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The BadBoy's Game ✔️ [COMPLETED]  by brxtanyy
The BadBoy's Game ✔️ [COMPLETED] by Britany
Meet Kia Allen. The girl probably at the bottom of the popularity pyramid. She and her three siblings were names after cars. Now meet Mason Small, millionaire, playboy...
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Ocean Eyes •A yeonbin FF• by weirdowithglassess
Ocean Eyes •A yeonbin FF•by •ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ•
-THIS STORY HAD A LOT OF FLUFF IN IT BECAUSE I LOVE FLUFF AND SO DO YOU!!- Soobins a normal person. he has a normal job and a normal life as a 18 year old. but that cha...
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Raped by an Alpha (ON HOLD) by Alsta7
Raped by an Alpha (ON HOLD)by Alsta7
Nova is a sassy shewolf who loves dancing and going to parties and is from Crescent moon pack Alsta is The Alpha of Bluemoon pack who Raped Nova . He is ruthless and he...
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pregnant for exo Baekhyun by labasky
pregnant for exo Baekhyunby dorkky
Ji Hera is a 17 year old who studies at Seoul high school. her parents passed away and an accident and she lives with her aunt who maltreat her.she is serious with her s...
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Owned (COMPLETED) by ashlynwolfhard13
Owned (COMPLETED)by ashstrangerthings13
You are 17 years old. You are gorgeous. You are strong and fearful to many people. You are a gang leader. For awhile. At least. Your father owns his own gang and your br...
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princess of empire by ForeverKingLA
princess of empireby ForeverKingLA
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Ninjago Ninjas x Reader by Marvel_Obsessed_Girl
Ninjago Ninjas x Readerby Kalini the panini
(Y/n) has had her life take more than a couple turns for the worst. Finally she decides to runaway. After being on the run for several months now, she runs into trouble...
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Agent 007 | Jungkook by eilishtae
Agent 007 | Jungkookby 🖤
' dia harus menyelesaikan misinya dan bukan bercinta dengannya ' KIA dan Mafia > Sarang harus membuat undercover, untuk menyelesaikan misinya kalini. tapi kalini buk...
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Simple Thoughts [In Progress] by melissamoselane
Simple Thoughts [In Progress]by M e l
A collection of thoughts. All based on different ideas and aspects. Do read and I hope you enjoy. ☆☆ Melissa ^.^
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{Ninjago X Reader} by DilikaRija
{Ninjago X Reader}by Freja Vejstup Korsgaard
This is a fanfic and my first one, so the characters may be a bit off but please don't be to hard on me This is of course a Ninjago X Reader as you have read, just going...
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I Meet One Direction (FINISHED) by dizzy_directioner_
I Meet One Direction (FINISHED)by Dizzy Styles
On Kaitlyns 17th birthday she gets one direction tickets ! But things don't go so well after the concert, she gets the boys numbers and they soon all become best friends...
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Changing the Bad Boy by WritingAnonymous1998
Changing the Bad Boyby WritingAnonymous1998
Moving into a new school will never be easy, learning the ropes of a place and at a fast pace is very difficult which is why when i moved to Mesiar High I fell into the...
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Daddy's little girls by ForeverKingLA
Daddy's little girlsby ForeverKingLA
Daddy's not so angelic angels
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PORNSTARS//BTS X READER 18+ by 23tacomia
Basically a bunch of smuts of you (reader) and bts members as pornstars. Pretty self explanatory. MATURE CONTENT HOLY WATER NEEDED READ WHILE ALONE
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When Light Meets Darkness by Icesk8er234
When Light Meets Darknessby Icesk8er234
The first spinjitzu master had the overlord. Wu had Garmadon. Who will the Green ninja have as his equal? HELLO!!! I am new to Wattpad and I hope ya'll enjoy!
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Gangster X Agent Secret [J.JK] Tome 2 by Army4evet
Gangster X Agent Secret [J.JK] LaFemmeDeKook
Voila la suite de Gangster X Agent Secret
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Kion x Bunga  by kiaratheloiness
Kion x Bunga by Kylie
Then two best frindws fell in love but many wats to Barack then up Ps it is when all zira pride joined simba's
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The New ninja  ( lego ninjago Zane fanfic ) by SillyCakes
The New ninja ( lego ninjago Silly garmadon
A story with millions of plot twist. The ninja find a Girl in the underworld. Does she unlock her powers. Or does she get saved and just be friend with the Ninjas.
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His Pet(Kia x Ein) by GachaMoon8
His Pet(Kia x Ein)by Gacha Moon
Kai and Ein are both new to Phoenix Drop High,they both are Aphmaus friend but when they figure out that their both sharing the same friend they react badly. See how the...
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Mind Battle Sequel to Ninja of Magic by percyslittlesis
Mind Battle Sequel to Ninja of Natasha Jackson
Kiama is back with the rest of the Ninja. Zane tells them about something bad that is going to happen in Britain. The ninja race to get there but what they find is a who...
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