Undertale the AUs  (Comic & Story Translate) by dashie-butterfly
Undertale the AUs (Comic & Kẹo ko ngọt :')
Tất cả các comic và story đều đa số ở trên Tumblr và đã được xin phép. Vui lòng không mang đi đâu khi chưa có sự cho phép của mình và các tác giả. Xin cảm ơn~
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  • kẹo
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soul : keo by vixxtimized
soul : keoby not your baby
"You're my soul, didn't you know?" © vixxtimized 2017-18 《 HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in #keo 》
  • boyxboy
  • kèo
  • vixx
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Dare to do it with me by kidisn
Dare to do it with meby kidisn
The group VIXX consists of six men idols. Six people who like to work hard but also have fun together. What they like most is to play tricks when they were not working...
  • yaoi
  • leobin
  • raken
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VIXX One Shots (boyxboy / Yaoi)) by Story_Of_A_Writer
VIXX One Shots (boyxboy / Yaoi))by Not your average Fangirl
This is a series of VIXX One shots so feel free to request a pairing at any time. This story does contain -Smut -Boyxboy -gay sex -language -and more smut So please if...
  • leobin
  • rabin
  • kenvi
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The thread of Love by kidisn
The thread of Loveby kidisn
And if it was possible to see the thread that unites two people who love each other? What if a young man was able to see this thread and be able to know the love destiny...
  • leo
  • navi
  • fantasy
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VIXX One Shots by achahakyawn
VIXX One Shotsby achahakyawn
A bunch of long draggy one shots that I write in my own free time for my own entertainment. •°•°• Request for anything if you like but I do mostly Neo, Raken, HyukBin. I...
  • kèo
  • nbin
  • kpop
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K-POP BoyxBoy One-Shots by K-POPlover4LIFE
K-POP BoyxBoy One-Shotsby K-POPlover4LIFE
BoyXBoy K-Pop One-Shots Request Are Open!!! I will also accept other BTS ships NO SAD ANGST Smut & Fluff
  • map6
  • boyxboy
  • one
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El secreto de Ken (Vixx) - TERMINADA by Suichiii
El secreto de Ken (Vixx) - Suly!
Ken siempre fue el mas alegre de todos....pero todo cambio y su secreto pondría su vida en peligro....
  • amor
  • drama
  • ken
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Navi : Error ( English version ) by kidisn
Navi : Error ( English version )by kidisn
Hakyeon woke up naked and in Ravi's arms. What had happened between them during the night? No he could not believe he had slept with a member of his group. What would he...
  • romance
  • hongbin
  • leo
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VIXX ONE SHOTS by JustineBouillot
VIXX ONE SHOTSby JuTaekwoonie
VIXX One Shots J'espère que ces textes vous feront sourire :) ~ Textes de @starlightAddict
  • leohyuk
  • neo
  • keo
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How to Lose Your Friends in Twelve Months (or the Trip heard 'round the World) by IDeclareATimeWar
How to Lose Your Friends in Brianna
Everybody is born with two different eye colors, the right being the natural shade and the left the color of their soul mates. When they make eye contact the left eye ch...
  • taoris
  • navi
  • soulmateau
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Mistakes (a KEO fanfiction) by atheiamurphey
Mistakes (a KEO fanfiction)by A.S. Murphey
Mistakes are very common in people's lives. But for Ken, it was different. He didn't make mistakes, at least that's what he believed. Ken was about to do the greatest m...
  • romance
  • fanfic
  • boyxboy
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[VIXX][AllxLeo] Chết by Sam_Washington
[VIXX][AllxLeo] Chếtby Sam Washington
Warning: Truyện cực ngắn.
  • hansanghyuk
  • luck
  • neo
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会社 - KAISHA by AnotherVIXXfan
会社 - KAISHAby Nai
Lee Jaehwan - 28 años. Oficinista. Soltero. Jung Taekwoon - 38 años. Gerente general. Viudo, una hija. Jung Jinah - 14 años. Estudiante de secundaria. Estuvo por desmaya...
  • leo
  • vixxken
  • leovixx
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because by crimmyqt
becauseby crimson na
ken x leo.
  • oneshot
  • yaoi
  • fluff
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Ice control by daebasticwoon
Ice controlby Rie
Taekwoon cried a lot when hakyeon found out about his ability,probably scared that hakyeon would be freaked out and leave him.But hakyeon didn't.Nor did the others.
  • neo
  • wontaek
  • icecontrolau
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VIXX : Recueil d'histoires by kidisn
VIXX : Recueil d'histoiresby kidisn
Pour tous les starlights et autres. Un receuil d'histoires sur les membres de Vixx. Suspense, romance, fantaisie, collége, yaoi, sensuel, travail, musique, etc... Plusie...
  • raken
  • hyuk
  • nbin
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[Eng] S.W.A.T |Keo| by JustineBouillot
[Eng] S.W.A.T |Keo|by JuTaekwoonie
- On the field, one mistake and it's done. You underestimate too much your enemy you die, you make a mistake it's the same -
  • police
  • yaoi
  • leo
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Ken love story by kidisn
Ken love storyby kidisn
Je m'appelle Lee Jaehwan, j'ai 16 ans. Je suis au lycée et j'ai cinq amis avec qui je traine depuis le collège. L'un d'entre eux s'appelle Leo. C'est homme calme, qui pa...
  • leo
  • hakyeon
  • hyuk
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Mi destino está en tu mirada (Keo) (One shot) by FlyingFLant
Mi destino está en tu mirada (Keo) FlyingFLant
¿Se puede aprender qué es el amor simplemente leyendo? Jaehwan cree que sí. Da igual cuántas veces Taekwoon le haya dicho que está equivocado, él siempre termina encerra...
  • ken
  • kèo
  • kpopawards2017
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