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Harry Potter, the Varia Prince by LunaAfton02
Harry Potter, the Varia Princeby Luna Afton
With 7 years old, Harry Potter was abondoned by his aunt's family while in a trip in Italy, where he doesn't know the language. What will happen when he encounter two st...
réserver [KHR] by HelenaVWG
réserver [KHR]by 『неιеηа』
In hope to prevent the world's destruction, the three skies wished. Answering to the wish, time rewinds and everything resetted. However, keep in mind. A wish is granted...
Magical Sky by chu1luc
Magical Skyby flufluv3421
Second Zephyranth Au! In one world, Zephyranth Nectarine Celestine Potter-Black-Flamel-Peverell is the most powerful Witch since Morgana Le Fey. But after the war, and...
Reborn in KHR by kufu_fu
Reborn in KHRby Lin
He died at the hands of his brother. His wish has come true and thanks to Natsu and Mavis, his curse is broken and he rests in heaven with Mavis. Yes, everything was goi...
Moon Priestess | KHR Gokudera Hayato by KuroJoo
Moon Priestess | KHR Gokudera Kuromi
[SLOWER UPDATES] Sawada Mitsuki, Tsuna's twin. Pretty, smart, and troublesome. Now joining in the story of Tsunayoshi and his unusual home tutor, Reborn! Disclaimer: I...
[KHR] [Translation Fic] All27 Oneshot Collection - Aren't we? by MoodyTsuki
[KHR] [Translation Fic] All27 Tsuki
When the Earth meet the Sky (BBB x Khr) by pydark
When the Earth meet the Sky (BBB Py_dark
The sky and the earth always parallel. What will happen when the two meet each other in another world One dies for sacrifice One died of illness And they both went throu...
Fantasy Within KHR [ Book Two ] by Phantaysha
Fantasy Within KHR [ Book Two ]by D .Montique
Sawada Tsunayoshi hides his true self beneath a mask after he was almost killed by his parents and younger brother , becoming Cielo an ice cold prince. He then attended...
Mafia's Strongest Witch by chu1luc
Mafia's Strongest Witchby flufluv3421
The Mafia knew of the Arcobaleno. The Strongest Martial Arts user, The Strongest Illusionist, The Greatest Scientist, The Great Seer, The Combusin Commander, The Number...
-𐌛𐋏𐌏𐌕𐌏- by Asuka_K
-𐌛𐋏𐌏𐌕𐌏-by -⃠-̸𝐴𝑆𝑈𝐾𝐴-̸-⃠
༺Pictures and videos of anime/manga characters༻ ༺English is not my primary language, you may find some spelling errors༻
Can I Be Saved? by TsunaVongola2424
Can I Be Saved?by TsunaVongola2424
Sawada Tsunayoshi a sky now empty, unfortunate circumstances, a battle that ended in terrible loss. this boy who knew love and friendship had his world shattered has the...
The Fool || KHR Fanfiction by LucaYukimi
The Fool || KHR Fanfictionby Yukimi Luca
The Guardians of Vongola Decimo have never expected something big like this nor does everyone around the Sawada Family. An unexpected appearance, where did this girl cam...
Tsuna lost his way to his hotel. He meets with one of Arcana famiglia member. Old fanfiction
Magic Of Flames  by YaoiYurishipper
Magic Of Flames by YaoiYurilover1827
This is part 2 book 2 of Wizard Among Mafia. Yep I'm finally uploading it my lovely readers. It has been many years since Harry came to the world of Flame users and met...
Frustration [KHR One shot] by Amamiya_Mamiko
Frustration [KHR One shot]by Miya
[Tsuna was never been angered, or at least never been caught on being angry.]
[KHR] [Fanfic Dịch] It is too dangerous to go alone. by MoodyTsuki
[KHR] [Fanfic Dịch] It is too Tsuki
Link: Cre ảnh: Fanfic dịch không...
Drawbacks of a mind that remembers by KokoroRin
Drawbacks of a mind that remembersby Reias
A sequel to "Crossing Times" Tsuna finds out that he has a cousin from the Maternal side, and he's the well-known detective of the East, Kudo Shinichi! Reborn...
The Deamons Special Person by eylee_m
The Deamons Special Personby eylee_m
This is a Hibari X OC fanfiction. In this story, you can follow the deamon of namimori experiencing his first love. I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. All rights go to A...
reincarnated... by Just_aGuy Just_aGuy
Basically Reincarnated In MHA Before he was reincarnated he didn't get the chance to watch or read my hero academia Or finish his homework. He read a lot of detective b...
Cloud AU's by AzureSorceress
Cloud AU'sby AzureSorceress
Stories of how the Arcobaleno learn more than they thought they needed to know about their Weakest/ Lackey and Cloud Skull. (May focus around other KHR characters too.) ...