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STRONG by jadeskye
STRONGby Kelby Heinz
Key looked up from the book he was reading at the sound of the class room door banging open. Some people laughed. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Lee." There in th...
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Just you and me by AubreygailPortiaBar4
Just you and meby Aubreygail Portia Barrios
lee taemin is your ordinary boy ,loved by his parents.he is ths maknae in their house..and someday hw wants to fall in love
  • key
  • shinee
  • taekey
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Where by MinaRaus
Whereby MinaRaus
I remember we used to sit in his car, thinking of our future. He promised he would always be there for me, but he disappeared from me, from everyone. We know he's okay...
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Fangirl/ A SHINee Book of Fan Services/Boy love by SHINeeHouseWife
Fangirl/ A SHINee Book of Fan Mommy5hawol
so like the title says, this is a book of one shots with SHINee pairings of boy love. If this is not your thing, then please do not read.
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