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Sakamichi x Claymore by waning_moon
Sakamichi x Claymoreby moon
- Sakamichi members as warriors! - This is a crossover between Claymore (manga/anime) and Keyakizaka46/Nogizaka46 (J-idol groups). I will post written and drawn profiles...
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Eccentric by 4nokishino
Eccentricby 4noki
In the near future, a group of 21 girls are gathered for a special project called the Keyaki class. Each given a bracelet on their wrists, they form a special class at a...
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I've Done Wrong Before  //  A YuukaNen Story by syky_kyknogi
I've Done Wrong Before // A Jade
When Sugai Yuuka, a well-known Princess-like player, and Moriya Akane, the classes newest addition who prefers the normal high school life, discover new feelings for one...
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Keyaki Republic [Under Editing] by KanjiKeyaki46
Keyaki Republic [Under Editing]by MozarellaCheese💗
Keyaki High is the top yankee school after Majisuka Gakuen disbands, one of Keyaki's top fighter, Otter's absence, it gives other school like Hiragana Academy an opportu...
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Sakamichi Short Story  by ChocodroidNeko
Sakamichi Short Story by Tukang.Delusi
⚠️GxG content!! ⚠️Adult content!! Cerita cerita ini hanyalah fiktif belaka. Jika terdapat kesamaan nama, tempat, ataupun kejadian... itu adalah kebetulan semata dan ADA...
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!!A FANFIC THAT FEATURES ALL KEYAKISHIP!! (Kanji Ships only! Sorry to the HiraFans!) ..Hmm. Sakamichi All-Girls' elite high. What if a Popular, Cool and Handsome youth...
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Mou Mori e Kaerou Ka? by everythingnns
Mou Mori e Kaerou Ka?by 𝒆.
The Sakamichi Academy got infected in a virus making all the students from the school turn to a horrible zombie. The class 3-C, manage to survive but the question is unt...
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Unfolding by keyaki-no-hiraishin
Unfoldingby Haru
She had come to the village hidden in the forest to find out why all the people who went there seemed to disappear. But now, Detective Watanabe Risa could only watch in...
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Claymore: The Second Rising (A Sakamichi x Claymore Fan Fiction) by waning_moon
Claymore: The Second Rising (A moon
Follow Number 21, Risa, out into a world ruled by the fear of Yoma (demons/monsters) and Claymore, the half-human, half-Yoma warriors who protect against them. Join her...
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Yuichanzu shots by Yuichanzu4lyfe
Yuichanzu shotsby Cheezwizz
Short fics based on Yuichanzu probably a one-shot or two
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Kaze ni Fukarete mo by WakaYuu
Kaze ni Fukarete moby BuchinnyaTechi
Bagaimana reaksi Kobayashi Yui ketika kelasnya mendapatkan teman baru yang ternyata adalah sahabat masa kecilnya yang dulu pindah secara tiba-tiba tampa memberitaukan di...
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AU Sorter Stories by keyaki-no-hiraishin
AU Sorter Storiesby Haru
Random short stories based on AUs from an AU sorter that I did.
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KATAOMOI by xiediv
KATAOMOIby xiediv
Aku menyukai caramu menyukai orang yang kamu sukai . /A random keyakizaka46 fanfiction/
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「sunset」/「nakamoto yuta」 by blablabullshxt
「sunset」/「nakamoto yuta」by катя。
"hah don't be shy, i'm nakamota yuta, nice to meet you" -he answered
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Wreckage // A YuukaPon Story by syky_kyknogi
Wreckage // A YuukaPon Storyby Jade
Crashed, and deserted on an island, lived two total strangers to fend for their lives. With both being inexperienced in such occasions, will help ever come? Would they...
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All It Takes Is Regrets (OdaMon) by KanjiKeyaki46
All It Takes Is Regrets (OdaMon)by MozarellaCheese💗
Oda Nana is an architecture student, living in an expensive complex with her long time friends. Suzumoto Miyu is the girl you want as your girlfriend. Everyone loves Mi...
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[SERIES] {Sakamichi} Mùa xuân năm 46  by zakigi
[SERIES] {Sakamichi} Mùa xuân nă Zakigi
All couple
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From Me To You by KelvinKelvin384
From Me To Youby Jeon Hirate
Hirate Yurina, gadis jepang yang menyukai Jeon Jungkook, kakak kelasnya, Yurina ingin mendekati Jungkook, tapi ternyata Jungkook adalah senior yang dingin dan galak.
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C'est La Vie by Jyurinion
C'est La Vieby Athena48 & Whiterose
Not your ordinary Yuukanen fic! Expect the unexpected! Mohon bersabar untuk estimasi waktu update nya ya~ Enjoy all~
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KEY-JEK by karehastation
KEY-JEKby minguri
(Bahasa) Nih gara2 kebanyakan liatin drama ojol trs jd terinspirasi buat bikin cerita dimana beberapa member keyaki berprofesi sebagai driver ojek online lol. Tiap memb...
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