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green tea [tsuyu asui x fem! reader] by cloudysmiiles
green tea [tsuyu asui x fem! ‎
in which a timid self loathing waitress meets a cute stoic girl who teaches her to love herself. UNDER MAJOR EDITING ! ♡tsuyu asui x female reader ♡bnha doesn't belong t...
Demons for My Roommates (Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic) by BlueSnowDropz
Demons for My Roommates ( BlueSnowDropz
I saw her staring at me with those wide emerald eyes. Her pupil did not move. She did not blink. She has no expression. She has no fear. I leaned close to her until our...
CardCaptor Sakura: Fight for love! by CardCaptor-Sakura
CardCaptor Sakura: Fight for love!by Moved
After changing all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. Syaoran Li goes back Hong Kong. Sakura is feeling upset. Until a week pass. Sakura and her family goes to Hong Kong...
Cards of Tomorrow by DestinySaku
Cards of Tomorrowby DestinySaku
~A coming of age story~ 10 years have passed since all the cards have been changed to Sakura Cards. Sakura has grown into a young woman, and balance has been restored fo...
Spell Caster - Cardcaptor Sakura by avaron_hiroyuki
Spell Caster - Cardcaptor Sakuraby Avaron Hiroyuki
Suzana (An-chan) Croft. She just moved to Tomoeda, Japan. And has since been sensing peculiar magical presences. One night, once she decides to get to bottom of it, her...
Stuck in the human world (an eldarya fanfiction) by AshaDow411
Stuck in the human world (an A_SHadow
You probably all know how the game is. A human gets stuck in a fantasy world. But what if somehow it would turn out backwards, and the fantasy characters would get stuck...
Cardcaptors and Pokémon Collide! by AnimePokemonWorld
Cardcaptors and Pokémon Collide!by ❣💗𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖈𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖔𝖗 𝓟𝓸�...
Cardcaptor Sakura, Kero, Li, Madison, and Meilin are transported to the Pokémon World, by the Dimension Card. They meet Ash and all his traveling companions while they t...
New 2016 Cardcaptor Sakura Manga - Clear Card Arc by MissBratzitudeReads
New 2016 Cardcaptor Sakura Miss Bratzitude
For all Cardcaptor Sakura and Clamp lovers I bring you ( this is not a joke - read it) 2016's all new Cardcaptor Sakura manga as a sequel to the last 12 volumes. This ma...
Zakochaj się we mnie! ||Eldarya by MalinoweFlamingi
Zakochaj się we mnie! ||Eldaryaby MalinoweFlamingi
"- Zakochaj się we mnie! - krzyknął w moją stronę. Spojrzałam za siebie i zobaczyłam jego twarz. Nie potrafię określić co wyraża jego mina. - Emm - zamyśliłam się...
công chúa của hoàng tử( tôi yêu em ) công chúa SKR by Shola_chan
công chúa của hoàng tử( tôi yêu aka_Sami-kun
Công chúa Sakura hoàng tử Syaoran thú cưởi Stat Sho bảo vệ Kero
A Certain Cardcaptor Todoroki || Todoroki Shouto by WOnderOusWOrlds
A Certain Cardcaptor Todoroki || Smile
[Cardcaptor Sakura + My Hero Academia] Todoroki Shouto was pretty normal until he, fortunately, found a book with a certain deck of cards. Suddenly, his already insane l...
The World's Worst Art Book by Sassyslinky
The World's Worst Art Bookby SassySlinky
This is the death chamber. Aka my art gallery. So yeah I dare to call this art. All art belongs to me (obviously). Do not; trace, recolor, repost, edit, or claim as yo...
Mystery. ➺ Ezarel. by Crxstxlinx
Mystery. ➺ Crxstxlinx
La vida de Juliette es una constante intriga de las personas que la rodean. Capaz de atravesar de diferentes dimensiones. ¿Qué sucederá cuando entre a un mundo totalment...
Eldarya válaszok by Irokvedelmezoje97
Eldarya válaszokby Irokvedelmezoje97
Randi játék egy új világban
Eldarya: Strażnik klejnotu by LavenderGala
Eldarya: Strażnik klejnotuby LavenderGala
Starlight miła, dobra i wrażliwa 19 latka. Przez przypadek trafia do Eldaryi gdzie znajduje swoją starą przyjaciółkę Miiko. Dziewczyna chce odnaleźć swoich prawdziwych r...
Saranghaeyo Oppa by BlackPink_KeRo
Saranghaeyo Oppaby bLaCk_PiNk
"Oppa... I love you, even if you don't loved me back"
Cardcaptor Blossom (Yes by Alexandria_Romance
Cardcaptor Blossom (Yesby Alex
I WAS BORED AND I WANTED KERO AS A PET OKAY XD Crisis knows where this is going