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My Daily Reminder by strawberryketchup21
My Daily Reminderby Mochi
Everything takes time. Even if things may be tough now, do not give up. Life doesn't wait for you, find someone who will. .MOST IMPO...
  • sahyo
  • tzuyu
  • 아기맹수
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Pokemon Shipping Opinions (CLOSED) by OffensiveTea
Pokemon Shipping Opinions (CLOSED)by тєα
shipshipship (requests closed)
  • rating
  • perfectworldshipping
  • ketchupshipping
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Prohibited Love (Michaeng FF) by _chaeyummie
Prohibited Love (Michaeng FF)by ∂єทyєℓм
A girl falling for another girl. She knows that she shouldn't allow it, but her heart feels different. Will she hide her feelings or will she fight for this love? A love...
  • 트동이
  • myouimina
  • sonchaeyoung
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The Definition of Love (Grillby x Reader) by swimsurfsushi
The Definition of Love (Grillby Reese's Pieces
This is going to be my version of Grillby x reader, I'm sorry if you don't like the ship but I find it kinda adorable. Some limes. Some lemons. Other ships included; Pa...
  • coote
  • reader
  • limes
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Only Girls Know Girls by _chaeyummie
Only Girls Know Girlsby ∂єทyєℓм
where momo teaches how to flirt. mimo ff ©_chaeyummie
  • mayonnaise
  • raccoon
  • penguin
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Luke Hemmings Imagines by pure-darling
Luke Hemmings Imaginesby pure-darling
So this is a book full of Luke Hemmings imagines. I have come up with them all, and hope that you like them. :-)
  • michaelclifford
  • ketchup
  • lukehemmings
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5 Seconds of Summer Preferences by K3nz-Doodl3
5 Seconds of Summer Preferencesby Kenny’s Birthday?
There's so many of these, but why not make my own? These are all made by me, by the way. Unless I say otherwise. (On hold for now) Cover Credit: @HumanTypo
  • michael
  • clifford
  • gordon
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Bonely No More (Sans X Skeleton Reader) by SansyG12
Bonely No More (Sans X Skeleton SansyG12
Y/n is a anomaly in the world. She is a skeleton. She is also a boss monster, as old as the war. She had a brother, a mother and a father. But that changed... Her mother...
  • bonely
  • undertale
  • puns
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The Ketchup Kronicles  by MarkDamonBrooks
The Ketchup Kronicles by Mark Damon Brooks
Making ketchup is a dangerous job.
  • shortstory
  • funtoread
  • ketchup
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☆▪『 Ketchup || Sans' M/Bs [Pt.1] 』▪☆ by NotDatSpooky
☆▪『 Ketchup || Sans' M/Bs [Pt.1] 』 🤪Spooky🤪
》Title《 Highest rank on random:#166
  • undertale
  • lazy
  • sans
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The Shit People Do On Omegle by SystemMalfunction
The Shit People Do On Omegleby SystemMalfunction
Whether it was out of curiosity, for the sake of passing time by trolling, just messing around with friends, trying and hoping to meet your favourite celebrities by some...
  • chat
  • internet
  • weird
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5SOS Preferences by rollersk8rkid
5SOS Preferencesby Sami
A book full of different 5sos imagines/preferences. I am not really interested in posting super dirty imagines but a little dirty ones are okay. Let's keep it appropriat...
  • preferences
  • friendship
  • 5sos
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Fifty Shades of Karen | ✔️ Completed by urmomisgr8
Fifty Shades of Karen | ✔️ urmomisgr8
Are you ready for Karen?
  • funny
  • school
  • youngadult
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Boners and bones by theirgone
Boners and bonesby Not here
fontcest sin, lots of it,ye,honey and kechup
  • ketchup
  • gettin
  • complete
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5SOS Preferences by omg5sozzie
So after reading all the 5SOS preferences from Tumblr over and over again I decided to write my own. So welcome to the magical world of my stories. Let the text draw you...
  • ashton
  • cute
  • muke
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OS~Prankster Malhotras! by CrazyLittleCAT19
OS~Prankster Malhotras!by UggliBuggli
Don't be a SILENT reader and tell what you think. Hope you all enjoy! ^.^ DISCLAIMER - ANY RESEMBLANCE IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL. WARNING- Do NOT copy this story on anoth...
  • sir
  • crazy
  • malhotras
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A New Timeline by ComfortableOP
A New Timelineby EpicBoi
An Undertale and BNHA (boku no hero academia) Crossover Will be Told In Sans' Perspective. --------------------------------------------- It was a normal timeline. Sans D...
  • wisdom
  • ashes
  • sansperspective
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Ask Classic Sans by My-RPG-Account
Ask Classic Sansby UwU
Sup. You can ask me you want to know. I haven't anything better to do.
  • ketchup
  • classicsans
  • classic
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Kemit x readrrrr  by DATBOI1699999
Kemit x readrrrr by DATBOI1699999
you and kermit have a romantic evening but will your relationship go any further?
  • ketchup
  • spicy
  • juice
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[Mustard Stains] UnderFell Sans X Reader by -Papyrus
[Mustard Stains] UnderFell Sans Papyrus
He's a cool skeleguy who likes puns and mustard. He wears a fluffy coat. I suck at descriptions. READ MY BOOK OR DIE OK!?!? *cough* Sorry I tend to do that a lot. Heh. ...
  • toriel
  • flowey
  • undyne
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