
"You know what? I'm saying this even though you are not doing it but.." I paused and looked straight into his eyes."if you ever did love someone in your l...
  • adventure
  • kick
  • rude
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