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Undecieving Flames by Tired_Author_21
Undecieving Flamesby Tired_Author_21
A KHR fan gets reincarnated into Detective Conan, a show he has heard of but never watched. As his last dying wish, he asked to be reborn with the powers of the KHR anim...
story/ff ideas  by Ash_Chaos
story/ff ideas by Ash_Chaos
Just me writing down my ff/au ideas for my favorite anime/manga 😉 I don't write reader ff's so it's gonna be just the Canon characters in the Anime in case it's not som...
Reborn centered oneshots  by Thecatleader
Reborn centered oneshots by Silentstar
Just another collection of oneshots exclusively for our greatest hitman.
ao3&Fanfic recommendation by bakutiddies_n_ass
ao3&Fanfic recommendationby shoyo_s harem
credits to the authors that made this amazing stories ALL OF THE STORIES INSIDE ARE NOT MINE I REPEAT THEY ARE NOT MINE i just recommend...cuz...why not😙✌️. check the t...
I reincarnated in KHR?! by pooja15shreya14
I reincarnated in KHR?!by Shrey14
This is the story of how you are reincarnated in the world of KHR. I might or might not ship you with a character from the series. I do not own any characters [Or images...
Wishes (Khr fanfic) by taiyushuan
Wishes (Khr fanfic)by Chrome Is Best Girl, Change M...
Tsuna saw his guardians body's around him They all died protecting him Yes, they won the battle but Tsuna didn't feel happy at all He knew he would die soon too As he st...
Dear, Sensei 《KHR x AC fanfiction》 by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
Dear, Sensei 《KHR x AC fanfiction》by Royal-Chan
The death of his famiglia was his sin to carry. He should have known that gambling was never a good idea. He should have calculated more carefully before leaving such a...
the creator  by razelwithacrown_
the creator by SLEEP_DEPRIVED
this is where I'm gonna put my Oc's :)
KHR book 1: the independant life of our beloved sky by iamKhrfan123
KHR book 1: the independant life khrfan123
Tsuna got his first kill at age 18, some of his guardians left and abandoned him except for chrome. Then he gave up and gave it to a new Sky. 2.5 years later the vongola...
ME CANSE (KHR X SNK) Crossover by LeidyZuigaHerrera2
ME CANSE (KHR X SNK) Crossoverby Tia Waka
Me canse que me digan dame Me canse de que me pisoteen, de que cada cosa que hago es una estupidez para ellos Me canse que cuando hago algo bueno nadie lo ve o me alaban...
Guardian Angle In Khr by Thanderpro309
Guardian Angle In Khrby Thanderpro 309
❤💖💗💗💗 Tsuna x öc
Nanbaka x OC x KHR by al_fluffy1209
Nanbaka x OC x KHRby al_fluffy1209
Hibari Akiri, the Cloud Flame user from Varia, Vongola's assassination squad, is sent to Nanbaka Prison for an assassination mission. Her personality is exactly like her...
Dying was on Koro's to-do list. Teaching 3-E a second time and trying to kill 'himself' wasn't. --- If someone had told him he would one day walk up the mountain to buil...
KHR Tlous  side story: Cloud guardian's little sister observation and promised by iamKhrfan123
KHR Tlous side story: Cloud khrfan123
this is the story of Kyoya Hibari's little sister kyouta on how she found out her brother and guardians betrayed tsuna.
Reborn as...Reborn?! by wildpika-pika
Reborn as...Reborn?!by DayDae
Hashirama regretted not taking his health seriously, and it cost him his life and he left his brother behind. He had a great life as a shinobi and the Hokage of Konoha...
Diary by MissaAmane1
Diaryby Missa Amane
A diary written by the first child of Sawada family, Sawada Tsukihoshi or Tsuki for short. A story about her parent, Nana and Iemitsu. A story about her twin brothers I...
Lightning Guardian of Straw Hat by Zero-1388
Lightning Guardian of Straw Hatby Zero-1388
Lambina "Lambi" Bovino was the weakest and youngest Guardian always treated like a burden By her family at 16 she stumbled on her old bazooka which send her to...
I Wasn't Expecting Butterflies - GIRLXGIRL by A_Literal_Seal
I Wasn't Expecting Butterflies - A_Literal_Seal
This is a girlxgirl Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic. If that makes you uncomfortable, then cry more. THIS STORY CONTAINS CURSING, MENTIONS OF DEATH AND MENTIONS OF ABUSE...
All Over Again (KHR FANFIC) by Hoseki13
All Over Again (KHR FANFIC)by Hoseki13
When a malfunctioning bazooka had hit them, they realised that they're stuck in a time loop. With no way to get out, what can they do? "There's only one thing we ca...
Byakuran's Guide To Screwing With The World(Avengers X Khr Crossover) by Sakuya12155
Byakuran's Guide To Screwing Sakuya12155
Title: Byakuran's guide to screwing with the world Summary: Of all the world's he knows and lived this, was not one of them. Oh well, might as well have fun with it, a...